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Elspeth Huxley A Biography

review Ð Elspeth Huxley A Biography Elspeth Huxley who died in 1997 is chiefly remembered for her lyrical and evocative memoir The Flame Trees of Thika 1959 Yet this was only one of the thirty books she wrote and it took just a few months of her remarkably active life to composeA woman of compelling personality and exceptional energy Elspeth Huxley was not only a celebrated writer but also a farmer broadcaster journalist conservationist political thinker magistrate and government adviser She was a vivid chronicler of colonial Kenya and became increasingly recognized as an observer and int. Readable biography At times it goes into too much detail and at other times there s not nearly enough But on the whole it s a decent read Huxley really did lead a rather extraordinary life But I can t help wishing that Nicholls had chosen to write a biography of Huxley s mother Nellie Grant instead

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review Ð Elspeth Huxley A Biography Erpreter of African affairs over a period of profound change Initially a staunch defender of the white settlers she would later come to support moves toward African independenceAfter a childhood spent in East Africa and wartime Britain Elspeth married a grandson of Thomas Huxley and cousin of Aldous Huxley whom she knew well Her wide circle also later included George and Joy Adamson the Leakeys and Peter Scott whose biography she wrote Whatever their subject her books reveal the adventurousness warmth perception and occasional astringency that made up h. brilliant

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review Ð Elspeth Huxley A Biography Er own personality; they are also notable for their acute observation and great social range encompassing the lives of Kenya’s poor white farmers the frivolous Happy Valley set and Africans alikeFor this the first biography of Elspeth Huxley C S Nicholls has made extensive use of her papers and letters including those to and from Elspeth’s formidable mother Nellie and her hapless father Jos Elspeth Huxley A Biography is not merely a fascinating portrait of an extraordinary woman but an absorbing account of an entire era of colonial and British histo. Finally got around to reading the seuel to The Flame Trees of Thika and wondered what took me so long Loved the miniseries some years ago on PBS

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