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妖しのセレス 14 review à 0 summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Yuu Watase Yuu Watase ↠ 0 read & download On Aya MIkage's 16th birthday what she thought was a normal celebration turns into a real nightmare when her own family attempts to kikk her and imprison. The ending wow I never expected to cry so much I truly liked Aki and was hoping for him to have a happy ending also why was this ending so eerily similar to Absolute Boyfriend I m happy that my preferred love interest has a chance which we will never get to see but doesn t that mean he s 2nd choice I wouldn t want that if I were him This series overall though 35I love Yuu Watase but this series was too much for me Too much drama Too much rapey vibes Women have to offer than their vaginas Also I didn t really like Aya She was bitchy and annoying

summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Yuu Watase妖しのセレス 14

妖しのセレス 14 review à 0 summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Yuu Watase Yuu Watase ↠ 0 read & download S her twin brother Aki Aya learns that she possesses the blood of the tannyocelestial maiden and has the power to transform her into the mysterious and p. Good series enjoyed reading itHowever I find that despite the tragic ways in which many characters died I wasn t connected enough to cry for them I did cry when the dog Mamoru died a few volumes back I was sad when chidori and Shuro died but it wasn t a tearjerker for me As for Tooya I kinda read the last extra chapter before reading chapter one so his survival was pretty much known to me the whole time

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妖しのセレス 14 review à 0 summary Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Yuu Watase Yuu Watase ↠ 0 read & download Owerful Ceres Now with her parents dead and her life completely upended Aya must find the courge to forge ahead snd stop her family's greedy uest for pow. 35Read at my blog Geeky ReadingThis was a rather weak series of Watase s which is a bit disappointingI didn t ever really connect with any of the characters or grow all that attached sadly I wanted to but it never happened The story was interesting though and got better near the end as did the humor or I just got used to it The ending was a bit surprising and I liked that Although the ending for Aya and Toya and Yuhi did not really satisfy me Although if I m not wrong something similar happened with the main characters in Absolute Boyfriend and I didn t really like it there either That kind of upsets me but oh wellThis series just didn t turn out as good as I thought it would but I know that it s an earlier series of Watase s and I know that she s written better onesNow I just hope to get some of her other series published over here particularly Fushigi Yugi and Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden which I have read some of and really enjoyed and I ll probably try to catch up on Arata since I was enjoying that series and am uite a bit behind

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  • 妖しのセレス 14
  • Yuu Watase
  • English
  • 11 August 2018
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