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How to Fracture a Fairy Tale

Download How to Fracture a Fairy Tale ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ide ranging transformed fairy tales Yolen fractures the classics to reveal their crystalline secrets holding them to the light and presenting them entirely transformed from. I have mixed feelings about this anthology making it difficult to give it an overall rating that feels accurate There were a few stories that I really enjoyed but a few too many that never sufficiently grabbed my interest I love fractured fairy tales and think I was looking for drastic changes from the original source material in some cases What s the point of writing a retelling without turning the whole story upside down and making us think about it in a totally new lightOne thing that I loved about this collection was the sheer variety of stories and cultures represented This anthology includes dragons princesses a vampire and even time travel you will find stories that feel like they could have been plucked out of a Brothers Grimm book as well as much modern tales The Jewish themes seemed to be the most prominent throughout the anthology but Yolen has reworked tales from Europe Asia and Here is a small sampling of the sources of inspiration for some of Yolen s storiesThe Bridge s Complaint Billy Goats Gruff NorwegianOne Ox Two Ox Three Ox and the Dragon King Chinese dragon storiesBrother Hart Brothers Grimm story Little Brother Little SisterSunFlight Icarus Greek MythologyThe Foxwife figure from Japanese folkloreThe Faery Flag Scottish folkloreOne Old Man With Seals Greek mythologyThe Undine inspired by Little Mermaid and various French storiesSister Death Jewish mythThe Woman Who Loved a Bear Native American mythThe stories vary uite a bit in tone many of them use somewhat antiuated language while the occasional tale reads like something a friend is telling you over coffee These differences helped to break up the anthology and keep it from feeling overly uniform or repetitive The variety assures that there will be something in this collection for just about everyone Whether you re looking for something totally re imagined something with a classical feel something whimsical or something dark you ll find it somewhere in these pagesMy thanks to NetGalley and Tachyon Publications for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the publisherYou can read all of my reviews at my blog Jenna BookishFacebook Instagram Tumblr

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Download How to Fracture a Fairy Tale ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A spinner of straw as a money changer and to the big bad wolf retiring to a nursing home Rediscover the fables you once knew rewritten and refined for the world we now live. I really enjoyed this collection of short stories ranging from lush to outwardly bizarre takes on classic well known tales I liked it a lot than I originally thought that I would But as with books consisting of short stories I find it difficult to review the book as a whole so instead I m going to highlight a few of my favourite stories from this collection The Bridge s Complaint I really enjoyed this one and it was uniue because of its central point of view that which is from an inanimate object a bridge I enjoyed reading about the bridge s tales originally told from a troll Godmother Death I don t know if this is common knowledge but I absolutely love any sorts of re tellings andor personifications related to death the angel of death and others And so this story was especially interesting to read and I uite enjoy tales told from somebody simply recalling a story somebody else told them In this case godmother death Happy DensThis was by far my favourite story An original spin on a nursing home certainly this story entails the untold stories of well known wolves in classic tales like the Three Little Pigs where of course the wolf is portrayed as the bad guy of the story This story sets out to paint such wolves in a different light cleverly suggesting there are two sides to the same coin and so far a world has only looked upon one side and taken it as absolute fact Brother Hart I just found the very present theme of family in this story very heartwarming though it has heartbreak as well but the enchantment in this one is interesting especially since it s never really explained But in this case it makes it enchanting to have finished reading Slipping Sideways Through Eternity This one was a bit confusing at first and by the end you re a bit less confused but still haven t really been explained anything to However there s a payoff so it s acceptable This was really sad taking place in the Holocaust You really just need to read it to really understand the emotions that come with it Great Grandfather Dragon s Tale Told in the point of view of an old grandfather dragon to his young dragon grandchildren this story entails the history of how dragons and humans came upon an agreement that impacted both creatures of this very day This has a present theme of story telling as most of the stories in here do however this one is impactful considering it s centred around dragons The Golden BallsWhat the hell I don t know what else I can possibly say about this one The Woman who Loved a Bear I was getting serious Brother Bear vibes with this one once the bear of the story actually shows up and the child which the grandfather is telling this story to is very impatient for the bear to come in This is fantasy but one that clearly mirrors colonialism it was transfixing from start to finish and if you didn t see the plot twist from the beginning the payoff at the end should be just magnificent for you

Summary Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Jane Yolen

Download How to Fracture a Fairy Tale ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook “Yolen is the Aesop of the twentieth century” The New York TimesFantasy legend Jane Yolen The Emerald Circus The Devil’s Arithmetic delights with these effortlessly w. 333 stars Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureOne year after Tachyon Publications published The Emerald Circus a collection of fantastical short stories by Jane Yolen based on various fairy tales and legendary people both fictional and real it has followed up with a similar collection How to Fracture a Fairy Tale Like The Emerald Circus this is a compilation of Yolen s older previously published stories spiffed up with new author s notes in which Yolen briefly discuss each story and how she fractured it with significant departures from its original source material These end notes for each story also include a poem by Yolen that s linked to the same original source material The source material varies widely including fairy tales Snow White Cinderella the Little Mermaid vampires Scottish selkies Chinese dragons Greek and Native American legends and much These twenty eight reimagined fairy tales and legends also vary greatly in tone When I finished this collection my first thought was wow what a bleak bunch of stories Looking back on the individual stories though it turns out only about eleven or twelve of them yes I counted are really downbeat That number does include several stories right at the end of the collection which may explain the somber feeling I had when I finished One of my favorite stories though was one of this set Mama Gone the story of an Appalachian girl whose mother has died and become a vampire It s heartbreaking but surprisingly tender with a bittersweet noteOne of the themes that surfaces a few times in this collection is the history of Jewish persecution reflecting Yolen s Jewish heritage My favorite of these was Slipping Sideways Through Eternity an unlikely combination of time travel a uirky Elijah and the Holocaust experienced by a modern day Jewish girl with a talent for art Granny Rumple also draws on the historic oppression of Jews making a thought provoking connection between that and the tale of RumpelstiltskinSeveral of these stories deal with the terrible things people do to each other Sometimes there s a happy or at least satisfying ending as in Green Plague a humorous variation on the legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln but often not If you thought Robin McKinley s Deerskin a retelling of Charles Perrault s Donkeyskin was tough to read with its incest based plot Yolen s similar Allerleirauh is even tragic At least it was very short As was The Gwynhfar an eually harrowing tale of another type of abuseOn the other end of the scale there are five or six uite humorous tales to lighten things up My favorites of these were Cinder Elephant a charming tale starring a cheerfully overweight Cinderella and Sleeping Ugly a humorous twist on Sleeping BeautyPrincess Miserella was a beautiful princess if you counted her eyes and nose and mouth and all the way down to her toes But inside where it was hard to see she was the meanest wickedest and most worthless princess around She liked stepping on dogs She kicked kittens She threw pies in the cook s faceThe ending of Sleeping Ugly left me grinning as did a sudden twist in Snow in Summer a Snow White story that s similar to but not to be confused with Snow in Summer Yolen s novel of the same name which is based on this earlier storyOverall I have to say that I enjoyed The Emerald Circus How to Fracture a Fairy Tale contains a dozen stories than the sixteen in that prior collection but the stories in The Emerald Circus were longer ones that engaged me as a reader Plus not generally as bleak as this set Still there are some excellent stories in this collection and if you re a fan of Jane Yolen s brand of story telling this is worth checking out I received a copy of this book from the publisher and this is my voluntary review Thank youArt credit Magic Mirror Broken by jeorje90 on Deviant Art

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