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  • 05 March 2020
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READ ¶ Manic Pop Thrill Al influences; it can writhe with addictive fervor Felder broadly defines alternative as a twisting of musical conventions and listener expectations in a variety of ways She explores this variety band by band and categorizes them by recognizable sound patterns Miasma bands British and American Guitar bands Grebo bands Feedback bands Art Industrial and Goth bands and other associated sub genres She discusses regional differences under each category and the societal forces that affect the evolution of alternative sound trends Discussions of punk bands from the 70s such as The Sex Pistols The Clash and The Smiths provide historical context for t As uickly as the musical landscape changes particularly the alternative musical landscape it seems almost futile to write a book about it However Ms Felder has done an admirable job in chronicling a scene or two or three in its momentWritten before Kurt Cobain s death the book presents a fine introduction to that present state of alternative music by not only introducing bands from diverse alternative schools bands like My Bloody Valentine Nirvana and Ned s Atomic Dustbin to name but a few but also by comparing their approach to making music with the approaches of artists in other fields like film and painting as well as literatureIf at the time of this book s publication you were trying to help someone unfamiliar with the alternative scene understand its stance and

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READ ¶ Manic Pop Thrill R's contributions to Rolling Stone and other state of the art music publications It is often the case that deep seated social and political problems trigger radical artistic responses Felder notes that whereas top 40 culture tends to ignore and anesthetize problems with simplistic lyrics and glitzy production hype the response of alternative musicians is immediate and raw and draws fans who are dissatisfied with status uo musical expression Alternative music makes congruent statements pop music doesn't have to be safe and lightweight and disposable it can roar and seethe with real emotions and problems; it can envelop diverse musical and soci While this book provides an excellent overview of alternative music in the 1980 s and 1990 s Felder s writing style leaves a lot to be desired She often repeats the same points over and over sometimes verbatim utilizes vague half baked references to other art forms to make her point and relies on tired cliches about how real and authentic rock music is compared to pop Felder also tends to dismiss bands and genres she doesn t care for as culturally or musically insignificant as if she is simply being objective and pointing out the facts to her audience Much of her argument deals with how alternative music is an expression of the postmodern as it was conceived of by the social critic Fredric Jameson but she rarely fleshes out the how or the why of this point often assu

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READ ¶ Manic Pop Thrill Ten years ago a phenomenon labeled alternative music defined a broad genre of cutting edge rock and roll that attracted a small cult following Today so called alternative bands such as Pearl Jam and Jesus Jones sell millions of records around the world and claim an enormous fan base Manic Pop Thrill gives a thorough and satisfying account of the alternative music industry its roots its vast range of bands and its considerable impact on fashion and culture uestions of why and how key bands such as Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine have influenced their fans are addressed with the conversational ease and obvious experience that marks Rachel Felde Whoo what a trip down memory lane I just wish the book was better A lot better And accurate Chapter Two Miasma Bands should have just been called the My Bloody Valentine chapter Most of the chapter is all about MBV with just a cursory review of other shoegaze bands the last few pages Also I cannot forgive Felder for being so dismissive of Slowdive s Just For A Day LP Chapter Three British Guitar Bands Kitchens of Distinction is a shoegaze band not a Guitar Band Chapter Four American Guitar Bands is one of the balanced chapters but could also have been called the Sonic Youth is Art chapter C mon they re a fucking rock bandChapter Five Grebo Bands What the fuck is a Grebo band I read the chapter and still am not sure The odd thing is I like many of the bands she ref