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Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Elora Bishop Elora Bishop · 6 Read characters Braided by Elora Bishop Ourning their switched fates and falling deeper in love with the cursed girl until one night at the Not There Fair an extraordinary creature outlines a magical plan that could set both of them free Will Gray’s love for Zelda be strong enoug I m a sucker for fairy tale retellings although I can be fairly picky about whether or not I like them But Rapunzel is a tale that is not redone often enough in my opinion and the fact that it was a lesbian version made me jump at this novellaIt s nice that the retelling doesn t just change the genders of the main romantic pairing and leave it at that This version surprisingly is actually a lot fantastical and magical There is even a uest within an alternate dimensiondream world I enjoyed the increase in the otherworldly feel and I liked that it lent the twist of a parent trying to protect her child rather than a mother smothering her childThe writing has an earthy magical uality to it It s definitely language that is looking to be pretty and it mostly succeeds The romance between Zelda and Gray is sweet and very YA Their passion revolves entirely around kissing and holding I like that it gives a soul and connection to the romance without ignoring the physical aspect It s the perfect balance for this type of storyWhile I enjoyed reading the story I must admit it wasn t my ideal retelling of Rapunzel I didn t like the religious aspect that was drawn into it and I did feel that Zelda falling for Gray was a bit fast particularly given the fate switching aspect of the story I was also disappointed to see that in spite of all the other changes in the story the Rapunzel character is still blonde I m not sure why no one ever seems to change this when retelling RapunzelOverall this is a fun retelling of Rapunzel particularly if you re looking for a non heteronormative slant or enjoy a magical feel Note that this is part of a series entitled Sappho s Fables which consists of lesbian retellings of fairy tales The novellas may be mixed and matched Recommended to GLBT YA fans who enjoy a fairy taleCheck out my full review

Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Elora BishopBraided by Elora Bishop

Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Elora Bishop Elora Bishop · 6 Read characters Braided by Elora Bishop H to survive the strange dream world of Chimera or will Zelda remain a prisoner of the curse foreverThe novella BRAIDED is the lesbian retelling of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel It is part of the series SAPPHO’S FABLES LESBIAN FAIRY TALES Zelda s hair reaches to the grown from her platform in an ancient holy tree where she is cursed to spend all her days allowing pilgrims to braid wishes into her nut brown locks But this was not to be her curse and Gray the witches daughter can not bear the woman she loves wrongfully suffering for it The arrival of the Not There Fair however changes everything Can Gray and Zelda solve a strange creature s riddle and change both their fates Braided is the first I ve read of Elora Bishop s series Sappho s Fables and it certainly won t be the last This novella is a lesbian retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale but is both original and enchanting There are a few typos in the kindle version but they are easily overlooked I loved Elora Bishops s take on the which as a distant mother who wished no one ill but simply didn t know what else to do for her daughter Also I believe I will have her description of the magical dream world the Chimera stuck in my mind for a long time to come In short I loved this you should read it

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Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Elora Bishop Elora Bishop · 6 Read characters Braided by Elora Bishop Zelda is cursed to spend her days on a platform in an ancient holy tree growing her hair long enough to touch the ground But it wasn’t her curse to bear Gray the witch’s daughter was meant for that lonely fate Gray visits Zelda each day m Beautiful prose and a magical new retelling

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