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  • 23 November 2019
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Read à Playing Doctor Fandom Hearts #5 104 Cressida Frost is in a bind The home and business she shares with her sisters are in jeopardy as the landlord threatens to sell the property out from under them Her only hope is to win a four million dollar treasure hunt prize buy the house and save Frost Fandoms Bookstore and Collectible Shop The only hitch in her plan as an agoraphobic the thought of traveling across multiple states to fin. Just ok Cressida a fun character Noah meh Would have been much better if Yardley focused on the uest threw in a few challenges and didn t repeatedly restate things already clear Cressida s agoraphobia Noah s subterfuge the treasure the treasure the treasure Got it these the first two three four times Move the story forward Focus on the fun like the first few books in this series My advice to Ms Yardley Fun concept but re edit this one

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Read à Playing Doctor Fandom Hearts #5 104 E may just blow up in his faceAgreeing to travel together in an RV painted to look like the TARDIS Cressida and Noah both have a lot riding on finding the treasure Working together to overcome her panic attacks and his sense of impending doom they realize that the biggest risk may be to their hearts Will mistrust and betrayal tear them apart or will love prove to be “bigger on the inside?. Cressida has been agoraphobic for years but she has her safe place in her house and she s been taking baby steps venturing outside the house in a friend s RV The only problem is that the landlord wants to sell the house and unless Cressida and her sisters can come up with the money fast they will have to move Cressida will have to brave leaving the house in order to save it She thinks she knows where she can find a hidden treasure that one of her favorite authors left as a treat to his fans Now all Cressida needs is someone to drive her and the RV across several states to find this treasureNoah has been a fan of Cressida and the treasure hunt for years He spends his free time looking for the treasure All that money could fund schooling for him to be a doctor and take some of the pressure off his hard working immigrant mother Nobody has gotten closer to finding the treasure than Cressida Noah has always wanted to meet her but never took action until the son of the famous author threatens to report Noah s mother to ICE Noah will put everything aside to save his mother and will say anything and do anything to get Cressida to help him find the treasure They plan to split it 5050 but with both keeping secrets from the other their tenuous trust might not last long enough to see the payoutEvery time I read a book by Yardley I seem to finish the book in one sitting and wish that I had of her books to read The Fandom Hearts series is especially a series I love to read because it s set locally the characters are full of personality and the stories are larger than lifeI loved Cressida s story in this book as well as Noah s story They are both diverse characters Cressida is agoraphobic and Noah is the son of an immigrant I loved that I got to see the difficulties that mental illness and immigration play in this story I think Yardley did justice to her characters and their backgroundsThe treasure hunt aspect gave me D j vu Was I reading about Ready Player One s author Ernest Cline and his treasure hunt for the DeLorean I laughed when Yardley mentioned this specific treasure hunt in the bookThe story was captivating the characters were delightfully diverse and developed and the writing style was flawless I can t wait for the next Fandom Hearts book if there is one

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Read à Playing Doctor Fandom Hearts #5 104 D the prize is than dauntingNoah Sukarno is in over his head When trouble arrives on his doorstep and threatens his family he knows he has to win the treasure hunt prize He and Cressida have known each other for years through the contest fan boards and he knows she is closer than anyone else to finding the treasure However his brilliant plan to volunteer to help her to get closer to the priz. I love the fandom hearts series because it s about women who like cosplaying gaming tv showsI love the dedication to fandoms and I love how the female main characters are described as passionate sexy feminine and strong women I was a bit scared of going into this book because Cressida is a very special lady to me She has mental problems and is afraid of the world outside and I had this fear Will the author be fair to Cressida and the people who are like CressidaI think the author did a great job I started watching Doctor Who when I was around twelve years old Cressida said For someone whose whole life revolved around fear The Doctor was someone I wanted to be He traveled where he wanted to whatever time period or planet or whatever he wanted and he always had his home with him the TARDIS Bigger on the inside as he says He brought his safe zone with him She smiled Kyla had me in mind when they repainted the RV to look like the TARDIS It s my safe zone And it s what s going to let me go on adventures and travel where I want Cressida has had a growth journey via the other books in the series and for her to find a new safe space in her friend s RV is a huge step for her But she hasn t gone that far away in the RV and it s always complicated for her When her house is in danger of being sold she is desperate to find a treasure she s been hunting along with other fans of author Henry Curton who has hidden it somewhere Via the treasure hunt board she has met Noah and when Cressida figure out a clue to the treasure whereabouts it turns out they are as near as they possibly can be Will Cressida be brave and cross the country to find the treasure I love treasure hunts and I loved this story