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Summary ç Bolder AUTHOR Carl Honoré 107 characters Bolder AUTHOR Carl Honoré Ife In other words we need to learn to re imagine our approach to later life Emboldening ourselves in older age demands big structural changes For a start we will have to tear up the old script that locks us into devoting the early part of our life to education the middle chunk to working and raising kids and whatever is left over at the end to leisure In an age inappropriate world these silos will dissolve We'll embrace the idea that we can carry on learning from start to finish; that we can work less and devote time to family leisure and giving back to our co From BBC Radio 4 Book of the weekHow do we make the most of our longer livesJournalist Carl Honor brought the Slow Movement to wider attention with his book In Praise of Slow Now he charts a major shift in our approach to ageing as he meets the revolutionaries who are inspiring us to live better for longerRead by Darren BoydAbriged by Eileen HorneProduced by Eilidh McCreadiehttpswwwbbccoukprogrammesm000

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Summary ç Bolder AUTHOR Carl Honoré 107 characters Bolder AUTHOR Carl Honoré Carl Honor captured the zeitgeist with his international bestseller In Praise of Slow Now he tackles another rising global movement our revolutionary new approach to a human inevitability ageing A revolution in how we age is on its way Yes ageing is inevitable one year from now we will all be a year older; that will never change What can and will change is how we age and how we can all take a much bolder approach to doing it with vigour and joy The time has come to cast off prejudices and to blur the lines of what is possible and permissible at every stage of l I ll be honest This book didn t do much for me The author says that he wrote the book because he felt ashamed or constrained by the numbers on his birth certificate If you feel that way you may very well find the book to be of value If you don t you won t I don tJust to preface my comments I m 71 survived 2 potentially lethal cancers and read the book during a 4000km trip to organise my brother s funeral and affairs after he died last week So I think I am reasonably aware of ageingThe book has a couple of uotes which will save you reading the whole thing namely we contain all the ages we have ever been and we all age differently Combine that with the knowledge that remaining curious keeps us younger and

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Summary ç Bolder AUTHOR Carl Honoré 107 characters Bolder AUTHOR Carl Honoré Mmunities in our middle years; and that we can remain active and engaged in our later years Carl Honor has travelled the globe speaking to influential figures who are bucking preconceived notions of age whether at work or in their personal lives He looks at the cultural medical and technological developments that are opening new possibilities for us all Bolder is a radical re think of our approach to everything from education healthcare and work to design relationships and politics An essential and inspiring read for everyone interested in our collective future A nice collections of anecdotes and researchbasically the book is a reminder if you need one that you don t have to stop being you as you get older And I speak as a person who has enjoyed every decade of my life so far and anticipate enjoying three or four

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