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Firebolt The Dragonian #1 Free download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub In a new world and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon a Prince wants Elena’s heart and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her Oh And th Adrienne Woods has a wonderful imagination and a great storyUnfortunately the storytelling is very weakShe is very big on using adverbs and rather weak on showing us the storyHere are some examples I said irritation filling my voice Becky said excitedly Sammy said concerned I knocked timidly he said in a sarcastic tone I laughed excitedly I asked disgusted I was stunned by his words and huffedThe author should show us what she sees when she writes the wordsIf you are excited it shows in your body language in your face in what your hands are doingIs she leaning forward Bouncing on the balls of her feetIs she smiling Are her words run together as she rushes to say themIrritation disgust timidity and sarcasm all show themselves differently in body language hand gestures facial gestures vocal tonality And what is she doing when she is huffing Expelling a breath Stomping her feet Crossing her armsSHOW ME WHAT YOU MEANSHOW ME WHAT YOU SEE IN YOUR MIND WHEN YOU WRITE THESE WORDSI was also distracted when her characters twittered or chirpedPeople don t twitter or chirp they speakSaying she chirped rather than she said distracts from the storyReaders tend to gloss over the he said she said as you want them toYou want your readers engrossed in the narrative itselfSo adding she chirped or they twittered as part of the sentence pulls the reader out of the narrative and leaves us to try to figure out what the character is doingWhat does chirping look like Once again SHOW ME DON T TELL MEI also do not believe that her characters were fully developed particularly our heroine ElenaElena s father has moved her from place to place every 3 monthsOn the last move he and Elena are attacked by dragons he is murdered and Elena is woundedElena doesn t ask the uestions that anyone would want to know Where is his body Is there a funeral Who tried to murder them and why Who was his dragonian Why did he leave Paegeia Who is Matt and what does he know about thisAnd then there are the logical conclusions from the events that Elena seems to overlook Maybe her father wasn t paranoid after all maybe someone WAS after them Maybe her mother hadn t abandoned them maybe she was taken captive Or murderedShe mourns her father as almost an after thoughtShe also goes back and forth about her feelingsFor example She cries out loud in the cafeteria that this is too much she doesn t want to do it any Master Longwei calls her to his office and says she doesn t have to do it any Now she is suddenly adamant that she can So Master Longwei assigns her tutors One of her tutors is difficult so Elena says I m out of here The next scene she says she must continueAs a reader I do not understand why she behaves this wayWhy is she so motivated to tryWhy does she want to succeedIt s almost as if you say no she will say yesIf you say it s black she will say it s whiteI don t understand her reasons for wanting to continue so badlyThere are no compelling circumstances that motivate her to succeed that show the readers why she is so determinedThere are two other scenes that are confusing about her personalityIn one she rides a horse with her boyfriend to the top of a mountain and admires the viewIn another she rides a horse with a friend to the top of a mountain then turns her back on the view because she s afraid of heightsHuhIt feels like the fear of heights was added as a character trait later in the book and the author forgot to fix the earlier sceneThe writer has a very good story but she really needs to work on her story telling abilities

