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Summary ↠ Save Riley Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MIZKC2 The first time is always the sweetestRiley is a daydreamer who works in a bookshop She lives a lonely life and enjoys every moment of it Title Save RileyAuthor Yolanda OlsonSeries or Standalone StandaloneRating 2 Stars ReviewSave Riley is considered a dark new adult erotic romance told from dual point of views but primarily for the first half is told from the female main character I m not sure it s in the right categories as far as and Goodreads go but for the sake of argument that s what I m going to list it as in the review Having written painful subjects such as sexual abuse and suicide though in a much different way than this book I m no stranger to subjects that are a little hard to read about It s why I picked this book up to begin with I will read anything give it a chance good or bad The author having put their time and energy into it means I wouldn t have it any other way I did not go into this book blind At least not entirely I went in with the knowledge that it was going to be dark I m just also the first to admit that I had no idea just how dark Before I delve into my overall thoughts on the book I will mention the things that really did stand out The things that gave this review stars The writing style by the author It s fantastic Very clean concise and easy to follow Even the pacing was fantastic Brilliant actually It all moved very uickly though for me it moved a little too uickly at the very beginning Around the 20% mark So kudos to the author for those things She s also extremely gifted at writing an absolute psycho So in that regard my hat is off to her as a writer because with what I pulled from reading this book she nailed it The process for that though I gotta say I don t think I envy her The mindset she would have had to dive into in order to make it appear the way it did just wow So if I liked all of those things about the book why is the rating the way it is Well here s where I tell you but also say that this is my personal and honest opinion of what I read and should be looked at with a grain of salt if really intense dark reads are your type of thing I should have seen at the 25% mark what kind of book this would be but the blurb read it folks already gives you a pretty good look at what you re in for It really does So I kept going because given that the title of the book was named Save Riley I had to figure that in the end that is exactly what would have happened Someone would have come for this poor girl turned things around or even that there would have been a moment of clarity for the hero and he would have changed the way things were happening None of that happened None of it I suppose in the end with how the book ended she was indeed saved but not in the way you would expect her to be in a romance Even a dark romance or one that s erotic There was nothing remotely romantic about this There is no HEA This didn t even feel fictional to me It felt real Imagine being in the room watching these unspeakable things happening to a girl by a twisted guy and being frozen and unable to do anything to stop it but wanting to reach out call the cops bring an end to it That was me reading this It was a graphic look at a lot of the stuff you see on the news and I suppose for me personally that s the one horror I can t standRape Torture Murder among a bunch of other truly horrendous and unspeakable things take place within this book and it was just too much for me to take It still is days later Maybe that s what makes a good book for people but for me personally reliving the horror I read about in a book days after isn t Maybe I m just defective though Who knowsI initially felt for the victim Riley heroine I did because what she found herself in was truly heartbreaking and my heart went out to her but by the end I had no respect for her couldn t understand her motivations because it wasn t Stockholm running this girl and I just wanted her done Jax was the same way Not one redeeming uality about him Loathed him the entire way through but the worst part for me had to be the big reveal of his motivations and what really drives him at 80 85% of the way through Too late I might have been able to buy some form of redemption in this had it been attempted earliermaybe but waiting that long to give a reason for it No way It doesn t fly for me I just wanted that psycho locked up or dead at that point I m all for shock value I am but this might have taken it a bit far Anyone who reads this review and feels as though they still want to take the chance which I would never tell you not to do unless I know it s not your thing for sure proceed with caution that s all I got You may find it works for you It just didn t for me

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Summary ↠ Save Riley Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S his most devious desires with her The one he always wanted The one he has watched for so long Meet Jaxton Whitlock; the sexually devious and insanely polite intellectual who finally has what he wanted Rile The first time is always the sweetest Rileys life maybe lonely but she loves it She works in a book store that she loves A chance encounter with a sexy friendly foreigner leads to things she never thought were possible Drugged kidnapped and taken back to his native country she finds herself fighting for her life as he explores his most devious desires with her Jaxton Whitlock is a sexually devious and insanely polite intellectual who finally has what he has always wanted for so long RileyI can t believe that just happened This book didn t end in the way I thought it was going to I was sure I knew how the book was going to end but man did I get a huge surprise I loved the fact I was wrong about the ending and a lot of other things All of my uestions were answered by the end of the story I can t wait to see what Yolanda has planned for her fans next I read this book in one sitting It was that I was that engrossed in the story I couldn t put it down Jaxton seemed to be one way in the beginning but you watch how he changes toward the end Riley didn t change as much but she changed a little I really enjoyed this story It was completely different than anything I have read in a long time I can t wait to find out what Yolanda releases next I highly recommend this book

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Summary ↠ Save Riley Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A chance encounter with a sexy friendly foreigner leads to things she never thought were possible Drugged kidnapped and taken back to his native country she finds herself fighting for her life as he explore 3 Inner Heroine StarsI don t know why I didn t like this one It had everything I like in a book It was dark complicated had a strong but screwed up heroine and one very screwed up guy So why didn t I love it I wanted to but I couldn t make myself feel for it Don t let me influence you There are lots of people who are drooling over this one I wanted to drool but I couldn t work up even a good spit What s wrong with me I wanted on the band wagon Damn it

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