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FREE DOWNLOAD Â Christmas Sonata He two cousins say there is no Santa Claus and in a grand gesture that is nothing short of a Christmas miracle he restores the children's faith in the spirit of the season From the Trade Paperback edition It s very much in the same realm as The Polar Express but it sits entirely within the world of Minnesota during World War II There is no fantasy This is a story of true feelings real belief and the inexplicably magical memories of Christmas that we can allow ourselves to create It s maybe sappy sure but all the best Christmas stories are anyway Spoiler I ll give you the final bit It was him for each and every Christmas of each and every year that I have lived since then and will still be him for each and every year that I have yet remaining It was him

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FREE DOWNLOAD Â Christmas Sonata A young boy and his mother spend Christmas 1943 with relatives in northern Minnesota while his father is fighting in the war in Europe  They take a long journey by train to a snowy land of vast frozen l Minnesota winter is as frigid and beautiful as in any Gary Paulsen novel in A Christmas Sonata a short story intended to restore faith in the magic of the Christmas season It s just the young boy and his mother this yuletide the boy s father having shipped out to the battlefields of Europe to lend a hand to the Allied cause for World War II This Christmas feels different for the boy after he happened upon Mr Henderson a grouchy old neighbor in their apartment complex dressed as good St Nick He could hardly believe this curmudgeon to be the real Santa Claus but Mr Henderson said he was and after mulling that over for some time the boy concluded there is no Santa Claus Yet he s hesitant when his mother suggests they go stay with his Uncle Ben Aunt Marilyn and cousin Matthew in northern Minnesota for the holiday If crotchety Mr Henderson is Santa would he be willing to hitch his reindeer and travel way up north to deliver the boy s presents With this concern swirling in the boy s head he and his mother take the eight hour train ride to see their relatives and are warmly welcomed by Uncle Ben and Aunt Marilyn into their general storehouse that extends out over a frozen lake on a dock It may be minus thirty degrees Fahrenheit outside but the stove heats the house s interior nicely and with the exception of the boy s father the family is all together Matthew two years older than our main character is terminally ill and his parents have him set up in bed in his room to keep him comfortable The salty language Matthew uses when his parents aren t in the room intrigues the boy who isn t clear on what it means to die or where Matthew will go after he does He learns that Matthew too knows there isn t a Santa Claus Who would believe a childish fantasy like that Uncle Ben is saddened to hear his dying son s cynicism and tells him there is a real Santa Claus whether he believes in the jolly old fellow or not Our main character s mother informs her son that Santa exists if you want him to strongly enough if you have faith he s out there and cares about you The boy relays this statement to Matthew but rather than fire off his typical sardonic retort Matthew uietly admits he wants it to be true He s afraid of dying and if there s nothing to believe in during this lifetime why should he hold out hope for the next Could the boys combined belief spark Kris Kringle into existence As Matthew s condition deteriorates and it becomes obvious this will be his final Christmas on earth his younger cousin clings to his own shaky belief in Santa Matthew s distraught parents want their son s holiday to be an occasion to remember but nothing short of meeting the real Santa Claus could change Matthew s mindset regarding Christmas Is his little cousin s timid faith enough to cover Matthew as well as himself A single night of the impossible occurring before one s eyes has a way of lasting a lifetime uestions explanations and doubts about the magic can never uite eclipse the fact that one s childlike faith was rewarded that the magic worked just as it was supposed to for one glorious night The fulfilled expectation of a child s holiday wonder is a memory that will never diminish even after the child is gone A Christmas Sonata is a brief story the paperback copy I read is seventy six pages and illustrated but its emotion rings out clean and pure like a glass bell and the ending s soulful affirmation in contrast to its sadness is vintage Gary Paulsen There are insights throughout the narrative for thoughtful readers such as the way the boy s mother almost constantly cooks with Aunt Marilyn soup and cookies and cake He asks his mother why she s perpetually preparing food and she responds Because your father isn t here which makes no sense to the boy Sometimes we do things like cook to keep ourselves occupied when we re stressed worried or grieving and while the boy s mother aches to forget the peril her husband faces in Europe Aunt Marilyn has already entered the grieving process over Matthew even though he s still alive We cook at a frantic pace and produce far food than we need but to sit idly with our thoughts is than we can bear so we turn our sadness into pastries Those who have felt trapped beneath heavy emotions will identify with the boy s mother and Aunt Marilyn A Christmas Sonata is less powerful than Gary Paulsen s great works but I d give it two and a half stars The story basks in the season s enchantment without compromising realism and that s a hard combination to resist I hope it brightens children s holidays for a long time to come

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FREE DOWNLOAD Â Christmas Sonata Akes deep and sparkling cold and the most magical Christmas tree the boy has ever seen  He knows this will be the last Christmas he will spend with his cousin who is dying  The boy's uncle overhears t I read A Christmas Sonata by Gary Paulsen I thought this was a good book but that was filled with childhood wonder This book made me full of Christmas joy I liked this book along with other of Gary Paulsen s books This book started off as a boy who spent Christmas with his mother He didn t believe in Santa Clause and always asked uestions about him Him and his mother went on a train ride and explored Europe His cousin was very sick and they knew that he would die and that this would have been his last Christmas The boy felt really bad about his cousin so he wished to Santa and a Christmas miracle happened and the boys cousin was cured and he survived I would recommend this book to both males and females around the age of 6 12 and that they read this book around Christmas time I feel that it would fill them with the Christmas joy and they would feel happy and warm

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