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characters Catalyst Laurie Halse Anderson ↠ 0 Summary Summary Catalyst 100 Meet Kate Malone straight A science and math geek minister's daughter ace long distance runner new girlfriend to Mitchell Early Decision Harvard Pangborn III unwilling family caretaker and emotional avoidance champion Kate manages her life by organizing it as logically as the periodic table S. This is very typical Young Adult fare with every emotion and act being handled with high drama Everything could lead to the end of the world in this girl s mindI don t enjoy this kind of book but I understand its place in juvenile literature It feeds a certain kind of readerThat aside I didn t care for much of this book The premise was slippery at best A girl smart enough to think she can get in to MIT but doesn t apply to any other schools A girl that smart but who lies about applying to other schools A girl that smart athletic and strong enough of nerve to mouth off to a bully who takes on the entire football team but doesn t apply to than one college and lies about it Hmm Doesn t fit for meThe aspect of the girl being a runner and one who often runs as a way to spend time thinking was never explored properly or used efficientlyI liked being surprised that the little boy was actually the son not the brother that we expected of the female bully And the son by the bully s father A great twist and character defining opportunityHaving the boy die seemed totally unnecessary even to create high drama for a YA bookI wouldn t recommned this even to those who like YA books

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characters Catalyst Laurie Halse Anderson ↠ 0 Summary Summary Catalyst 100 S still waiting to hear from the only college she applied to MIT Kate feels that her life is spinning out of her control and then something happens that truly blows it all apart Set in the same community as the remarkable Speak Catalyst is a novel that will change the way you look at the worl. This book is a work of terrible genius but I can t go into too much detail because it will break me Suffice it to say that it s brilliant and that it completely blindsided me and wrecked me emotionally in a way that no other book I ve read has ever done

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characters Catalyst Laurie Halse Anderson ↠ 0 Summary Summary Catalyst 100 He can handle it all or so she thinks Then things change as suddenly as a string of chemical reactions; first the Malones' neighbors get burned out of their own home and move in Kate has to share her room with her nemesis Teri Litch and Teri's little brother The days are ticking down and she'. You see that face right there That was what my face looked like when I finished reading this book eight minutes ago Yeah That s right I used a carrot This book doesn t even deserve a real arrow What was Anderson thinking when she decided to write this book Maybe thisHmm let s see Maybe I ll write a book about a nerdy preacher daughter who really loves science and math She s only going to apply to MIT since she s all smart and everything And then she ll get rejected and be devastated Oh And then meanwhile she can have these neighbors whose house burned down And since her father s a preacher they ll have to live with her Oh And guess what else The daughter in that family will be Kate s that s what her name will be arch nemesis And they ll have to get along Ah Too simple Someone has to die But who Thinking Oh I know We ll just kill off the little brother He ll get electrocuted to death That s pretty good But wait there has to be another twist This brother could be the actual son of the nemesis Teri her name will be Yeah and to top it off it ll be by her father WHOANot I m sorry if I m giving away spoilers But really come on It clearly says on the first page summary and i uote 4 Death FictionSomeone has to die And you might as well know now that it was the little brother I didn t mind the writing style at all I enjoy how Anderson writes The thing was nothing was even resolved I know that in real life often times things don t have a happy ending But this book didn t even have a sad ending It didn t have anything There was a lot of moping around going on in this book Kate would mope Teri would mope And the worst part to me about everything was when Teri stole Kate s watch I didn t even like Kate she s stupid for only applying to one darn school but i was ticked off for her AND she stole the necklace Things like that get on my nerves Sigh This is just like that darn Twisted book Same author Same none plot Sigh Sigh Sigh Okay let me stop I m beginning to sound like the characters in this book Too late

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