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Caught author Cassandra Carr

review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ Cassandra Carr Cassandra Carr Õ 3 free read review Caught author Cassandra Carr He finds herself wanting to submit to him againAs Jack and Callie explore their Dominantsubmissive relationship Callie gets drawn deep into Jack's world all over again For his part Jack can't seem to forget how she nearly ruined him when. Take a walk on the dark sideThree years ago Callie found her perfect subspace while under the dominance of Jack the sexy professor she met while enrolled in his college class She fell in love hard and deep but Jack didn t return her feelings and she was in danger of losing herself to the despair of unreuited commitment Callie did the only thing she could to protect herself she ranFrom the moment Jack saw Callie he knew she was the woman meant to be his to command Her craving for painful pleasure unconditional submission and sensual curves fulfilled his darkest desires It wasn t until after she was gone that he was able to admit to himself that his feelings were deeper than desire and no submissive has satisfied him sinceThree years is a long time to be apart but the instant chemistry they shared long ago uickly returns as they explore the powerful highs that can only be found in each other s arms Callie has changed Jack has changed but the one thing that hasn t changed is their inability to communicate outside of the playroom Callie longs for and Jack doesn t know if he s able to give her everything she needs but is unwilling to accept a future that doesn t include his naughty submissiveAn intensely written BDSMfetish romance that delves deeply into the dark side of the lifestyle When two imperfect people are drawn together irresistibly sparks fly emotions run high and the potential rewards far outweigh the risksA copy of Caught was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ Cassandra Carr

review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ Cassandra Carr Cassandra Carr Õ 3 free read review Caught author Cassandra Carr When Callie returns to her hometown for the holidays she comes face to face with her old lover and Dominant Jack She left him three years ago believing he could never be the happily ever after man she needed Yet Jack still wants her and s. While the Sir in this story was not my type it was well written To be honest I felt like she was a bit of an addict at first he didn t seem good for her He was very cold and impersonal Strange to say when they were having sex and all but that s how I felt She seemed at ease with this relationship though I have no idea why someone would walk back into a relationship with someone who had seemingly not changed If you left once because it was too hard seems likely to happen againHowever I blame them both for the big C Failure to communicate She should never have just gone with him and given him a BJ the minute they meet up again He shouldn t have asked her What they should have done is have a talk she walked out on him without a word childish and he was incapable of telling her the words she needed to hear Failure both partiesI liked the book sort of My main issue was the connection between them and how he treated her Up until the last little bit I just couldn t shake the feeling she could be anyone To be blunt any old hole All protocol and orders I would not have been surprised if she was told to eat out of a bowl on the floor it would have went with the leash anyway I just didn t like him for the vast majority of the book and I couldn t figure out why on earth she would bother I couldn t see a 247 type with him he comes across as too rigid to be enjoyable all the time Though the way she acted it was hard to tell what it was she wanted She wanted him yes but the rest of it took a while for me to warm up to her wanting it He did get better and she was finally able to find her voice I think I would have enjoyed it if some of the conflict was actually out there instead of hidden in what each character thought If you enjoy protocol humiliation and a harsh Domsub relationship this one will be right up your alley I know some folks have referred to this as heavy on the SM but I didn t get that feeling myself I m a masochist and SM really trips my trigger obviously This was far far heavier IMHO with the power exchange and slave mentality and the Ds He is a sadistic Dom but I felt throughout the book that it was the humiliation and domination that got him off Like I noted above this is for sure not my type of Dom he is way too structured and rigid Then again I dislike major protocol too much work for me LOLI like to have fun with it not feel like I have to memorize a bunch of rules Those looking for fun sugarkink and romance I might pass on this onethough there is romance it is very late in the game before it rears its head JMHO of course

Cassandra Carr Õ 3 free read

review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ Cassandra Carr Cassandra Carr Õ 3 free read review Caught author Cassandra Carr She took off without even saying good bye all those years ago but he's afraid his baser needs will destroy CallieIf Callie gives Jack another chance to prove he can be what she needs can Jack overcome his own fears and claim Callie foreve. Wow Try to keep cool after reading this sizzling hawt BDSM treat It s a dare I couldn t do it and I doubt anyone else can either Callie cannot deny her submissive tendencies but neither could she allow another Dom to make her submit No man since Jack Since she walked away from him 3 years ago Leaving behind her broken heart as well She couldn t deny his reuest to be his little sub while she was home but could she deny herself from giving her heart again Jack couldn t believe his luck at seeing Callie walk into the Christmas party after three long years She had once been the one that he loved to dominate the one he wanted collared to him still He still stung from her running from him but he wouldn t let her run again Not until he was done with her until she submitted to him in every way

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