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Summary Ù Brief einer Unbekannten 108 Un afamado y mujeriego escritor no reconoce la caligrafía de la carta ue recibe una mañana Para su sorpresa la remi. Passive Aggressive RevengeOther than as a practice piece it is difficult for he to understand much about this short story A woman obsessed since puberty by a neighbour she has hardly spoken to spends her entire life in a world of fantastic projection Despite her rescue from poverty loving family and opportunities to get on in life she prefers to senselessly pine over a man to whom she refuses even to give her name A casual affair from his side results in a pregnancy about which she refuses to inform him Their offspring dies as a young man from unknown causes She apparently also dies from griefShe has written a letter to him to be delivered post mortem The constant refrain of her letter is Beloved I am not blaming you I do not wish to intrude my sorrows into your joyful life Yet this is what she has done maliciously unrecoverably and clearly intentionally Why Did Zweig believe that a woman any woman all women could be psychotic enough to carry out such a programme Could it be that the story itself is a sort of passive aggressive revenge by Zweig If not his point escapes me

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Summary Ù Brief einer Unbekannten 108 E muchos años En el segundo relato una mujer poco agraciada descubre una oculta fascinación por el hombre al ue sir. Letter From an Unknown Woman I found to be a superb piece of writing This is in my opinion Zweig at his absolute best in terms of stirring something in the reader even though it starts along familiar even slightly tedious lines A girl has a crush on the man across the hall a handsome fastidious famous writer who lives alone with his elderly servant and comes home with elegant women She gazes at him with a fluttering heart through the spy hole in her parents front door and sometimes loiters outside hoping for a momentary view of her beloved When she is old enough she starts work in a shop and continues to stalk himAs an eighteen year old he one day stops her in the street as she is very pretty and doesn t realize it s the same little neighbour from across the hall as he never remembers anything that might intrude on his total self regard After inviting her to a meal they share a few nights of passion before he forgets her She has a child he has no idea She sells herself to rich men as a means to escape poverty and has many marriage proposalsThen one night her beloved sees her dining in a restaurant with one of her clientele and again as before he has little idea who she is After another night together she never hears from him again After tragedy strikes she is in a very dark place and this leads us to the letter she would write himHe is stirred by a faint memory like a piece of familiar music playing in the distance of a forgotten dreamWith much heartbreak Zweig simply writes of a lovesick heart resulting in one of the most emotive stories I ve read It lingered around for days in my head and I was genuinely moved by it

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Summary Ù Brief einer Unbekannten 108 Tente es una mujer desesperada dispuesta a declararle antes de morir su amor secreto y casi obsesivo escondido durant. IMPRESIONANTE

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