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  • My Box-Shaped Heart
  • Rachael Lucas
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9781509839575

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My Box-Shaped Heart Summary Ê 8 review My Box-Shaped Heart All she wants is to be invisible She loves swimming because in the water everyone is the sameEd goes to the swimming pool to escape the horrible house he and his mum have been assigned by the women's refuge In his old life he had money; was on the This book was a bit slow mostly because i don t usually read these types of books but i did enjoy it It wasn t the most amazing thing i ve ever read but it had its moments Its focused around a 16 year old girl who lives in Scotland who swims for fun later teaches swimming as a job She meets a boy named Ed at the pool and the two of them hit it off But their romance is simply a behind the scenes thing for me and the parts that stood out are the tales of both of their home lives Their mothers are both struggling with difficult times during the book and i thought it was a nice way to make it feel real like each other are their only escapes Holly and Ed were both likeable simply put together characters who i enjoyed reading about I sympathised easily with both them and was glad to read about a girl who was described as being not particularly conventionally attractive a little chubby and uite tall and also Ed was not described as being some hot muscled guy either he seemed like your average teenager Overall a super cute little read I actually really want to see what else the author has written because i did like her simply writing style her plot was also simple but solid I d definitely recommend if you re looking for something small mostly cute but also with a deeper background

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My Box-Shaped Heart

My Box-Shaped Heart Summary Ê 8 review My Box-Shaped Heart My Box Shaped Heart is a powerful story of an unlikely friendship from Rachael Lucas author of The State of GraceHolly's mum is a hoarder and she is fed up with being picked on at school for being weird and having the wrong clothes and sticking out Rachael Lucas has done it again she has found something which doesn t normally get talked about openly in young adult literature and blown it wide open in this novel This book is definitely a reminder that we don t know what goes on behind closed doors and that we really don t know what people specifically young people are dealing with at home when we come into contact with them and decide how to treat them This book also serves as a reminder to those who might be dealing with the issues in this book that they are not alone that there are other people like them and there are people out there who are willing to help them I found Holly and Ed really easy to like as characters Because of the way the book is structured you have an instant sympathy for Holly and so that really helps you get to know her and get on here side Ed is such a sweetheart and the fact that he has something in common with Holly will just make you root for the two of them all the way to the end of the book The swimming pool is also a major player in this book it is a salve for Holly and another thing that links her and Ed I know the value of getting under the water and forgetting everything else that is going on with the world and I am glad that this author has shone a light on thatObviously there are a lot of issues dealt with in this novel there s a definite trigger warning for domestic abuse here however I think that the way Rachael Lucas deals with these issues through these young people is really great and really sensitive I think that because we are seeing these issues play out in the lives of these young people they almost don t become the main focus of the book they are a hurdle which Holly and Ed need to not overcome but accept as part of their lives I just really liked the fact that this author has openly dealt with the issue of hoarding and everything else she covers in this book through the medium of young adult literature The storyline was gripping the characters were easy to like and this was a great read

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My Box-Shaped Heart Summary Ê 8 review My Box-Shaped Heart Swim team; knew who he was and what he wanted In his old life his dad hit his mumHolly is swimming in one direction and Ed's swimming in the other As their worlds collide they find a window into each other's lives and learn how to meet in the midd 45 starsRachael Lucas has done it again I adored The State of Grace and was really highly anticipating the release of My Box Shaped Heart as a result and I was not at all disappointed This book is gorgeous and filled with layered characters that I could really connect with I loved their stories and how authentic the whole book felt What really stood out for me is that this is the kind of book that someone somewhere will pick up and see themselves for the first timeHolly and I clicked immediately I really felt for her when learning about her living conditions with her mother Although she loves her mother wholeheartedly she is embarrassed by the state of their house due to her mum s hoarding which inevitably causes her some social difficulties too The teachers are concerned about her she has so much responsibility on those young shoulders and I just really warmed to her Holly s passion is swimming and it was really great to read a book where the character s passion was what really kept her going when things were toughAt a first glimpse I was wary of Ed or the boy as I first called him in my review notes He seemed uite full of himself but I could also sense there was something going on When that something became revealed my feelings for Ed changed completely and I just adored himThere are a whole host of other fantastic characters in this book including Cressi the amazing neighbour who supports Holly with her swimming as well as at home with her mother I think we could all do with a Cressi in our lives from time to time I also really liked reading the scenes with Allie and Rio in and I warmed to Lauren and as the book went on In fact some of my favourite scenes were with Lauren and Holly There are also a few not so nice characters in the book so it s not all rainbows and puppiesThe friendship and romance with Holly and Ed was so perfectly written it still makes my heart swell thinking about it now and I read this book a few months ago They are absolutely adorable and I m not sure I will ever see Oreos in the same way again after that gorgeous scene if you ve read the book then you know the one if you haven t then what are you waiting forMy favourite thing about this book though Definitely seeing Holly s struggle and I say this because her struggle is so real and so many readers will resonate with it Holly is embarrassed of their house she keeps herself to herself because of her mum but at the same time she adores her mum and still counts herself as lucky to have a loving home even if it s not her dream home physically Some parts of this struggle were so honest that they left me feeling raw with emotion It s a really touching and beautiful readI don t want to go much into the plot as I think this is a book that is best discovered for yourself but what I can tell you is that My Box Shaped Heart is much than it first appears It is a book about friendship love families learning to love yourself and it will leave your heart pounding with emotion I really can t wait to see what Rachael Lucas will write next Thanks to NetGalley Macmillan Children s Books and Rachael Lucas for my advanced copy in exchange of a fair and honest review