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Abdul Malik Mujahid ¿ 6 Review Summary ☆ Golden Stories of Umar Ibn Al Khatab ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This book highlights the interesting and valuable stories of ‘Umar’s life In this book the author deliberately left the stories without a seuence so that each story is Islam does not force anyone to enter its fold nor does it accept the faith of anyone who does not believe in it of his own free will Faith is not something that can be imposed on people since it is an action of the heart and no one knows what is in the hearts except Allah The Almighty I will not calm down until I put one cheek of a tyrant on the ground and the other under my feet and for the poor and the weak I will put my cheek on the ground Umar Ibn Al Khattab RAUmar Ibn Al Khattab RA was a strict man he carried a stick with him at all times to correct menwomen with However he had a softer side as well I would relate that with a story from this very book which I found very touching and worthy of mentioning Burden of My Sins Reference Al Kaamil Fit Taareekh 2214 At Tabaree 5200One day Umar RA went out to Hurrah Waaim a rocky area of land just outside of Madeenah His companion during this particular excursion was Aslam RA his freed slave When the two of them reached a place called Siraar Which is situated 3 miles outside of Madeenah they discerned in the distance a small fire being ignited Obviously some people had made camp out in the open desert and thinking that they might need some help Umar RA ordered Aslam RA to accompany him towards the direction of the fireBoth Umar RA and Aslam RA ran towards the campsite and when they drew near to it they saw a woman watching over a group of children who were crying loudly Beside the woman there was a pot hanging over a flame of fire Umar RA called out to the woman saying to her Peace be upon you O people of the light Aslam RA the narrator of this story pointed out that Umar RA disliked saying to them O people of the fire lest they think he meant not the fire that they had ignited for cooking but the Hellfire And peace be upon you the woman answered May I come nearer to you asked Umar RA Either come nearer with the intention of doing well by us or leave us alone replied the woman What is the matter with you Umar RA asked having come close enough to speak to her without having to raise his voice The woman complained about the harsh conditions of the night and of the cold weather outside after which Umar RA asked And what is the matter with these children Why are they crying out loud Hunger replied the woman tersely If it is hunger that the children suffer from then what is cooking in this pot asked Umar RA It is only water replied the woman explaining that she had placed a pot over a flaming fire in order to calm the children down until they fell asleep She then went on to say By Allah we have a serious grievance with Umar She obviously did not know that she was at that very moment addressing none other than Umar RA May Allah have mercy on you said Umar RA Umar does not know about your condition He is given authority over us and then he forgets us said the woman plaintively Umar RA then returned to where Aslam RA was waiting for him and the two of them ran off in the distance and they continued to run until they reached a flourmill Umar RA purchased a sack of flour and some cooking fat and he then asked Aslam RA to load the said items onto his shoulder I will carry them for you said Aslam RA May you have no mother exclaimed Umar RA And will you carry the burden of my sins for me on the Day of Resurrection left with no choice Aslam RA loaded the heavy sack unto Umar RA shoulders and in spite of the heavy load he was carrying Umar RA ran all the way back to the woman s campsiteAslam RA related that upon reaching the woman s campsite Umar RA filled the woman s pot with flour and cooking fat and cooked a large portion of broth for her and her children Aslam RA described how he saw Umar RA blowing underneath the pot while smoke was coming out from between the hairs of Umar s beard Umar RA cooked the broth and stayed until the woman and her children were full and stopped eatingThen when Umar RA and Aslam RA stood up to leave the woman said to Umar RA May Allah reward you well for your kindness You are deserving of being the leader than is the actual leader of the believers Still not identifying himself Umar RA humbly replied Speak well And when you go to the Leader of the Believers you will find me there Allah willing Umar RA then gave the woman some space but still did not leave Curious as to why Umar RA was not leaving Aslam RA asked Is there something else you need to do here But Umar RA gave no reply Instead Umar RA silently watched on as the children settled down and fell asleep After he was sure that the children were all asleep Umar RA stoop up praised Allah turned to Aslam RA and said O Aslam hunger caused them to stay awake and cry And so I did not want to leave until I saw them content happy and clam Even though it often goes unnoticed in history books this soft and gentle side of Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA had always been a fundamental part of his characterA country under the rule of Islam a merciful and compassionate ruler will become a Welfare State And Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA has left a very high standard for future Muslim leaders Which I am afraid they can t live up to But I take comfort in knowing that in the past we had MEN like Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA who stood by the poor and the weak and had no desire to hoard wealth and false honorIslam has not changed only the people following it have

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Golden Stories of Umar Ibn Al Khatab

Abdul Malik Mujahid ¿ 6 Review Summary ☆ Golden Stories of Umar Ibn Al Khatab ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Is Faith distinguished in his knowledge profoudly wise in his thinking remarkable in his elouence noble in his manners and great in the contributions he made to this Natio Recommended Highly recommended as it gives a details about various events in the life of Umar MABPH Good read for those who are interested in learning the life of the man

Download è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Abdul Malik Mujahid

Abdul Malik Mujahid ¿ 6 Review Summary ☆ Golden Stories of Umar Ibn Al Khatab ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read by itself with ease This is intended to be a uniue approach in presentation and reading of Islamic books This book describes the fact that 'Umar was exceptional in h I love the modern layout of this book as it is easy to pick up and read even if you don t have a lot of time It s inspiring and informative and is a great start for those wanting to understand the characteristics and life of Umar

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