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Notes from a Small Island free read ï 106 Lightfully irreverent jaunt around the unparalleled floating nation that has produced zebra crossings Shakespeare Twiggie Winkie's Farm and places with names like Farleigh Wallop and Titsey The result is an uproarious social commentary that conveys the true glory of Britain from the satiric pen of an unapologetic Anglophil. Taking a trip with Bill Bryson is always a crap shoot Am I getting the funny self effacing Bill Am I getting bilious Bill Am I getting drunken Bill on a murderous rampage Okay that last one sadly was never publishedHere Bill wants to get a last look at Great Britain before he moves back to the good ol US of A so he schleps around that island nation taking in the sights As someone who has been to those environs or thereabouts a few times Mr Bryson gets it right and then some Plus I laughed out loud on a number of occasions Good on you BillThis is my fifth Bryson book and his approachmood is generally all over the place depending upon the subject of his writing or the type of medication he was currently taking I supposeThe crotchety scale looks kind of like this with the books listed from most cantankerous to least tetchy1 The Lost Continent Travels in Small Town America2 Neither Here nor There Travels in Europe3 In a Sunburned County4 Notes from a Small Island5 A Walk in the WoodsThe laughs are inversely proportional to the median or mode or something as wellSome of these books I haven t read in a while so the Irritable o meter TM might be a tad off and your mileage may vary sobite me or somethingThis one was a read with my favorite buddy reader of non fiction and someone who is in the top five people I d go on some sort of spree with Le Trishhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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Notes from a Small Island free read ï 106 Suddenly in the space of a moment I realized what it was that I loved about Britain which is to say all of itAfter nearly two decades spent on British soil Bill Bryson bestselling author of The Mother Tongue and Made in America decided to return to the United States I had recently read Bryson writes that 37 million America. Newsflash I have a new entry into my Top Ten Authors past and present that I would like to invite to a night out at the pub for a session of heavy drinking and tall tales Bill Bryson with his sly humour and irreverent atitude towards tourism is a strong contender for the top position right after my first experience of travelling in his company through the twisted back lanes of historical hamlets of his cherished island Being both a personal journal and a travel guide his Notes have been voted as the book that best represent Britain to the world I believe the praise is well deservedThe secret of Bill Bryson success is easy to discern from the pages of this journal He fell in love with the island from the first moment he landed in Dover in 1973 and his enthusiasm is as fresh and as catching two decades later as he prepares for a farewell trip before returning to America Everything that lay before me was new and mysterious and exciting in a way you can t imagine England was full of words I d never heard before streaky bacon short back and sides Belisha bacon serviettes high tea ice cream cornet I spent a long day wandering aimlessly and happily along residential streets and shopping streets eavesdropping on conversations at bus stops and street corners looking with interest in the windows of greengrocers and butchers and fishmongers reading fly posters and planning applications uietly absorbing Sometimes it takes a long trip away from home or the perspective of a stranger to make you realize the beauty of the land and of the people around you and Bill Bryson is for me the best kind of guide possible He shares my love for walking an impulsive nature that can change routes on the spur of a moment and eual interest in the highbrow amusements of historical monuments or art galleries and the popular amusement parks and drinking pubs for the statistical trivia and for the scandalous bit of gossip about the local worthies There is something awfully exhilarating about riding on the top of a double decker You can see into upstair windows and peer down on the tops of people s heads at bus stops and when they come up the stairs a moment later you can look at them with a knowing look that says I ve just seen the top of your head and there s the frisson of excitement that comes with careering round a corner or roundabout on the brink of catastrophe You get an entirely fresh perspective on the world Time and time again the words that describe the places the people the cuisine and the culture of Britain turn into a song of joy at the chance to witness the marvels of his adopted country Not even the constant bad weather roughly about two thirds of his out of season journey by my count can keep his buoyant mood down for than one evening Inevitably the next stop on the railway line or the next hill to be climbed will bring back the cheerful hiker who likes to remind the reader to count his blessings and be happy to be alive to be healthy and to live in a peaceful period of history that makes lonely travelling an attractive proposition Beyond the headland the path climbed steeply to Ballard Down a taxing slog for an old puffed out flubba wubba like me but worth it for the view which was sensational like being on top of the world For seven weeks in 1994 Bill Bryson will try to rediscover Britain from the southern Downs to the last desolate northern moors travelling alone on foot or by public transport a decision that I will let him explain with his usual mix of militancy and self deprecating humour Motorized vehicles are ugly and dirty and they bring out the worst in people They clutter every kerbside turn ancient market suares into disorderly jumbles of metal spawn petrol stations second hand car lots Kwik Fit centres and other dispiriting blights They are horrible and awful and I wanted nothing to do with them on this trip And besides my wife wouldn t let me have the car With great enthusiasm comes also great indignation at the carelessness and disrespect for the heritage of Britain as witnessesd in the ugliness of modern cement office blocks proliferation of cars and highways loss of diversity and globalization mass tourism and the trivialization of history In a way Notes from a Small Island is also a snapshot of a world in danger of being swallowed up and zombified into a characterless generic shopping mall It gets me a little wild sometimes You have in this country the most comely the most parklike the most flawlessly composed countryside the world has ever known a product of centuries of tireless instinctive improvement and you are half a generation from destroying most of it for ever and What made Weston feel familiar was of course that it was just like everywhere else It had Boots and MarksSpencer and Dixons and W H Smith and all the rest of it I realized with a kind of dull ache that there wasn t a single