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summary Along the Ribbonwood Track free read Along the Ribbonwood Track ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Mary Moore ☆ 6 free read You were advised not to come Craig had told Joanne when she arrived at the New Zealand Farm she h. Blonde bubbly heroine from England travels to New Zealand to claim her inheritance of a farm on the South Island Heroine had been orphaned at age ten and didn t know she had any living relatives Her grandfather a recluse tracked her down but sadly died before she could contact himHero is the heroine s closest neighbor and is grumpily unimpressed with the young beautiful optimistic heroine He had told her not to come that the farm was sadly neglected and the house a hovel Heroine has two hundred pounds and she decides to spend some of her small hoard on paint for the hovel Hero at first doesn t get that the heroine hasn t had a proper home but he eventually helps her in his own gruff wayIf love is a verb hero shows it by his actions Even from the first tense encounter when he picks her up at the airport he still buys her a meal puts a hat on her head and stops so heroine can swim He lets her sleep in his manager s house make sure she eats he writes breakfast in chalk on the walkway to his house and buys linoleum for her kitchen For the heroine this linoleum is diamonds and pearls Sadly an arsonist burns the house to the ground the night before the heroine can move inHero asks the heroine to marry him that night and in her shock she says yes The next morning she has a change of heart and turns him down A neighbor family takes her in and heroine soon starts to feel at home and happy again Unfortunately we don t see as much of the heroAt first I was thrown at this abrupt change in the story since the narrative had been confined to just Hh interactions But the heroine s interactions with a family and 2 OMs reveal her character and how the hero really is right one for her She isn t using him as a substitute family since she found a family on her own She doesn t need all the slick compliments of one OM or the friendship of the other she just needs the hero Because I had such regard for this heroine I was truly happy for her HEA with the hero who will remain sternly practical while smiling indulgently at the heroine

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Along the Ribbonwood Track

summary Along the Ribbonwood Track free read Along the Ribbonwood Track ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Mary Moore ☆ 6 free read Ig was lead to do his best to make Joanne sellout but something made her eually determined to sta. What s totally delightful heroine I just loved her She inherits her grandfather s dilapidated farm in New Zealand and nothing can stop her enthusiasm for finally having her own home She is upbeat and optimistic so much so that the Hero thinks she is foolhardy and impetuous He starts off disliking her since he is under a misapprehension but soon after he just can t resist her charm He constantly finds himself helping her out and being caught up in her good humour She sees potential in her hovel of a house she sees her flowers when her farm is full of weeds and she sees her livestock as pets She is totally unsuited to be a farmer but this doesn t stop her The reader can see the exasperation of the H but he just can t help being smittenNothing gets her down until a totally random act of vandalism almost destroys her dreams I felt so bad for her misfortune The story would have been a solid 5 star read except at the last 20% where it dwells on her relationship with another family than with the Hero and it sort of peters out from there until the HEA

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summary Along the Ribbonwood Track free read Along the Ribbonwood Track ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Mary Moore ☆ 6 free read Ad inherited to which she replied I was never madly good at taking advice It was obvious that Cra. It isn t every day that a Harleuin makes me laugh out loud NON ironically but Mary Moore s wonderfully humorous pastoral romance set at a New Zealand sheep farming community did just thatSure the heroine was a Mary Sue but she was not annoying at all because her sense of humor was so sparkling in every situation especially the way she teased and bantered with the surly ogre that the hero was at the beginning So many memorable comical scenes as she tries to renovate the decrepit hovel that she inherited from her grandfather while the hero watches alternatively seething with frustration and then with grudging admiration The way they communicated with each other by writing in chalk on the ground Her gentle loving handling of the old nag her granddad had left who thought he could get away with pitching her in the air The day she stumbled carrying an old mattress that needed airing out and hero uipped that he was relieved at seeing her because for a second he thought he was being attacked by a slow moving mattress let loose in the field Her optimism at running a farm single handed in the face of hero s best efforts to bring doom and gloom to her outlook This book was chock full of silly slapstick situations that were nevertheless very endearing and enjoyable despite of or precisely because of their simple naive good natured humorThe light mood lifted the sadder parts of the plot There is a lot of sadness and bleakness in heroine s background story as well as several really heartbreaking things that happen to her during her whimsical stay in New Zealand view spoilerThe farm she has lovingly restored being burnt down by an arsonist was a horrible awful turn in the story I was really moved by it because the author succeeded in making me care deeply for and identify with her heroine hide spoiler

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