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Elusive as the Unicorn

SUMMARY Elusive as the Unicorn FREE DOWNLOAD ¹ Elusive as the Unicorn Carole Mortimer Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Of it But Eve was already engaged to marry her longtime friend PaulYet Eve found herself troubled by the different choices Adam and Paul presented If only the answer to her dilemma didn't keep eluding he the story is as elusive as the title for me

SUMMARY Elusive as the Unicorn

SUMMARY Elusive as the Unicorn FREE DOWNLOAD ¹ Elusive as the Unicorn Carole Mortimer Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Eve Eden considered Adam forbidden fruitWhen Eve Eden discovered that Adam Gardener successful art entrepreneur was searching for the legendary English artist The Unicorn she nervously shied away The Uni Re Elusive as the Unicorn Carole Mortimer s Eve Eden and Adam Gardener are set up for discovering the Paradise of HPlandia Lurve if AG can get EE to dump her fiance first So the h is an anonymous artist known only as the Unicorn she is an orphan and lives with her grandma and sometimes her cousin Marina when Marina shows up Marina is an actress and an HP OW in the making it is kinda sad she never got a book but you can tell CM was thinking about it The H and h meet at a party where the h is left by her fiance while he circulates The H starts telling the h off about being a doormat over the way the fiance treats her The problem is the h has been in love with the fiance a long time she had crushed on him for years as he is the son of the now deceased family lawyer She doesn t want to hear anything bad about her true lurve as she has waited for forever for the guy to notice her and the H is not kind about it In fact he is rather aggressive and he makes no bones about wanting the h as the future mother of his children himself The h also has a friend who owns an art gallery and she and the fiance don t get along mainly cause the fiance isn t supportive of the h s art career The h is a true artist she doesn t care if her paintings get shown or not she just loves to paint and since she was left fairly well off she can afford to do it The gallery owner is out make mischief by breaking the h s engagement and continually manipulates the h into the company of the H cause she thinks she can capitalize on the h s budding artistic career that way The H came to England specifically to meet the h well actually to find the artist known as the Unicorn and get them to do a show in his New York galleryWhen the art gallery owner manipulates an invitation from the h s grandmother to their country home for the weekend she and her husband bring the H along too The H then finds out the h is really the Unicorn and after a horrible dinner party where the h s cousin Marina is at her OW flirtatious best and the H and the fiance are at each other s throats the h falls asleep in her studio and the H carries her off to her bed they are sharing connected by a bathroom rooms There is a big roofie kissing moment and the h realizes that she can t marry one guy when she is so physically attracted to another guy So she breaks her engagement and the fiance doesn t take it well The ex fiance storms over to the h s house and finds the H and h together talking about their attraction for each other and the H decides he is marrying the h The ex fiance then hits the H and the h is pretty irked with both of them but she has all the forceful personality of a concussed duckling so she is pretty ineffective The ex claims he won t give up the H is very assertive in saying he is going to win the h and the h just wants to find a nice duvet cover to hide underThen the H and the ex both decide to investigate each other The h doesn t want to know any of it cause only tacky people try to dig up dirt on other people The ex fiance finds nothing but the H finds out that the ex fiance got the h to sign a power of attorney and all her inherited money is gone because the ex fiance kept skimming it and investing it in bad things and only wanted the h for her money The ex fiance gets the boot big time from all the ladies and especially the grandmother but the h doesn t have to worry cause she is marrying the H and he is rich enough to finance the economy of a small country and he will push her art career as wellThis one was okay the h was really sweet but TSTL The H is the stalkerific kind so if that is your thing this might be a great HPlandia day at the office


SUMMARY Elusive as the Unicorn FREE DOWNLOAD ¹ Elusive as the Unicorn Carole Mortimer Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Corn's true identity hit too close to home Besides Eve was rattled by Adam's mesmerizing presence especially in light of the ridiculous coincidence of their names and his determination to take advantage When Eve Eden discovers that successful art entrepreneur Adam Gardener is searching for the legendary English artist The Unicorn she nervously shies away The Unicorn s true identity hits a little too close to homeBut Eve is rattled and intrigued by Adam s mesmerizing presence and his determination to entice her into his arms As an engaged woman she shouldn t be flirting with anyone let alone the most delicious man she s ever laid eyes on Can Eve resist the temptation of the forbidden

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  • Elusive as the Unicorn
  • Carole Mortimer
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  • 03 September 2020
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