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John J. Gobbell ç 8 Download Free download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç John J. Gobbell Read & download ¿ Edge of Valor 108 Commander Todd Ingram commanding officer of the destroyer USS Maxwell DD 525 met Soviet Navy officer Eduard Dezhnev in 1942 when the starshiy leytenant senior lieutenant was naval attache to the Soviet Consulate in San Francisco They became close friends or so Ingram thought until he discovered Dezhnev was a spy and had directly contributed to his capture by the Japanese in the Philippines while attempting to rescue his wife to be Helen Later that year Ingram escaped the Philippines with Helen and returned to San Francisco and had Dezhnev expelled from the United States persona non grata Ingram had put all that out of his mind when on the last day of the war the Maxwell suffers a hit from a Kamikaze attack off Okinawa She puts into Karama Rhetto a small archipelago off Okinawa for repairs News of the war's end comes the next day and Ingram expects to go home with the others on operation Magic Carpet Instead an Army buddy from his days on Corregidor. The story begins on 9 August 1945 a date marking the end of the Japanese Empire and the end of WWII USS Maxwell DD 525 flagship of Destroyer Suadron 77 is part of a group of cruisers and destroyers protecting the battleship Iowa which after a day of shelling Hitachi Japan is withdrawing to the east What is so important about the date At 1102 hours Nagasaki Japan was destroyed by the United States second atomic bomb and Japan was forced to face defeat but terms of surrender take time to arrange providing ample opportunities for mischief and intrigue by our ally Joseph Stalin et alAs the sun sets on this fateful day Commander Todd Ingram the exhausted captain of the Maxwell and Captain Jeremiah T Boom Boom Landa the suadron s commodore are standing on Maxwell s bridge watching the sunset Word of the second atomic bomb has reached the fleet and everyone is wondering if the war is finally over Joseph Stalin knew Japan has to surrender and he makes a last minute grab for a piece of the Empire s pie Maxwell s executive officer Lieutenant Commander Eldon Tubby White enters the bridge with a message The Soviet Union has declared war on Japan invaded Mongolia and plans to occupy one of the main Japanese islandsThe author weaves a complex tale encompassing the remainder of 1945 starting with events leading up to Japan s formal surrender A surrender opposed by elements of the Japanese military because surrendering violated the code of bushido After the formal surrender Ingram is sent on a top secret mission without being told its real purpose and finds himself a pawn in a game between the NKVD and the OSS with guidance misguidance provided by the State Department During the mission and afterwards he encounters Soviet duplicity In addition to naval action the tale includes a double agent two love stories and lots of intrigue Edge of Valor is a story built around real events and historical facts Japan s surrender Unit 731 are two examples Interplay between characters is reminiscent of books authored by WEB GriffinEdge of Valor is the fifth novel in the Todd Ingram series which presents the author with a dilemma how much of the story already told must be retold In the case of Edge of Valor details from previous novels would be helpful eg details regarding Ingram s wife Helen an Army nurse and what caused her PTSD Since Edge of Valor has a large cast of characters the author provided a list of names and titles at the front of the book A list I found very helpful With the exception of two very minor technical errors in Chapter 43 fifty pounds of C 4 twenty clay mines this is an excellent accurate well written and plotted historical novel The correct explosive mentioned above had to be C or C 2 and Clay mines are Vietnam era weapons I highly recommend Edge of Valor

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John J. Gobbell ç 8 Download Free download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç John J. Gobbell Read & download ¿ Edge of Valor 108 And Dezhnev were once friends Maybe it can happen again Dewitt explains At the very least Ingram might be able to gather intelligence on the Soviet's plans to attack Hokkaido There is something else DeWitt explains Walter Boring a Red Cross representative on the run from Harbin China has two crates of overwhelming photographic evidence of Japan's experiments on live human beings; experiments far worse than anything in Nazi Germany Ingram is expected to return with those crates But how can he when Boring is being protected by the Japanese garrison in Toro where Dezhnev and his brigade stand ready to overpower them at any moment Thus Ingram's friendship with Dezhnev may be a key factor in securing Boring's release along with his crates As his shipmates relax and prepare for their return to loved ones Ingram must go the other way Three weeks ago he was fighting the Japanese and the Soviets were supposed to be his friends Now he doesn't know who to tru. This book is the fifth in the Todd Ingram series though it is not necessary to read them in order In it as the war with Japan is ending another foe is apparent as the Cold War begins Todd Ingram s background makes him the most likely candidate for a difficult and it turns out dangerous assignment so instead of heading for home and family at the end of the war he finds himself the focus of intrigue espionage and combat in a frozen place being disputed by a reeling Japan and the Soviet Union John Gobbell paints a rich picture of US Navy life from an officer s perspective reflecting his own navy service He draws on that knowledge and has researched the time period to produce another enjoyable tale for his many fans Edge of Valor like the other books in the Todd Ingram series puts the reader in the action with vivid descriptions and lifelike dialogGobbell provides an undercurrent of the issues of the painful separation from family so familiar to military personnel and especially those who serve at sea Old issues haunt some of the characters and affect their behavior in ways all too familiar to most veterans and Ingram and his family is not immune to themCharacters familiar to readers of Gobbell s previous works appear in sometimes new and tangled roles resulting in unexpected twists as Ingram becomes aware that this post war situation has become personal someone is trying to kill himAny US Navy veteran should appreciate this book but especially the destroyer sailors and I recommend it very favorably

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John J. Gobbell ç 8 Download Free download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç John J. Gobbell Read & download ¿ Edge of Valor 108 Comes after him He is Brigadier General Otis Dewitt now intelligence aid on General Douglas MacArthur's staff In concert with the State Department DeWitt has temporary orders drawn for Ingram to accompany him to Manila on the same plane as sixteen Japanese senior military and civilian diplomats Over a swift two days they negotiate with General MacArthur's staff the terms for the instrument of surrender soon to be signed in Tokyo Bay DeWitt Promises Ingram that he will attend that ceremony But DeWitt and the State Department have an ulterior motive After Manila they send Ingram on to Sakhalin Island to learn what can be done to defuse a Soviet attack on Hokkaido Why me asks Ingram He groans when DeWitt tells him Edward Dezhnev is now a Captain Third Rank in the Soviet Navy Moreover Dezhnev is a brigade commander on Sakhalin and is responsible for laying siege to a Japanese holdout in Toro a natural jumping off place for an attack on HokkaidoIngram. It is a Navy book and therefore good But prose and plot suggest it go in the young adult section The last of five books in the series it is the best

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