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Fires of the Faithful characters É 107 Cially not after she learns one of the Circle's most closely guarded secretsNow determined to escape the Circle's power burning with rage at the Fedeli and drawn herself to the beliefs of the Old Way Eliana embarks on a treacherous journey to spread the truth And what she finds shakes her to her core a past destroyed a future in doubt and a desperate people in need of a leader no matter how young or inexperienc. Okay I was recced this book based on the fact it had a lesbian protagonist It was during the mess with where books with GLBT themes weren t showing up on searches I did read the author s short stories beforehand as a bit of a warning and was ambivalent interesting in trying them but prepared to send it off to PaperbackSwap if I didn t like them One of the problems with this book is that I went in thinking it was what I consider an otherwordly fantasy when it was of a very stretched alt history The reason I say this is because of the religious elements Hundreds of years before the series began Italy still made up of a number of kingdoms like historical Italy was a new religion arose based on the magical ability to call fire and worshiping a pair of gods the Lord and the Lady though the Lord isn t mentioned much and supplanting Christianity called the Old Way in the book Unsurprisingly one still gets the Inuisition de facto rule of the Church and punishment of heretics regardless of whose name the religion is ruled byWhile I don t mind Christianity in alt historyhistorical fantasy because well it existed I tend to worry that any use of it or other real world religions anytime you mention a goddess with multiple elements to her I get the same feeling in fantasy taking place outside of our world is going to lead to at best a lack of creativity and at worse proselytizing which leads to me throwing the book against the wall Especially when they are the minority and oppressed religion Let s face it fantasy fen root for the oppressed On the other hand Kritzer did a good job of both keeping the heroine uestioning which is right and in not portraying one religion as the Good one or the Right one Plus as an alt history nerd I liked the fact that the resurgence of Old Way was apparently modified by the new religion For one the magefire promoted by the in power religion acts to reduce fertility which changed the status of women in the society The Old Way version of the New Testament gives Gesu only two major disciples Tomas and Mara plus GuidasJudas and states that God is aspected as the Mother Her Son and the Holy Light The priestess character hints that the Old Way is a reconstruction of the actual Old way and that even she a scholar has no clue what it was really like The plot also handled the main character s change from music student to revolutionary uite well including explaining why and how she got a leadership position something that doesn t always work well in fantasy It also had a bit of an environmental message the plot switches from the protagonist s mysterious new roommate to her discovery that magefire is what caused the dead regions on the border with another country to her becoming involved in both the Old Way and the reform movement Also kudos on handling the magic messes up the environment and one religion likes magic one doesn t angles I m always a bit leery of environmental fiction as well but it can be done well see half of all Miyazaki movies notably Princess Mononoke Overall I thought the book handled a number of cliche themes in a sensitive and thoughtful way Which makes me happy Plus it had a good plot and a main character I liked So I ll probably buy the seuel new

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Fires of the Faithful characters É 107 From a gifted new voice in fantasy fiction comes the thrilling saga of a war ravaged land and the remarkable young woman destined to restore itFires of the Faithful For sixteen year old Eliana life at her conservatory of music is a pleasant interlude between youth and adulthood with the hope of a prestigious Imperial Court appointment at the end But beyond the conservatory walls is a land blighted by war and in. Eliana s music conservatory education is uneventful until Mira and the new song arrive Mira is her new roommate Eliana is drawn to her but suspects she is lying about her past The song a catchy little ditty about a murderous stepmother may actually be a cover for a controversial idea Then the inuisitors of the Fedeli show up at the conservatory looking for heretics Eliana is shocked and angered when a friend is executed and shocked again when she learns the secret cause behind a famine that has been plaguing the land Fires of the Faithful is set in an alternate Italy of roughly the Renaissance period It follows Eliana as she leaves the conservatory behind travels through the devastated countryside and eventually becomes a rebel leader A music student may seem like an unlikely revolutionary but Naomi Kritzer shows how her peasant common sense and the lessons instilled at the conservatory enable her to bring a new perspective to the disorganized rebel movement she findsReligious persecution is a major theme but Kritzer turns the usual trope on its head The dominant religion is analogous to Wicca it honors a co eual Lady and Lord and embraces the practice of magic The Old Way it s trying to stamp out is based on Christianity though its God the Father figure is female Also interesting is that Eliana has no strong beliefs one way or the other She was raised in the religion of the Lady and becomes aligned with the Old Way for political reasons but she is not personally devout rather she becomes a rebel because the actions of the ruling Fedeli and Circle are abhorrentKritzer s flipping of the Pagans vs Christians script and her non religious heroine help keep the focus on the politics of faith rather than on faith itself or on which faith the reader is sympathetic to The problem is not what either side actually believes the problem is the way religion can become corrupted by temporal power Fires of the Faithful is sad and frightening as Eliana discovers and terrible things that the Fedeli and Circle have done to protect their dirty secrets and becomes stirring as she rises to leadership and starts to shake things up The prose especially the dialogue occasionally feels a little too modern but the story is absorbing enough that this was only a minor issue for me Eliana s story continues in Turning the Storm which I will be seeking out

