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  • 25 May 2020
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Free read ↠ Mansion of Golden Windows ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub The Ancient Evil Sable Lennox wasn't passionately interested in the ancestral estate of her family tree Her trip to Scotland to check a few dates in family history started mainly as a favor to her aunt But she became thoroughly intimately involved whe. Whenever we come back from Scotland I always have to re read this one from my keepers bookshelf This is one of my favorite romantic mysteries from Elsie Lee with an appealing Scottish hero and setting and American heroine These books were mostly written and originally published in the sixties however so with some of them you have to deal with the evolving social and sexual s of the times That can sometimes set off an ick reaction The worst in this one is some fairly minor manhandling of the heroine which wouldn t go over at all well these days The characters and relationship building are the focus here not sex although Elsie Lee s did write some others that leaned that way

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Free read ↠ Mansion of Golden Windows ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub N her research began to unearth puzzles facts that didn't seem to fit enigmas with a vague but frighteningly sinister ringSomething was definitely wrong in Strathmuir and Sable was on completely unfamiliar ground in trying to find the right answers An. My boss brought me her well read and tattered copy printed in the sixties and said I would love it I really liked it for its short length and no frills writing I have never read Elsie Lee before but she is now on my radar An author myself I think her stories and writing style are worth studying As for the story itself I was very much intrigued and the mystery opened slowly in that good way while the suspense could be felt right from the beginning The romance plays second fiddle and I was perfectly happy with that

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Free read ↠ Mansion of Golden Windows ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub D she could confide in no one since anyone could be an enemy But there was romance as well as danger in the air for Sable love as well as terror and tragedy and she had the strength of a truly feminine heart to carry her through to the starling climax. It s 1965 and Sable Lennox goes to Scotland at the reuest of her aunt Agnes to try and find some missing dates for her aunt s genealogy research She is of the American branch of the Gordon Clan and will be visiting the present laird David Kirby Gordon at his home Strathmuir where all the records are kept David his wife Annis and cousin Sholto all behave hostile towards Sable so she intends to leave as soon as she has the answers she needs When over dinner she lets on how rich aunt Agnes is suddenly her hosts start being nice to her hoping she ll put in a good word for them and aunt Agnes will invest in the estate s business ventures Sable will be guest of honor at the festivities during the opening of the grouse season the next week So Sable stays on and gets the opportunity to do some snooping in the records finding clues that perhaps the present laird isn t the descendant of a legitimate heir to the title or perhaps isn t a relation at all but an impostorEarly on in the prologue where Sable looks back on the events two years later the reader learns that a he tried to kill her and that Annis gave her poisoned chocolate to drink so there isn t much of a mystery as to who the bad guy is Nevertheless we don t know how he ll try to kill her which still supplies a bit of suspense Our heroine is very clever witty beautiful and always knows what she needs to do or say next She reads people very well and keeps ahead of the reader all the timeThis is the second book by Elsie Lee I ve read and I was pleased to notice how in this book she helps the reader by explaining several things not known to everymanCousin Sholto provides the love interest He has a bit of a temper and isn t always very nice to Sable which the author probably did so we could have choices for the role of bad guy He was 15 years older than Sable which unfortunately was the case for a lot of heroes in gothics written in the sixtiesThe story was fast paced well written had a nice mood a lovely setting interesting people a likeable heroine a kilted hero enough mystery so I ll award it a 7 out of 10