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Firebolt The Dragonian #1 Free download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub E only way Elena’s going to graduate is on the back of a dragon of her ownTeenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales Now it’s time for Elena to believe – in herse Disclaimer This book was sent to me by a fellow book reviewer Laura at LaLaBookReviews with permission from the publisher Fire uill Publishing for an honest reviewOpinion I am honestly wondering if I was reading the same book as everyone else was who has reviewed this on and Goodreads I have seen a TON of really great reviews for this book with multiple readers praising everything about the story from the plot to the characters I can agree that the idea for this story is fantastic but not much of anything else is Elena Watkins has grown up having an almost normal life apart from her father moving her every 3 months in the hopes that they won t be foundbut only if Elena knew what they were running from One night as her father rushes her out of yet another house Elena soon discovers what her father has been so fearful about her entire life dragons Suddenly the fantastical bedtime stories that her father told her as a child becomes real and they are attacked by threatening dragons that kill her father Taken into Paegeia to keep her safe Elena now finds herself in a world she thought was make believe Elena soon discovers that her new home and school are filled with dragons and that they aren t all as threatening as the ones she first encountered Elena must now acclimate to her new life that is full of magic as well as helping her new peers fight off an evil that is threatening their existence I have not written a fairly bad review in a long time and it s hurting me to have to do this right now I try to keep all of my reviews positive with constructive criticism in them and backing up every negative I have with a few positives I m really not sure if I can do that with this review because I truthfully hated this book In all fairness my distaste for this book has NOTHING to do with the idea behind the book and the overall plot I loved the world of dragons that the author created and the direction the author was going with the story I enjoyed the turmoil that many of the characters were trapped in towards the end and that this fantasy story turned into an adventure tale Apart from the overall idea I just felt that the execution was severely lacking My main issue with this story is the writing I think we can all agree that if the writing in a story is just NOT working it makes for a very difficult and cringeworthy read When it came to dialogue characters interacting and the scene moving through the day as we followed Elena the writing was driving me crazy The author writes in short paragraphs that feel like bullet points and these short paragraphs will literally jump into different times of the day without any warning or give the reader a vague explanation of a character feeling I was constantly coming across sentences like the pop uiz after was hard or I went straight to my room When I see sentences written like this and given in a way that feels like notes I get the feeling that the author has trouble with dialogue and filling up the empty spaces of a story When the author has characters go into detail about past events in Paegeia or explain facts the author does a great job in being creative and descriptive I know that if I were to write a book I would have the same problem Creative writing comes easy to me but filling a story up with that unnecessary fluff is tedious and sometimes strays away from the nostalgia of the book So I get that I really do The charactersoy vey I couldn t connect with any of them and they felt underdeveloped and boring Elena is extremely irritating and immature Her character whines and complains about everything I just wanted her to get it together and stop being such a baby about everything and suddenly she just does It literally goes from her acting like a child to having no fear and being a pro How did that happen The relationship between Elena and Lucian didn t exist and wasn t building into anything but then in one page they all of sudden are together and are all googly eyed for each other I have never witnessed such a rushed romance in my life and I just found it completely strange The author has also overused the use of exclamation points in dialogue between characters I cannot express to you how many times you see Becky or Sammy or Elena being said by one of the characters All I can really say is that I feel like this story was poorly executed and written It makes me sad because I really liked the plot for this series and it has great potential to be SO much BETTER This is of course just my own opinion it seems that plenty of other readers are absolutely in love with The Dragonian Series and really enjoyed the writing It just wasn t for me and with that I will not be continuing this series

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Firebolt The Dragonian #1 Free download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Dragons Right Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no differentUntil the night a fairy tale killed her fatherNow Elena’s I liked itThe story is entertaining It has some elements that reminisce of Harry Potter although in no way this book is close to that level and the 1986 movie Labyrinth which incidentally I loved as a child The story did get my attention so I intent to keep reading this series There is a lack of character development as well as relationship developments The way the friendships go here is not satisfactory or complete enough Things just seem to be with no built up I believe time should have been dedicated to making these relationships really work and I hope that the second book expands on that The romance is a joke The relationship between Lucien and Elena is instant love I don t know how that happened or why her feelings turned so deep all of a sudden when we haven t seen any depth between the two of them whatsoever Romance is an important part on books for me so much so that I don t usually read YA or UF Fantasy books if they don t have romance in them This book might as well have no romance at all based on its utter lack of fulfillment and elaboration To me it seemed forced and artificial not to say completely unbelievable Besides I have to say that I much would have rather have the romance be between Elena and the brooding but mysterious Blake than between Elena and the loyal predictable and boring Lucien We ll see how this goes in the second installment Wrapping up the story is entertaining but lacking in personal and interpersonal unfolding Starlight The Dragonian 5

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