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Snow White and The Huntsman

Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Evan Daugherty Evan Daugherty ò 9 Summary Snow White and The Huntsman Read & download ☆ 9 Hreatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman who was dispatched to kill her I m beginning to think that books based on movies are forever doomed From last year s Red Riding Hood to this new gothic fairy tale remake these types of books are setting the bar excruciatingly low for their kindI want to begin this review by saying that I have not yet seen the Snow White and the Huntsman movie I do plan to see it when it comes out on DVD I ve actually heard great things about it which is why I picked up the book in the first place Unfortunately the book sucksI mean Blake s writing is really good Her gothic style is uite gripping and her imagery is lovely But what good is a finely crafted tool that writes empty messagesThe characterization in Snow White and the Huntsman is horribly poor The only definitive ualities we are given to attribute to Snow I m calling her Snow despite the book s lack of this apparent nickname are her courage her mysteriousness and the fact that she slants her eyes when she s angry I would add her scrawny physiue to this list she s been locked up in a tower for 10 years but she apparently develops high endurance and stamina after escaping her prison because she traipses through the Dark Forest for days and fights off huge monstersThe Huntsman is no better I don t understand why Snow holds him in such high regards it s not like he has much going for him Let s review his ualities shall we He s a drunk He can track animals Oh and he s saved Snow White s life a few times He s also almost killed her but that s beyond the point isn t itNow the evil ueen she s something else If Ravenna wants something she makes every attempt to get it paying no heed to the conseuences of her actions Her motivations are crystal clear her cruel personality is well shaped and she is most certainly Snow White and the Huntsman s best developed character I could have used a little less evil laughing but I still believe that she is the highest point of this novel And you know it s a bad sign when I m rooting for the bad guyBlake s protagonists are not the only element of hers that fell flat her plot was also very disappointing I think that the reason I m so angry about this is because it held so much promise The ideas which she had to go on were amazing I m told that the movie s plot is flawless and I feel as though if she would have developed it just a bit Snow White and the Huntsman would have been that much better Its measly 200 pages are certainly not enough to do it justiceDid I mention the fact that Snow White and the Huntsman s ending is awful Because it is Let me put you in context here Blake has a bit of a love triangle going on between Snow the Huntsman and a certain childhood friend Now in the last chapter Snow White clearly chooses which option she prefers However this option leaves in a self deprecating type way and Snow just lets him go She just lets him go without even telling him of her feelings for him Where is that decided evil ueen when you need herI m giving Snow White and the Huntsman 295 stars It had so much potential but failed to measure up to its expectations lacking real characters a decent ending and the imaginative plot details trademarked by YA novels More reviews at wwwwhatyareadingcomI ll keep you postedAna

Summary Snow White and The Huntsman

Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Evan Daugherty Evan Daugherty ò 9 Summary Snow White and The Huntsman Read & download ☆ 9 Evil ueen who is out to destroy her But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman t I so wish this book was better I wish it was 200 pages longer and written with detailAlas it is not soFull review this afternoon Such disappointment Wow

Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Evan Daugherty

Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ò Evan Daugherty Evan Daugherty ò 9 Summary Snow White and The Huntsman Read & download ☆ 9 A breathtaking new vision of a legendary tale Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the I have no idea why I wanted to read this book I just saw the cover and felt like I had to do it Are they trying to brainwash me uick bring me my tin foil helmet Snow White and the Huntsman comes as a pretty good concept I like the idea of the Raven ueen the creepy forest the Huntsman coughchrishemsworthcough and Snow White being finally useful But imagine having to sueeze all this in 200 give or take pages It feels hurried Many scenes end up shortened stiff and uninteresting The character development is nowhere to be found It just ruined everything for meBut thinking about it I don t think the fault can totally fall on the book s length I ve read Neil Gaiman s Coraline recently and it was half of Snow White and the Huntsman s length It did not feel hurried at all In fact it was uite fascinating So this makes me turn the blame on the author Authors Lily Blake Evan Daugherty John Lee Hancock and Hossein AminiWhatWhy in the name of all that is pure do you need four authors for this book I really fail to understand the role of everyone And I m too lazy to do research So whatever My point is that the book is too simplistic and I could never think that four authors worked on itI was tricked into being excited about the illustrations I was supposed to encounter throughout the book I love this type of chapter art But guess what You get only three illustrations This one another chapter design which is not interesting at all and some cute ravens at the beginning of the book The rest Nada So there goes my excitement for the illustrationsRemember what I said at the beginning of my review Snow White being finally useful Guess what She s not First of all she has no personality whatsoever She has no spark She s a blob She s a Mary Sue She s frail and yet at the end of the book she fights alongside her army Bitch pleaseShe feels like a plastic doll that blushes from time to time That s all that Snow White is Try comparing this to Jim C Hines The Stepsister SchemeYou can t That s my pointThe only good thing in this book is Chris Erm I mean Eric Yeah This has nothing to do with my crush on Chris Hemsworth Nothing at allI think they forgot to print the epilogue thoughHa Of course they didn t forget to print it Because it smells so much like a seuel Snow White and the Huntsman is a total waste of time If you really want to read it then go ahead But don t say that you were not warnedPS If it ended this way I would have given it an extra star Ask a cool author to write the story and it would get another extra star Make Snow White a kickass heroine and you get a fucking five star book