thing here that I hadn t seen a million times already and it was wonderful to be in a great ecclesiastical structure so little disturbed by shuffling troops of tourists When you consider the hordes that flock to Salisbury York Canterbury Bath and so many other great churches of England Lincoln s relative obscurity is something of a small miracle Speaking of shopping malls did you ever go shopping with you better half If so you will know what the author is talking about Shopping is not in my view something that men and women should do together since all men want to do is buy something noisy like a drill and get it home so they can play with it whereas women aren t happy until they ve seen or less everything in town and felt at least 1500 different textures I have a small suspicion that Mr Bryson had on his mind than the perils of shopping with his wife when he decided to travel alone through the island How else can one explain the detailed descriptions of going every night to the pub and sampling the best the Island has to offer in terms of draughts and dark ales and strong spirits After all a serious tourist guide must study and include details about the nightlife attractions of the places he visits Case in point on his very first day in Britain in 1973 our young author decided to go watch an R rated movie called Suburban Wife Swap in order to improve his language skills and his knowledge of local customs Which is another reason to trust his judgement on worthy travel spots Now the second rule of excessive drinking the first of course is don t take a sudden shine to a woman larger than Hoss Cartwright is never to drink in a place on a steep slope I thought about mentioning some of the places described in the Notes and what makes them memorable but there are too many tempting propositions and Bill Bryson does a much better job than me in selling their charms to the readership I confess I have never visited England and if anybody asks me what is my favorite holiday destination I will still answer without hesitation Paris Even after 15 visits it is still my first choice for a visit But Bill Bryson s small island is making a compelling case for a revision of my priorities If I were hard pressed to choose only one of the hundreds of interesting places mentioned in the guide I think I would settle for Liverpool It might not be obvious why at first or second glance what Liverpool offers than the Lake District or the Cotswolds but I grew up with the tales of Jules Verne and Joseph Conrad and recently Douglass Reeman and Patrick O Brian and I always dreamed that one day I will embark for a voyage around the world s blue lanes Once there was infinite romance in the sea and the Merseyside Maritime Museum captures every bit of it J B Priestley called them the greatest constructions of the modern world our euivalent of cathedrals and he was absolutely right I was appalled to think that never in my life would I have an opportunity to stride down a gangplank in a panama hat and a white suit and go looking for a bar with a revolving ceiling fan How crushingly unfair life can sometimes be The rest of my review is a series of footnotes and little details that reinforce the good impression and the fun I had on my travels with this incredible guide Do you know what the most important uality of a tourist is Curiosity Why do they call it a grapefruit Why do the British call them jumpers Why do they call them milk floats They don t float at all Why do we foot a bill rather than say head it Why do we say that our nose is running Mine slides Who ate the first oyster and how on earth did anyone ever figure out that ambergris would make an excellent fixative for perfumes Do you know how to prepare for your trip Read as much as you can about the places you are going to see and write about I spent a little time watching the scenery then pulled out my copy of Kingdom by the Sea to see if Paul Theroux had said anything about the vicinity that I might steal or modify to my own purposes what sort of euipment you need for your trip The fun begins well in advance of the actual departure I can spend hours looking at rucksacks kneesocks compasses and survival rations then go to another shop and look at precisely the same things all over again I wonder what his wife thought about men and their shopping habits nowAre you worried the locals and the other tourists will laugh at you It s better to be ready for anything than wet and cold so relax and enjoy the view I remember when I first came to Britain wandering into a bookstore and being surprised to find a whole section dedicated to Walking Guides This struck me as faintly bizarre and comical where I came from people did not as a rule reuire written instructions to achieve locomotion but then gradually I learned that there are in fact two kinds of walking in Britain namely the everyday kind that gets you to the pub and all being well back home again and the earnest type that involves stout boots Ordnance Survey maps in plastic pouches rucksacks with sandwiches and flasks of tea and in its terminal phase the wearing of khaki shorts in inappropriate weather Is it worth your time and effort And then just as I was about to lie down and call for a stretcher we crested a final rise and found ourselves abruptly magically on top of the earth on a platform in the sky amid an ocean of swelling summits I had never seen anything half so beautiful before Fuck me I said in a moment of special elouence and realized I was hooked Why would you go to a place on the map that everybody seems to run away fromview spoiler you might learn some dirty war songs This fucking town s a fucking cussNo fucking trams no fucking busNobody cares for fucking usIn fucking HalkirkNo fucking sport no fucking gamesNo fucking fun The fucking damesWon t even give their fucking namesIn fucking Halkirk hide spoiler

review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Bill Bryson

Notes from a Small Island free read ï 106 Ns believed that they had been abducted by aliens at one time or another so it was clear that my people needed me But before departing he set out on a grand farewell tour of the green and kindly island that had so long been his homeVeering from the ludicrous to the endearing and back again Notes from a Small Island is a de. Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson is an ode to Britain lovingly written by an American who lived there for almost twenty years and wanted to revisit it before departing for his home country I have especially enjoyed the audio version If you do not like curmudgeons this will not be the book for you Bryson with tongue firmly planted in cheek will take you on a tour of all things great and not so great His grumpiness sometimes endearing sometimes not will accompany the reader while visiting the UK from countryside to big cities to small villages His love of this country is visible in both his criticism and his praise of it I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it made me wish I was there Highly recommended

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