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Sunlight review ß eBook or Kindle ePUB Hope’s new heart flutter wildly And with Callum’s help she just might lick this curse thingOnce she stops licking Callum’s muscles of courseThis novella 26000 words – about 100 pages contains explicit scenes a strange fairy godmother and some unusual light bondage pla. I liked this story Muffin s clearly unhinged and weird and a pretty poor excuse for a fairy godmother and I still don t like her but Hope was a pretty good sport about it all and cheerful and I just couldn t help but like her It was still short and rushed of course but that was to be expected and I didn t let it diminish my enjoyment Overall it was a sweet story with a good HEA

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Sunlight review ß eBook or Kindle ePUB She’s free to live out the rest of her days in Scotland in her new bodyThere’s a few problems of course For one her hair is enchanted to grow at the slightest hint of sunlight And her handsome prince Not so handsome But he’s accompanied by a big burly Scotsman who makes. I like the plot to this one and I like how she changes it from the dude coming to the girl s world and has the girl go to the guy s world It didn t go like I thought it would which is a good thing I liked the character she seemed real and cool and she didn t give up on breaking the curse even when her man left She s strong character who is in a great book with a lovely twist on the Rapunzel theme

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Sunlight review ß eBook or Kindle ePUB Born with a bad heart Hope Smith never thought she’d have any kind of life Then again she never imagined waking up in a medieval tower with her fairy godmother hovering over herHope’s been given a new lease on life – if she can figure out the curse on the maiden Rapunzel. The ending kind of let this one down a little I just didn t like that view spoilerthere was a uick confrontation with Muffin and then all of a sudden she s free of a curse because she wants to be hide spoiler

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