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Fires of the Faithful characters É 107 Explicable famine and dominated by a fearsome religious order known as the Fedeli who are systematically stamping out all traces of the land's old beliefs Soon not even the conservatory walls can hold out reality When one classmate is brutally killed by the Fedeli for clinging to the forbidden ways and another is kidnapped by the Circle the mysterious and powerful mages who rule the land Eliana can take no Espe. This book suffers from a bad case of the almostsThe first problem is the world It is clearly referencing our world but it s problematic The setting is a pseudo Medieval Italy with names like Giovanni and Vesuvian and Lucia thrown around where the men are addressed as Signore Of the two religions battling it out one is pseudo Catholicism a pretty primitive Catholicism There s God and she s a female not a male there s God s Light instead of the Holy Spirit and God s Son Gesu instead of Jesu The language of the Old Ways sounds a lot like Hebrew to my uneducated ear BUT her notItaly is not uite different enough to justify that complete lack of Rome as a cultural center And her notCatholicism has at its heart a very different passion story of death and resurrection And then there s the magic which is tossed in without explanation or even definition All we ve seen magic do is summon light or fire which is fairly limp as magic goesIf this was meant to reference the Real World the author needed to explain these differences is the magic the difference Did Rome not evolve because of the Fidele religion of Lord and Lady Why is this world so very like ours and yet so deeply differentAnd if it s not meant to be set in The Real World why the hell does it reference our world so heavilyAnother problem is the main character s love interest It wasn t until the last two or three chapters that the lesbian aspect was clarified The relationship between Mira and Eliana seemed like it was supposed to be lesbian but the author didn t include any sensuality I guess When you re 16 and in love you are all about the physical and I just didn t buy it At first I thought it was just a badly drawn best friends relationship and really got annoyed That lack of emotionpassion played throughout the book There were scenes meant to be powerful that I found myself just skipping whole paragraphs Eliana finding her whole village slaughtered for instance and the characters seemed to recover very uicklyThis included from physical trauma Eliana receives 30 lashes at one point and is up and about within hours I ve read enough Napoleonic literature to know that a real lashing like that would leave you prostrate for days if not weeks And never mind her pallid idea of what a famine is like and how people act when they are under starvation rations Most of her characters acted like they hadn t missed than a meal or two not like they were starving to death Finally there s an issue that I admit is almost certain personal I don t like stories based around the mythical and magical power of music I m all but tone deaf and when musicians start to talk about giving the song back to Mira or harnessing the energy of the audience or any of that I tend to get irritated and annoyed Despite all that I liked the scenes in the Conservatory best The author s prose is best suited to that hot house environment the small personalities and petty arguments of girls locked together in pursuit of one cause Though the structure and existence of the Conservatory was insufficiently explained in my mind I live in hope that it is explained in the following books Because for all that I plan to read the next book There was enough compelling in the book for me to give it two stars and want to read the seuel I can t describe what because the faults were so glaring but it s there

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