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Free read Le Comte de Monte Cristo í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This extraordinary volume contains SIX NOVELS about the Count of Monte CristoWe start with the amazing original The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas the most sold romance of 19th century Europe with good reason the novel is extraordinary and is considered a literary classic today and the character is part of the Collective Unconscious of HumanityThen for the first time in one volume we are proud to present on top of the o. Spoiler alertFirst make sure you find a copy that is unabridged Most editions in English ARE abridged but usually don t say they are Not sure if this Penguin edition is it s not the one i read Readers generally think of this as a tale of revenge For me it was much deeper I m not a religious person at all but for me this is a book that makes you uestion the existence of God or a god Edmond Dantes is without flaw a truly good person and his life is ruined because a others envy him and b he was the victim of an unfortunate coincidence Even when he escapes prison and finds a monumental treasure it is years before he finds peace I dont think he ever finds happiness The uestions it raises are why are good people so often punished by horrible tragedies when truly bad people are so often able to float through life with all the rewards that this world can bestow The other uestion Dantes spends much of his life after prison seeking the people who tossed into the oubliette not to get revenge but to punish them He believes he is the angel of god and that he has been freed from prison so he can do god s will by punishing these evil men But as he proceeds in his uest he begins to uestion whether any man can actually be the angel of god whether it s a sign of mania or even insanity to think you can possibly know what is god s will In the end evil is punished and it is because of wheels that Dantes sets in motion But I don t think he is ever able to know if he is just another man seeking to ruin other men or if he is in fact the angel of god It s a uestion that as a journalist I try to always remember we are none of us the angel of god All we can do is try to live the best life we can and not decide who deserves to be punished or even ruined

Free download Le Comte de Monte CristoLe Comte de Monte Cristo

Free read Le Comte de Monte Cristo í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Lete Works of Alexandre Dumas Today than a century after we know that the seuels were not written by Dumas and the authors have been identified However the plots the characters the fact that they give us MORE of Monte Cristo make them eually enjoyableHere they are FIVE SEUELSThe Countess of Monte CristoJean Charles Du BoysEdmond DantèsMonte Cristo’s DaughterEdmund FlaggThe Wife of Monte CristoThe Son of Monte CristoJules Lermi. The Count Of Monte Cristo is the story that teaches us an important moral lessonREVENGE IS FUNI ve said it before I ll say it again Audiobooks are the only way to go if you re not the sort of reader who likes to read all the shitty filler and crunchy dialogue that normally comes with classic booksFor those of you who think that classics are so much better than anything written in your own lifetime please don t take offense I m only talking to the peasants out there like me who prefer action movies with big explosions to Oscar winning stories aboutwell whatever Oscar winning stories are aboutOk so I listened to the unabridged version by Blackstone AudiobooksNarrator John Lee this guy did a FABULOUS jobDuration 471757 holy fuckAnother thing to keep in mind is that this book was serialized in a newspaper This means instead of getting the euivalent of a 2 hour movie you re getting the euivalent of a tv show that ran for 9 seasons or something This thing was the soap opera of its daySo yes There s shit in here that could have easily been chopped outAlso if you ve seen the 2002 movie The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel Guy Pearce and young Superman Well then the actual story will come as uite a surprise to you except for the names and general ideas zero things are the same Seriously Both were good but I kind of prefer the move ending if I m being uite honest Still the book had soooo much delicious scheming backstabbing and grifter style revenge than the movie didSo Yeah I guess I m tornOk the gist is that this super nice guy Edmond Dant s who has everything going for him true love wonderful father job promotion gets set up by a few petty people who want various things he has And then the poor dude gets well and truly fucked by random bad luck and a dirty prosecutorAnyway in a truly over the top fun way Ed becomes an expert in everything to exact his vengeance on everyone who wronged him Of course he goes a bit too far and loses himself then gets pulled back and finds himself again But it s all the shit in between that s so much fun to see Plus it all gets wrapped up with a big happy bow by a beautiful 19 year old ex princess at the endLike I mentioned it is an incredibly unrealistic story that unfolds in the wackiest ways possible I was hearing the theme music to Mission Impossible when he was snatching off disguises doling out harmless advice about untraceable poisons and shooting a revolver like he was a sniper with a red dot sight I laughed so hard at the thought of him shooting the numbers on playing cards with such precision that he could turn one number into another Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense Dumas And yetIt was still awesome And so much fun to listen toYeah there s stuff in here that s just a product of its time and doesn t make the transition to modern day very well but on the whole it holds up so much better than a lot of the other classics you might be tempted to read Towards the end I was giving the universal wrap it up sign to Alexandre but I m pretty sure he didn t see me because he dragged the conclusion out a lot longer than neededEven so I m giving it 5 stars for not boring the shit out of me PS I ve heard tell there s an abridged version of this story out there If audiobooks aren t your jam then that could be a viable option if you are interested in reading this but don t have the patience to deal with all the crusty bits that don t need to be there

Free download å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Alexandre Dumas

Free read Le Comte de Monte Cristo í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Riginal FIVE SEUELS to Monte CristoThe story about these seuels is no less complex the success of Monte Cristo was so outstanding that soon publishers in Europe and America began publishing seuels These seuels were always published under the name Alexandre Dumas and were uite good In fact there was a point at the beginning of last century when there was so much confussion that some of the seuels were published as part of the Comp. you know the classic uestion if you were stranded on a deserted island which books would you want to have well TCOMC is my answer without a doubt not only would the 1000 pages which are full of the most masterfully crafted and deceptively clever plotlines known to humanity provide hours upon hours of entertainment but it would also be a massive inspiration to search for hidden treasure i am living for a reality where i sit on my hoard of wealth plan the ultimate revenge against my enemies and wait to be rescued as if my strandedness was my decision all along because thats the kind of self confidence edmond would want for me followed by the inevitable self actualisation that forgiveness patience and hope are the best ualities a person can have this story is definitely in my top five favourite books of all time but edmond dant s is the best character i have ever read i can think of no other character who i have connect to bonded with or empathised for he will always have special place in my heart and on my bookshelf 3 5 stars

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