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Fluid author Ashish Jaiswal review Æ 3 read Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ç 3 review Whether we are in a classroom or in the outside world we are always forced to choose who we are Always expected to walk towards a fixed goal Never be uncertain never fail or never alter our course We are either artists or scientists or businessmen We are being constantly reminded to embrace these identities with greater force As they say the we rema. Publisher Wisdom TreePublication date 15 Oct 2018Language English Book length 256The fluid is mainly a book about fluid movement between occupation in the era of super specializationThe tittle is appropriate and the cover simple yet intriguingThe author set the mood of the book by mentioning certain prominent person who were extremely fluid and successful in their careers The author basically urges the readers to follow their dream even if it is completely different from their training and educationThe concept were beautifully explained with the help of a loosely knitted story lineThe language used was simple and clearThe narration crisp and on point The research by the author is extensive which makes the hard work evidentOverall it was a highly enlightening book and would highly recommend as it provides us a much needed break from the world of super specializationThanks to the author for trusting me with this review copy and extremely sorry for the delay

read Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç Ashish JaiswalFluid author Ashish Jaiswal

Fluid author Ashish Jaiswal review Æ 3 read Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ç 3 review In folded in our fields the better specialists we areFluid shatters this myth by arguing that great minds who have changed the fate of humankind are actually the ones who failed faltered or remained uncertain yet never bothered to stay pasted to a rigid line They were They were fluidIn captivating storytelling narrative Ashish Jaiswal takes us throu. Be water my friend Fluid by Ashish Jaiswal is not only an inspirational book but it is groundbreaking and so out of the box Beginning with three little fictional stories to depict the anti fluid mindsets or the problems that people encounter because of their restrictive attitudes the author brought our attention to what is wrong and then the reader is taken to the stories from famous people so shaped the world of today and what in their personalities was different which inspired them to make a significant change and reshape the society Not only that but it also consists of some mind boggling facts that are not very popular and made me gaspWhat I admired about the book was how the key learnings from these outstanding people were wrapped up together and were shown as interconnected I loved how the author has motivated the reader to constantly challenge the status uo and to not walk on the pre determined path Another brilliant thing that the author is done that he has very precisely highlighted the drastic shortcomings of isolating disciplines and the problem with our present education system which is producing degree holders who are not employable But while doing that he has also not failed to throw light on India s innumerable contributions to the worldThis book has really challenged my strong held beliefs and most importantly inspired all its readers to not confine themselves but to broaden their prospects of learning to every field out there Which is the best part of this bookThis book is a good read from the font to the chapter structuring it is fantastically produced I loved the diagrams and also the notes and references provided by the author for ease of understanding I love a brilliantly researched book and Fluid is one If you enjoy an educative belief shattering innovative and uniue book then Fluid should be your next pick

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Fluid author Ashish Jaiswal review Æ 3 read Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ç 3 review Gh groundbreaking research unravelling what binds the likes of Leonardo da Vinci CV Raman Steve Jobs Charles Darwin and other geniuses and why being fluid like them could be our biggest winning strategy in the age of artificial intelligenceRead to learn the approach reuired for world class innovations groundbreaking solutions and game changing ideas. Some books should be tasted some devoured but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly Ashish Jaiswal s book Fluid comes in the latter part This book is in a true sense enlighteningSo when I recently stumbled upon the book Fluid by Ashish Jaiswal I started thinking about our present Indian Education System and it s catastrophic impact on usThe moment we are born people around us start telling us what to do and what not to do in short they try to mold us But the real defining point comes we when start our education Where we are trained to or rather forced to choose certain disciplinesWe are being shaped and trained to think that Jack of all trades is master of none and unfortunately we are letting them and in the process we are also in Author s word boxing our creative side Be than what you are taught to be and it clearly denotes this point in every chapter that it speaks with its audienceEducation is a must but not to box our thinking but to make our foundation strong We need Out Of The Box approach in our Education system I think we need to explore of the different arenas And as the tagline of the book so aptly says we need to Be than what you are taught to be The educational journey of these wanderers inspires the idea of being fluid Author Ashish has given many examples of Geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci Johann Wolfgang Dr C V Raman etc in various fields who always explored beyond their field and became successful at that The book has many such references which makes it interesting to readThe book is a fascinating eye opener Author has done thorough research before putting the book together and it is uite visible in his book The Author has made the reading interesting by giving us facts original letters diagrams and illustrations of many geniuses in the bookAnd with regards to the language I actually love the language in Fluid leave alone finding it something to rail against It has a kind of an austere beauty to it a kind of fluid flow from one chapter to another Every chapter enlightens you and gives you insight

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