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Fatal Impact Dr Anya Crichton #7

Fatal Impact Dr Anya Crichton #7 review Ý 3 Rence and to visit her mother but when people fall sick including her father's cousin Anya becomes intimately involved in the case At the same time her mother with whom Anya has always had a difficult relationship ever since her little sister Miriam went missing thirty years ago is acting strangely talking about conspiracies and exhibiting classic signs of dementia As Anya deals with her increasingly paranoid mother she is also racing to discover the source of the f. A complicated plotline based around genetically modified foods and animals being pumped full of growth hormone that meanders along without reaching the heights of some of Kathryn Fox s earlier books It is obvious Fox feels strongly about against GM modified foods and I felt at times a line was crossed away from crime fiction and tending towards a political science lecture I also found there were a lot of characters and real estate transactions to keep track of in this book and I found myself constantly reversing to check who was who Maybe I was just distracted but I am hoping the future direction of this series is back towards the forensic science style crime thriller that was the foundation of the earlier Anya Crichton books I came to know and love

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Fatal Impact Dr Anya Crichton #7 review Ý 3 THE SEVENTH CRIME NOVEL IN THE BRILLIANT ANYA CRICHTON SERIES A SERIOUS RIVAL TO PATRICIA CORNWELL'S DR KAY SCARPETTAWhen forensic pathologist Dr Anya Crichton finds a dead child covered in blood and stuffed into a toy box her thoughts immediately turn to murder Then the post mortem reveals that the girl died from a deadly bacterial infection brought on by food poisoning But does that mean Anya can rule out foul play Anya was only meant to be in Tasmania for a confe. I usually read Kathryns books very uickly because I can t put them down but I feel like I maybe missed something with this one The story line of the organic farm and the genetically modified foods just didn t grab me As bad as it sounds I was finally happy when someone was actually murdered in the book it was like Yes We ve got a body to work with Sorry Kathryn I still love you and Anya But no E Coli or spinach please

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Fatal Impact Dr Anya Crichton #7 review Ý 3 Atal bacterial infection But Anya's investigations into the close knit Tasmanian agricultural community where the contaminated food originated soon put her in grave danger as someone tries to kill her As the deaths pile up Anya's search leads her to an old murder case and soon it becomes clear that her own family is closer to danger than ever before But will Anya be able to discover the truth behind the poisoning and unmask the killer in time to save them and hersel. Kathryn Fox writes a reasonably good story although like so many authors they get less good as they go along The story in Fatal Impact is ok but I didn t really care all that much about the characters or the resolution There were a few too many strings that it became a bit of a knot My biggest problem with this book was the editing Either Fox needs a better editor or she needs to listen to the one she has The whole book was littered with minor but annoying editing issues At times it s hard to know who is speaking because Fox uses the pronoun she when two women are having a conversation She repeats herself and are we really supposed to believe that a remote cabin in Tasmania has wifi The reader knows the book is set in Australia but the fact is shoved a bit down our throats at times Yes it s minor stuff but she s been around for a few books now so I d expect a lot polish

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