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Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù Courtney Summers Courtney Summers Ù 5 Free read characters Fall for Anything Brilliant teacher Why when he seemed to find inspiration in everything he saw And most important why when he had a daughter who loved him than anyone else in the world When she meets Culler Evans a former student of her father’s and a photographer himself an instant and dangerous attraction b. I read in a book once you can t drown yourself Your body will fight to survive whether you want to or notBut I don t think it s the same when you jump I ve never been the fan of mystery novels even contemporary ones which is why it s surprising I finished this one But now I have to thank Summers since I am now interested in mystery novels which are either adult or YA books This was surprisingly good and it was even better than good but Summers decided to be evil just like many other others and make the book go downhill for me I even planned on re reading it again after finishing it because I thought I was going to love the whole thing afterFall for Anything is about Eddie who is asking herself why her father killed himself He was a photographer who loved his work and enjoyed showing it to others There was only a small note she and her mother were left with and all she wants are the answers to her why s Now she s alone in her house with her depressed mother who will not take of the father s housecoat and her assistanthelper Beth who Eddie does not seem to be on good terms She s completely different than Eddie and her mother in many ways and Eddie wants nothing than something terrible to happen to her What Eddie knows she has is her best friend Milo since second grade but even Milo won t tell her what she wants to know She then meets Culler Culler EvansCuller was a student of Eddie s father This is surprising to Eddie because she never thought her father helped and tutored someone in a way Now that Eddie has someone who can share and feel the same feelings she is pressing for the person she thought was the most important and her life and was lost she wonders if Culler might be the answers to her uestions But as Eddie gets closer to Culler she might begin to realize that some things are better left unsaid and never answered Eddie and Culler decide to spend time together and go on an adventure they never thought would solve both of their curiosities or maybe not When I started Fall for Anything I did not want to put it down Courtney s beautiful yet straightforward writing captured me from the first sentence and I wanted to continue reading until I finished I feel like talking about the way she writes should be the first point I read her bio and saw that she wrote her first book Cracked up to Be and never looked back I honestly admire those authors The kind that writes and finishes their book and doesn t seem to look back on what they wrote because they feel like positivity inside them that makes them want to write another book It was easy to follow and everything felt like it was being read fast but I didn t mind it because the characters felt real and everything happening did too I can see why there are readers out there who always talk about Courtney s writing It s small and simple yet beautiful and captivating It can be raw in ways and it can seem like you are reading a book about a person who witnessed whatever the event was as if you were reading their diaryThe problem I had with this has to do with the plot The plot was there but it was messy for me The book started off well but things starting going downhill as I mentioned before I felt like some things were unnecessary to the plot and didn t add up to anything As the book was coming to an end I was becoming sad because I didn t want it to end but that was when I was liking and enjoying the book Courtney was kind about everything Her characters were able to be seen as real and even relatable characters Her writing was captivating Her plot was there and continued to be there But then the characters do stupid things and ruin everything Towards the end the plot was coming to an end and it was not making sense to me at all The whole mystery thing was not there any and it ruined everything for me I was trying to predict what would happen and how Eddie would find her answer or the answers she was looking for but it didn t turn out as I thought it would Eddie to me was the perfect female character in a YA novel She was living through this hell she wanted to unlive and the way she got through it was unbelievable It was touching and refreshing and even beautiful because I felt like I could hear Eddie tell me her story As I said Courtney wrote this as if I was reading someone s diary or was being said told it She developed everything in the right way and the way she handled things was not how it s done in other YA novels Eddie was not your typical teenage girl in YA books She s strong and every day she got stronger even when she thought she was getting the answers she wanted The girl didn t allow herself to cry when it came to her dad and even though it can sound sad it wasn t Believe it or not I loved Culler and I wanted he and Eddie to be together even though it can be considered illegal and he can get in trouble She s seventeen He s twenty There you have it But the way he talked to her and the photographs he took of her and described her warmed my heart and all I had to do was message my best friend and Sana telling them I want someone like that I know romance isn t the main point in the book and I was totally okay with that considering the fact that I am a loser for cute contemporary romance books but Culler