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My Story Read & Download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Age to Joe DiMaggio In this intimate account of a very public life she tells of her first non consensual sexual experience her romance with the Yankee Clipper and her prescient vision of herself as the kind of girl they found dead in the hall bedroom with an empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand The Ma. Marilyn MonroeJudging by her songs and movies I ve always looked at her as a sex icon I ve never imagined her to be such a deep and wonderful writer I can t believe I m gonna say this but I can tell you that as of this moment this woman has become one of my favorite characters She s become one of my teachersShe taught me a very important lesson not to judge people and to know that when I judge people I actually judge myself When I say Marilyn is a bad person I actually say I m a bad person People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of a mirror instead of a person They didn t see me they saw their own lewd thoughts Then they white masked themselves by calling me the lewd one After I finished this amazing memoir I mourned Marilyn Her entire life especially her childhood was tragic Now when I look at her pictures I see a huge amount of bitterness in her eyes I know now that regardless of her enormous fame she was a very sad personShe was just a little innocent sweet girl who wanted to be happy She didn t know her father and her mother was sent to a mental institution when Marilyn was little Her only family was her aunt Grace this is one of my favorite parts But there was no bitterness in my aunt Her heart remained tender and she believed in God Nearly everybody I knew talked to me about God They always warned me not to offend Him But when Grace talked about God she touched my cheek and said that He loved me and watched over me Remembering what Grace had said I lay in bed at night crying to myself The only One who loved me and watched over me was Someone I couldn t see or hear or touch I highly recommend this book to all of my dear friends RIP Marilyn

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My Story Read & Download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rilyn in these pages is a revelation a gifted intelligent vulnerable woman who was far complex than the unwitting sex siren she portrayed on screen Lavishly illustrated with photos of Marilyn this special book celebrates the life and career of an American icon from the uniue perspective of the icon herself. Supposedly written in her own words and published 10 years after her death in 1962 this is an unfinished account of some of the transitions Norma Jean Mortensen who spent her childhood in a procession of foster homes and unyielding poverty made to become the Marilyn Monroe of legends I haven t read much about Monroe but still found her story to be tragic Elton John s famous tribute to her story Candle In The Wind likens her to a candle in the wind never knowing who to turn to when the rain came in and at least in this story which certainly captures her vulnerability we see that to be true As the continued lyrics say I would have liked to know you but I was just a kid the candle burned out long before the legend ever did The heartbreaking part is that the great acceptance and recognition she so longed for did finally arrive just much too late and for the most part posthumously after her life was cut short at age 36 35 stars

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My Story Read & Download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Written at the height of her fame but not published until over a decade after her death this autobiography of actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe 1926 1962 poignantly recounts her childhood as an unwanted orphan her early adolescence her rise in the film industry from bit player to celebrity and her marri. The story behind My Story the only book credited to Marilyn Monroe is beguiling as almost everything that has orbited the screen sex goddess since her death in 1962 at the age of 36 Published in 1974 by Stein and Day under the title The Unfinished Biography of Marilyn Monroe the book is a collection of anecdotes by Monroe and Hollywood columnist Sidney Skolsky in 1954 to acclaimed screenwriter Ben Hecht who d been hired as ghostwriter on a Marilyn autobiography Hecht s abandoned work was later revised and published by photographer Milton Greene who established rights to the manuscript and whose photos of Monroe are included in the bookMonroe s anecdotes focus on her impoverished childhood as an orphan in Los Angeles her struggle to prove she could make a living as a motion picture actress and some of the experiences she had along the way Historical detail is fleeting emotional truth runs high Her first marriage at age 16 to James Doughtery and second marriage to Joe DiMaggio at age 28 are covered briefly as is her sexual abuse as a foster child and failed romances to lovers who are named or remain unnamed These accounts are candid than I expected particularly when they come to Monroe s openness about her depression and feelings of intellectual inferiority Highlights include My mother s best friend was a woman named Grace I called nearly everybody I knew Aunt or Uncle but Aunt Grace was a different sort of make believe relative She became my best friend too Aunt Grace worked as a film librarian in the same studio as my mother Columbia Pictures She was the first person who ever patted my head or touched my cheek That happened when I was eight I can still remember how thrilled I felt when her kind hand touched me My admirers all said the same thing in different ways It was my fault their wanting to kiss and hug me Some said it was the way I looked at them with eyes full of passion Others said it was my voice that lured them on Still others said I gave off vibrations that floored them I always felt they were talking about somebody else not me It was like being told they were attracted to me because of my diamonds and rubies I not only had no passion in me I didn t even know what it meant The Hollywood I knew was the Hollywood of failure Nearly everybody I met suffered from malnutrition or suicide impulses We ate at drugstore counters We sat in waiting rooms We were the prettiest tribe of panhandlers that ever overran a town And there were so many of us Beauty contest winners flashy college girls home grown sirens from every state in the union From cities and farms From factories vaudeville circuits dramatic schools and one from an orphan asylum And around us were the wolves There s another sort of man I ve never liked the sort that s afraid of insulting you They always end up insulting you worse than anybody I much prefer a man to be a wolf and if he has decided to make a pass at me to make it and have it over with First of all a pass is never entirely unpleasant because men who make passes are usually bright and good looking Secondly you don t have to sit around with a wolf and listen to a lot of double talk about income taxes and what s wrong with the situation in India while he gets up enough courage to get into action The truth is I ve never fooled anyone I ve let men sometimes fool themselves Men sometimes didn t bother to find out who and what I was Instead they would invent a character for me I wouldn t argue with them They were obviously loving somebody I wasn t When they found this out they would blame me for disillusioning them and fooling them I have even tried to be straightforward with women This is difficult than being straightforward with men Men are often pleased when you tell them the truth about how you feel But very few women want to hear the truth if it s going to be in any way annoying As far as I can make out women s friendships with each other are based on a gush of lies and pretty speeches than mean nothing You d think they were all trying to seduce each other the way they flatter and flirt when they re together We sat a long time and discussed a new name for me The casting director had suggested I think up some glamorous name than Norma Dougherty The man at the studio suggested Marilyn I said That s a nice name my Aunt said and it fits with your mother s maiden name I didn t know what that was She was a Monroe said Aunt Grace Her family goes way back I have some papers and letters I m keeping for your mother They show that she was related to President Monroe of the United States Success came to me in a rush It surprised my employers much than it did me Even if I had played only bit parts in a few films all the movie magazines and newspapers started printing my picture and giving me write ups I used to tell lies in my interviews chiefly about my mother and father I d say she was dead and he was somewhere in Europe I lied because I was ashamed to have the world know my mother was in a mental institution and that I had been born out of wedlock and never heard my illegal father s voiceThere are at least three versions of any story my version your version and the truth Based on what amounts to little than a coffee table book My Story definitely made me hungry for details about Norma Jean Baker Marilyn Monroe The icon s name alone brings to mind a mutant from the X Men comic books like Raven Darkh lme Mystiue Norma Jean has a past as obscure as her identity Marilyn is a powerful chameleon who had a profound impact on the mortals she came into contact with Marilyn Monroe The Biography by Donald Spoto and Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates await

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