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  • Narcissist Seeks Narcissist
  • Giselle Renarde
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  • 12 February 2018
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REVIEW î Narcissist Seeks Narcissist In the day is looking for love It's not like her to answer a personal ad but for the infamous Szuszu she'll make an exception She thinks Szuszu looks fantastic and Szuszu who refuses to wear her glasses thinks Naomi looks just like her What could ensue but sex love and a whole lot of comed. This is a funny short story about a former model named Szuszu who wastes her days drinking scotch After her best friend places a silly personal ad in the paper she meets Naomi She is convinced that Naomi looks just like she did when she was young The two begin a relationship and Szuszu starts really thinking about her past and why she is the way that she isOver the course of their six month relationship both women become comfortable with their bodies and who they are as people Then Szuszu reveals that she has a problem view spoiler She can t see without glasses so she doesn t really know what Naomi looks like hide spoiler

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REVIEW î Narcissist Seeks Narcissist Ly and snide little personal ad which narcissistic Szuszu posts in hopes of attracting a woman who looks just like she did when she was youngNaomi thinks Szuszu's post is hilarious what a great sense of humor She can hardly believe the centrefold she stole from her dad's collection way back. Szuszu lives in the past of her glory days as a model When Babette goes on vacation she places a personal ad in the paper so Szuszu will have someone to love her for the 6 months that Babette and her wife are on vacation Naomi answers Szuszu s ad and Szuszu believes that Naomi looks like she did in her modeling days As they pursue their relationship Szuszu cannot understand why Naomi cannot see herself as Szuszu does beautiful and young and a double of Szuszu in Giselle Renarde s NARCISSIST SEEKS NARCISSISTI love Szuszu She sees the world through rose colored glasses and glasses of bourbon As Naomi becomes important in Szuszu life secrets are revealed and life changes for Szuszu For once she has someone who truly cares for her looking after her and out for her The dynamics between Szuszu and Naomi open up a new world for both of them When Babette returns from vacation and sees how Szuszu has changed she goes after Naomi wanting to ruin what is between Szuszu and Naomi Naomi fights her though Szuszu s secret comes to light and she now sees clearly It is when Szuszu sees clearly that she realizes how much the past had crippled her and she refuses to lose Naomi because she is finally free to be herself and accepting of herself and Naomi NARCISSIST SEEKS NARCISSIST is beautiful poignant tale Szuszu may be blind to what occurs in her life but once she sees the changes Naomi has wrought in her she does not want to go back I loved that scene and how Szuszu and Naomi stood together and became a stronger couple because of it

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REVIEW î Narcissist Seeks Narcissist Szuszu the former model has survived on women and scotch since she was just a teenager All these years she's had her best friend Babette by her side but now that Babette is married and setting off on a world tour Szuszu feels utterly abandoned As a pre departure joke Babette writes up a sil. Szuszu used to be a famous model Now she lives out her days in one big blurry scotch induced haze Her long time bff Babette has been her best buddy her partner and crutch through thick and thin But Babette is married and Szuszu is lonely When Babette on the brink of leaving for 6 months to go on an extended second honeymoon jokingly writes a snide wanted ad for her best friend they could never have realized that young Naomi would answer itThe two women hook up for all the wrong reasons Szuszu is too drunk to really know what is going on in her life and Naomi well Naomi is finally fulfilling a fantasy of sleeping with the woman who has been her sole focus since her sexual awakening Unbeknown to Naomi Szuszu blind as a bat because she always refused wearing glasses thinks her young lover looks exactly like her A mini me as it were because the ad had stated that she was looking for someone exactly like her In reality Naomi has struggled with her weight all her life and has some serious self esteem problemsBut in the 6 months they are together they are good for each other Szuszu has finally someone who really listens to her who cooks her healthy meals who makes her drink less and less who loves her passionately And Naomi is happy loses weight because she snacks less gains confidence But then Babette is coming home Will she like the new SzuszuNarcissist Seeks Narcissist is funny and poignant at the same time A wonderful little story about two very different people finding love and how it changes both of them for the betterff explicitThemes Szuszu is basically Patsy from AbFab funny and poignant oh that nasty little ueen in chapter one there were some funny lines in this one bravo Miss Renarde4 stars