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The Sea Change

characters The Sea Change Joanna Rossiter ☆ 0 characters characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Joanna Rossiter The Sea Change by Joanna Rossiter is a haunting and moving novel about a mother and a daughter caught between a tsunami and a warYesterday was Alice's wedding day She is thousands of miles away from the home she is so desperate to leave on the southernmost tip of India when she wakes in the morning to see a wave on the horizon taller than the height of. Have you ever noticed how most books are rated between 3 and 4 no matter how good or bad you personally think it is I m constantly stunned that people can feel so differently towards certain books than I do I couldn t help noticing one of the reviews near the top off the list that complains about the lack of action and exciting descriptions But that is just not what this book is about it is about relationships and emotions I liked the fact that everything felt a little bit hazy and it kept you guessing right to the end man I just finished the book sitting in the dark with my coat on when I got home as I was so keen to get to the end I felt like the way it was written really evoked the feeling of memories of course it is not all right there in your mind in bright colours Memories

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characters The Sea Change Joanna Rossiter ☆ 0 characters characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Joanna Rossiter Her guest house on Kanyakumari beach Her husband is nowhere to be seenOn the other side of the world unhappily estranged from her daughter is Alice's mother Violet Forced to leave the idyllic Wiltshire village Imber in which she grew up after it was reuisitioned by the army during World War Two Violet is haunted by the shadow of the man she loved and. I really enjoyed Vi s story but Alice s felt laboured and lacking in depth The two parts of the book just didn t work together I also disliked the author s need to add clever sentences with deep meaningif the story is strong enough as Vi s was but Alice s wasn t you don t need them and they just sound forced Easy to read but not great

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characters The Sea Change Joanna Rossiter ☆ 0 characters characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Joanna Rossiter The wilderness of a home that lies in ruinsAmid the debris of the wave Alice recollects the events of the hippie trail that led to her hasty marriage as she struggles to piece together the fate of the husband she barely knows Meanwhile Violet must return to Imber in order to let go of the life that is no longer hers and begin the search for her daughte. The Sea Change finds Joanna Rossiter spinning a story around a mother and daughter both caught up in life changing events real historical events that are very different and yet have similar conseuences She does it so very well that I can scarcely believe it is her debut But it isIn 1971 Alice was travelling across Asia to India with her new boyfriend When they reached India they married but the very next day they were separated by a tsunami As Alice desperately searched for James she had she thought about their past their relationship their journey And she thought about her mother Her instinct was to turn to her mother Violet but they had parted on bad termsIn 1943 Violet s home and the whole Wiltshire village of Imber was reuisitioned by the army She had never ret

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  • The Sea Change
  • Joanna Rossiter
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  • 07 February 2020
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