and Eddie together stole my heart and warmed it And now Culler was also another perfect YA character even though he wasn t a teenager and became someone I didn t think he would become I loved Culler from the moment he met Eddie I mean the way he justappearedand talked to Eddieand then my heart jumped Culler is a phographer who looked up to Eddie s father and ended up falling in love with her What I kept telling my friend is that I want someone like him a photographer who will either take ugly or cute pictures of me caught off guard or not And Culler did that to Eddie and it wasn t creepy to me Instead it was cute But then of course authors just have to become a bitch and ruin the whole thing for you right Isn t that part of their job view spoilerCuller was supposed to help Eddie find her answers to Steve s her father suicide But Eddie s answers were never answered and everything she and Culler found out about him was not from her dad but instead it was from him From Culler hide spoiler

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù Courtney Summers Courtney Summers Ù 5 Free read characters Fall for Anything Egins Culler seems to know about her father than she does and could possibly hold the key to the mystery surrounding his death But Eddie’s vulnerability has weakened her and Culler Evans is getting too close Her need for the truth keeps her hanging onbut are some uestions better left unanswere. This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book Prescription Actual Rating 275 stars You know she says You re still alive I don t know how many different ways I can try to tell you before it finally sinks in I didn t know this book existed until Lily pointed out that it does and that it is one of her favorite books She warned me that this book is not for everyone and it has relatively few ratings and reviews if compared to other books on GR I didn t know what it discusses or what shall I expect I prefer to do that recently because sometimes there are good surprises awaiting and sometimes this time included there simply aren t I saw the cover and didn t know if I wanted to read it because honestly this does not have the best cover out there But let s not cover a book by its cover So I heard the writing style is good and it was But it was not that mind blowing for me There is a general uncomfortable feeling that I had the whole time I was reading this and I felt it was gloomy and that I wanted to finish it fast This is a short book 240 pages and can be finished in 1 2 days so I finished it in one day because to be honest another time I wanted to have answers I wanted to know what happened But the build up was intense and the result was so underwhelming I didn t like the characters and I couldn t relate to the story very much I know there is a message behind the book but I don t know if I am 100% convinced But I felt that Eddie was in grief and she needed serious help Milo was the only character that I liked in this book And Culler WTFWhen the woman asked Eddie if she was OK I was relieved that finally someone asked her that she takes very bad decisions that felt a bit irrational to me Why Why Why WHY The uestion my life had become Summary As Lily told me this is a good book but it is not for everyone I could not relate to the story so much because I wasn t in a similar situationPrescription For those who are looking for an answer for the uestion WHY

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù Courtney Summers Courtney Summers Ù 5 Free read characters Fall for Anything From the author of Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are comes a gripping story about one girl’s search for clues into the mysterious death of her father When Eddie Reeves’s father commits suicide her life is consumed by the nagging uestion of why Why when he was a legendary photographer and a. I can t imagine why Courtney Summers novels aren t widely read I guess it might have something to do with Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are being marketed as your typical high school cliue yboy obsessed novels Their covers suggest something you d find in every American high school movie and even the uote from the School Library Journal about Some Girls Are is Fans of the film Mean Girls will enjoy this tale of redemption and forgivenessWell let me tell you this Courtney Summers books are incredibly raw and emotional they are addictive in that just one chapter way even when it s 2am and you have to get up early She gets right inside the mind of her protagonist like so few authors manage to do Even this book a story so different from her two previous novels was utterly mesmerizing Though if you only like happy books she probably isn t the right choice for youIt s insane how many popular novels tackle the same subjects such as loss sexual assault and bullying but are far less effective So many try and fail to capture the sadness loneliness and guilt that Courtney Summers repeatedly manages to deliver so expertly These books need to be readAs for Fall for Anything it s the story of Eddie a girl whose father has just commit suicide Desperate for answers as to why a successful photographer would choose to end his life Eddie teams up with his ex student in an attempt to decode what may be the troubled artist s final message to the world With her mother sinking deeper into depression and her mother s friend taking over their home with little regard for Eddie s grief this could be her only chance to regain some of her previous life back but what if the answer she finds is the last thing she wanted to hearTrust me if you re not familiar with Courtney Summers get to it And I highly recommend you start with Some Girls Are