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  • Hardcover
  • 464
  • Stitches in Time
  • Lucy Adlington
  • en
  • 21 April 2020
  • 9781847947260
Stitches in Time

Summary Stitches in Time Stitches in Time Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Riffling through the wardrobes of years gone by costume historian Lucy Adlington reveals the rich stories underlying the clothes we wear in this stylish tour of the most important developments in the history of fashion from ancient times to the present day Starting with underwear – did you know Elizabeth. Reviewed for The BibliophibianStitches in Time is a delightful look at the clothes we wear and how they ve developed over time from the general fit of women s clothes down to the specifics of fashion A lot of it I knew already partly from the BBC s Great British Sewing Bee I cannot wait for a new season of that and oh hey it starts tonight and partly from other books but it was still a charming read and a nice break from the awful things that happen in fiction Adlington writes clearly and sometimes wittily and it s a good tour through history in general as well at times contextualising what exactly drove fashion

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Summary Stitches in Time Stitches in Time Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB I owned just one pair of drawers worn only after her death – she moves garment by garment through Western attire exploring both the items we still wear every day and those that have gone the way of the dodo sugared petticoats farthingales and spatterdashers to name but a fewBeautifully illustrated through. Adlington outlines the history of the base categories of European clothing using a variety of primary historical sources These include the diary entry of an 18th century gentleman who had to dress hurriedly after a night with a new lady friend lest she discover he stuffed the calves of his stockings those most masculine of garments Read this book if you want proof that gender and class norms are fluid lacy dresses are proper garments for boys Victorians allowed displays of cleavage at dinner and that beauty is subjective to its era corsets have been used to push up or flatten breasts depending on what was in fashion that decade It is still very much written from the author s perspective as a white British woman and seems to write with the idea that her readers are as well This is particularly noticeable in discussions of clothing items no longer commonly used Her inclusion that sleeping caps and parasols are the stuff of antiuity suggests to me that she isn t aware of the routines of many people with textured hair or from cultures that don t covet sun tans

Summary Stitches in Time

Summary Stitches in Time Stitches in Time Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Out and crammed with fascinating and eminently uotable facts Stitches in Time shows how the way we dress is inextricably bound up with considerations of aesthetics sex gender class and lifestyle – and offers us the chance to truly appreciate the extraordinary ualities of these our most ordinary possession. This is a charming and well researched book It is full of humorous asides and surprises in the history of Western clothing up to contemporary times I found out that the small pocket at the front right of my five pocket denim Levi jeans is a vestigial watch pocket I had only tried using it to hold emergency money