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  • His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1
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  • 14 January 2019
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Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1 Night together Tucker rebuffs him and hightails it to Dallas to pursue his dreams Leaving Micah to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and feeling like a foolThe impending death of the Delany patriarch brings an unsavory relative out of the woodwork threatening Micah's beloved adopted family They're going to need all hands in the fight to keep The Bar D from being pulled out from under them all includin. A Harleuin romance plot two people get into a marriage of convenience to save a ranch To be completely honest I actually like the theme in general malemale malefemale because it gives that possibility of exploration to fall in love with someone that is forced to you Of course in this story Micah and Tucker are not exactly strangers as they have history and feeling towards one another At one point at least none of them jump into sex as soon as possible something I don t like on my malemale books But at other point I feel that the cryingtears scenes are a bit too much I like it better when characters struggle with their emotion without crying because it created a different reaction in me when reading itPS Since it seems to create some discussion on my earlier wordings I ended up changing this a bit

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His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1

Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1 G Tucker Micah steels himself to convince the man he can't forget to come homeTo his everlasting surprise it's Tucker who comes up with the perfect solution a marriage of convenience to Micah His gut tells him Tucker's motivation involves nothing than saving the ranch Now he just has to convince his fragile heartThis title has been revised and expanded by than 10000 words from its original published version. 15 StarsThis one was a dud I didn t care for it I think the problem was that I was not enad with any of the characters Not a one Tucker was a cold hearted prick even the way view spoilerhe treated that guy in the beginning of the book hide spoiler

Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1

Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read His Convenient Husband Innamorati Book 1 A temporary arrangement Don't bet the ranch on itInnamorati Book 1At the tender age of seven newly orphaned Micah Jiminez lost everything and got lucky The Delany family opened their hearts and their home treated him like one of their own One Delany in particular though became than a brother to Micah The handsome and protective Tucker is the man to whom he wants to give his loveBut after a single passionate. I m a big JL Langley fan so I don t really understand her choice with this story The premise is classic romance and reads very much like Harleuin novels I d read many years ago The idea is that two people must uickly marry to avoid the ranch from falling into the evil hands of a homophobic family member Since the two men already are in love with each other but won t admit it the perfect solution is to get married and everything works out after a few emotional revelations Given the rather dated premise I was expecting the author to add a fresh and light hearted spin to the tale Unfortunately the story was as dated as the premise but with two men instead of a man and a womanMicah is the classic younger character who adored and followed Tucker around for years before daring to kiss the older man on his eighteenth birthday Since that rejection Micah has been running himself into the ground to save the family ranch against ruin while trying not to dwell on his lingering feelings for Tucker Tucker is also a classic stereotype with his cold career driven attitude ignoring his family and the problems in favor of his work While these are classic stereotypes for a reason the typically strong writing of the author could have given these characters new life Instead there was nothing uniue or really interesting about these men Add in the antiuated storyline with multiple holes and confusing beginning this wasn t nearly as good as I ve come to expect The writing was ok but many details are omitted or sparsely given so it takes a bit of time to understand the complexities and everyone s relationship Especially in the first chapter where the amount of time passed from the prologue is not said and thus creates an abrupt change in the story There were also multiple scenes that didn t seem to add much if anything to the story or characters such as the horse foaling scene and subseuent fight between Micah and Duncan Additionally the tension between Micah and Tucker was contrived Neither man protested much nor was there any real uestion about the future so their weak attempts to create distance and uneasiness felt flat Overall this was disappointing to read based on all of Langley s prior work and fans of the author will likely to read the story anyway if only for the hot sex scene However I predict they may be as frustrated with the story as I was