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review St Petersburg St Petersburg review ¼ 9 From Peter the Great to Putin this is the unforgettable story of St Petersburg – one of the most magical menacing and influential cities in the worldSt Petersburg has always felt like an impossible metropolis risen from the freezing mists and flooded marshland of the River Neva on the western edge of Russia It was a new capital in an old country Established in 1703 by the sheer will of its charismatic founder the homicidal megalomaniac Peter the Great its dazzling yet unhinged reputation was uickly fashioned by the sadistic dominion. In St Petersburg Three Centuries of Murderous Desire Jonathan Miles has taken up a remarkable task to describe St Petersburg form the birth of the city until the present day The idea itself is of course fantastic I have always seen cities especially grand cities that St Petersburg surely is like living organisms Ever changing always reflecting the happiness and state of its inhabitants Always greater than the sum of their parts A single house can tell you so many stories let alone the whole city itself Of course 560 pages the English edition I read it in Estonian is not nearly enough for three centuries of St Petersburg history Perhaps one 500 page volume for each century would have been sufficient Also this book is not written by a historian specialised in Russian history and you could tell that when reading Despite that I found it succeeded in what it aimed to do It gave a general overview touching all the tsars the better known ones got chapters and all the major historical events in St Petersburg It also always tried to give a brief overview of the cultural history of the city some information on writers artists musicians who were active during that time And most importantly it gave a pretty good idea what the overall atmosphere vibe and conditions were for regular people on each century This I think was what made the made the book good enough to forgive the very generalised approach As a reader I got to know about the conditions of daily life during the time when the city was built when the tensions were building up and what it was like under a totalitarian regime All the information was not new to me for example the part of building the city I was familiar with before thanks to Robert K Massie s fantastic Peter The Great biography I read a few years ago Also the Soviet time s hardships were nothing new as I have heard about that from a very direct source my parents And about the revolutions I just read a book about Still it was good to have one continuous narrative written in a readable style that manages to keep the readers attention throughout the book Miles book will probably be a bit repetitive for those well versed in Russian history but I think it is a good read for those with not much background information It is also not the best book to give you an idea of the Russian spirit for example Helen Rappaport who writes about Russian history extensively has grasped it better as a foreigner The only things I thought missing was the general overview of the current state of Russia was in before Peter started building the city just a few pages would have been enough

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St Petersburg

review St Petersburg St Petersburg review ¼ 9 Of its early rulersThis city in its successive incarnations – St Petersburg; Petrograd; Leningrad and once again St Petersburg – has always been a place of perpetual contradiction It was a window on to Europe and the Enlightenment but so much of the glory of Russia was created here its literature music dance and for a time its political vision It gave birth to the artistic genius of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich Pavlova and Nureyev Yet for all its glittering palaces fairytale balls and enchanting gardens th. Excellent story about St Peterburg and Russians with insights humour and facts I think I will read it again soon

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review St Petersburg St Petersburg review ¼ 9 E blood of thousands has been spilt on its snow filled streets It has been a hotbed of war and revolution a place of siege and starvation and the crucible for Lenin and Stalin’s power hungry brutalityIn St Petersburg Jonathan Miles recreates the drama of three hundred years in this absurd and brilliant city bringing us up to the present day when – once – its fate hangs in the balance This is an epic tale of murder massacre and madness played out against sualor and splendour It is an unforgettable portrait of a city and its peopl. Good for a basic overview of the city s history It is really interesting and touches on a lot but doesn t go into anything in depth There were also a couple parts that were a little misleading Still a good read

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