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  • The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears
  • Dinaw Mengestu
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  • 24 June 2018
  • 9781448705887

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The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears free read ☆ 6 Ntinent Years ago and worlds away Sepha could never have imagined a life of such isolation As his environment begins to change hope comes in the form of a friendship with new neighbors Judith and Naomi a white woman and her biracial daughter But when a series of racial incidents disturbs the community Sepha may lose everything all over agai. Rating 425 of fiveHow wonderful it is to find a first novel that feels so accomplished and tells such an engrossing story I can t imagine that real enjoyable talent is becoming rarer in a world that contains such elouent proofs of its healthMengestu tells the story of three friends African immigrants all who meet in Washington DC for so long the home territory of nativist sentiment in our republic of exclusion I don t think a recap of the plot will help anyone decide whether or not to buy the book because its outlines are simple Men seeking material success in the motherland of same are thwarted and through effort and good fortune succeed at things they weren t looking to succeed attemporarilyA fire plays a major role in completing the story and since I am currently seeing a fireman that caught my eye It s not to my surprise used as a pat plot device but imbued with a real sense of the inevitability of sadness loss and change in the entwined lives of three lovely characters Naomi to name but one is a heartbreakingly well observed actor in the piece despite her tender years and Judith her mother is such a deftly drawn conflicted real person that I was tempted to look her up in the phone book as for Sepha he can come stay with me until things get better That s the kind of connection Mengestu s characters call forth in me and I hope in you tooBravo Dinaw Mengestu Thanks Writewell publish soon please Recommended for all readers of fiction

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The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears free read ☆ 6 Awards Include Finalist for the Young Lions Fiction Award Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for First Fiction Winner of the Guardian First Book Prize New York Times Notable Book Winner of the National Book Foundation's 5 Under 35 Award Recipient of a Lannan Literary Fellowship Winner of the Prix du Premier Roman Named the Seattl. wow what a compact melancholy little novel written in overlapping layers as the narrator grapples with what has become of his life it s almost like a snowglobe of sadness isolation regret and loss shake it and you see fragments of Sepha s family life in Addis Ababa shake it again and you see fragments of his friendship with two other African immigrants apparently his only close and sustained friendships in America shake it yet again you see him navigate with poignancy a new friendship with the biracial daughter of the white woman who moved into the neighborhood and you see him navigate his complex feelings of attraction to the white woman shake it again and you see the complexity of a typical DC neighborhood left to rot after the 1968 riots and struggling now with creeping gentrification Sepha is not really one of the people of the neighborhood despite having lived there for a long time and the white woman Judith definitely is not Judith is part of the scorned they in the neighborhood where i lived in DC for eight years they myself included even though i bought my house before gentrification took off and i failed to renovate until i wanted to move were called new people which always made me laugh because it only ever referred to white people a black person moving in to the neighborhood and fixing up a house was never called new people The Logan Circle that Mengestu described through Sepha s story rang true with me and made me wish we had such literary gems about DC We have an overabundance of spy thrillers crime thrillers voyeuristic tales about the movers and shakers in government lobby firms white shoe law firms etcwhich turns DC into a bit of a caricature DC is so much than that it s a small city that happens to hold the seat of government but it s full of neighborhoods full of normal everyday people who cover the spectrum of socio economic status from chronically homeless and possibly psychotic to large populations of immigrants working three jobs to black or white middle class to ridiculously wealthy white or black the neighborhoods of DC have been rather segregated for decades now but something happened in the late 1990s that turned the tide broken down neighborhoods that had been neglected for nearly two generations suddenly became desirable Disenfranchised people suddenly found themselves threatened with dispossession if not dispossessed Young middle class people priced out of appropriate neighborhoods see a chance to live in the city and become part of it but have to struggle with invisible barriers they don t understand Developers and the Office of Tax and Revenue see a grand opportunity in some cases razing entire neighborhoods that had been the home of entrenched open air drug markets for at least twenty years in order to build beautiful modern office buildings high scale apartments and condos and a new baseball stadium Mengestu captures this dynamic in a subtle frank way that left me wishing that writers would take the time to write about this DC

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The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears free read ☆ 6 E Reads Selection of 2008 Seventeen years ago Sepha Stephanos fled the Ethiopian Revolution for a new start in the United States Now he finds himself running a failing grocery store in a poor African American section of Washington DC his only companions two fellow African immigrants who share his bitter nostalgia and longing for his home co. This is an excellent book On its surface it s about the immigrant experience but it delves deeper and achieves a universality which is much profound Anyone who has ever experienced the dislocation of not belonging to a time or place can relate to this story Despite socio economic differences these characters share a struggle to be part of something greater than themselves This individual striving to belong assumes socio political implications as the plot enfolds Social unrest in a gentrifying neighborhood in Washington DC mirrors the horrors of revolutionary Africa And for those who are straddling between those worlds nothing can erase their sense of alienation That their stories play out in the US capital makes this an especially gripping tale of life in America in its waning days of dominance in the world