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  • Hardcover
  • 464
  • Believarexic
  • J.J. Johnson
  • English
  • 07 February 2020
  • 9781561457717

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Believarexic Summary À 108 Om the peaceful supportive environment she’d imaginedIn order to be discharged Jennifer must make her way through the strict treatment program as well as harrowing accusations confusing half truths and startling insights She is forced to examine her relationships both i. This came to me because I was on a panel with JJ and she was knock out fabulous I knew I had to read her book And I am so glad I did This is a true novel or a fictionalized memoir following the author s fifteen year old self through a stay in an eating disorders unit The process through the clinic forms the low key but high stake plot and the effect is likewise low key but powerful transformation friendship trust self acceptance hope But to tell you the truth I just enjoyed my trip back to being my own teenaged self in the 1980s complete with mixed tapes and a confusing but intense crush on Annie Lennox I know this is a shallow reaction But JJ can take you there and she s Never Gonna Give You Up

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Believarexic Summary À 108 Nside and outside the hospital She must relearn who to trust and decide for herself what “healthy” really meansPunctuated by dark humor gritty realism and profound moments of self discovery Believarexic is a stereotype defying exploration of belief and human connectio. Before I review this book I d like to say even though I got this book from Netgalley these thoughts are all my own opinion I am very thankful to Netgalley for allowing me to review this book but I also don t want to be all sunshine and rainbows and not be honest about how I feel about this book All right so now that that little explanation is over lets discuss Believarexic Believarexic was a novel that I thought I would love I was initially attracted to the cover and loved the premise because I thought it would be an autobiography In a way it was but it was also a fiction novel I think Correct me if I m wrong I really wanted a novel showing the growth and development of their eating disorder or at least have an explanation why it developed Their really was no explanation that was clear To me that aspect in her past felt very jumbled and I really would ve liked information on that Overall the book could have been fantastic but another aspect that irked me was the writing The writing felt so choppy and unnatural I don t know if it was the way my ARC copy was with the dropoff sentences but the words and vocabulary didn t seem to have a flow that made me feel like I was getting a consistent story I don t need lovely lyrical writing but I at least need it to flow and have some sort of imagery ya know what I mean The characters to me weren t all that well written which really hurts me to say because these characters are basically based on the author s family and her which makes me feel like a real jerk saying this I know I may not relate with Jennifer s personality a ton but the most I really saw was crying and her eating disorder There was tell rather than show which didn t really help to connect with her It kept saying she was sad or she was a good girl but I want proof in her character to say that rather than just telling the reader what to think I also found the way bulimia and anorexia was portrayed in a way that felt like it was very glossed over I know this is a recovery book but again it was only tell know show It never told the reader how thin Jennifer was or what the symtoms and hardships of anorexia was We only got crying which is needed in the novel but I felt like I was missing out on many important key points in the novel I know this is a very negative review but one strong point in the book was the whole hospital system being explained I thought that was important since we rarely get the rules in a hospital for the patients in recovery I found that very interesting and a fantastic touch to the story Overall this book wasn t for me but I also think many others would enjoy this book so I say give it a try if it sounds interesting to you

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Believarexic Summary À 108 Fifteen year old Jennifer has to force her family to admit she needs help for her eating disorder But when her parents sign her into the Samuel Tuke Center she knows it’s a terrible mistake The facility’s locked doors cynical nurses and punitive rules are a far cry fr. I am working very hard on this book It s like bleeding onto the page So I m marking it five stars for its first review Well done me