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characters Ecodharma review Ecodharma 103 review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø David R. Loy Sponse to our ecological predicament introducing a new term for a new development of the Buddhist tradition This book emphasizes the three aspects of Ecodharma practicing in the natural world exploring the ecological implications of Buddhist teachings and embodying that understanding in the eco act. Ecodharma is a passionate if sometimes scattershot summation of a group of views that have emerged among Buddhist leaders on the subject of climate change or to use the term Loy prefers the ecological crisis For those like me who are familiar with many of those leaders works but have not engaged with the specifically ecologically oriented parts of their teachings it serves as an apt introduction and points the way to a great deal reading particularly as other reviewers have pointed out of the Joanna Macy works that Loy freuently cites Even without that knowledge though there is a great deal to be gained from this book for a general reader As in his other work that I ve read Money Sex War Karma Loy shows a knack for the pithy and provocative turn of phrase and for situating core Buddhist ideals in Western social justice terms All of these are to his and the book s creditUnfortunately the book also feels a little scattered Large parts of the beginning are dedicated to reciting the details of the crisis that we face which is worthy enough but can feel like a distraction for those who want immediately to jump into answers suggestions and calls to action I suspect Loy would perhaps rightly encourage us to sit with our discomfort in simply reading about how bad things are While each chapter feels engaging in and of itself the book doesn t uite feel like it gains momentum as a whole doesn t build to a sweeping argument of the sort that I m sure some readers are eager for I m torn as to whether this is a strength or a weakness I suspect the answer is neither Much like the pages of uotes that precede each chapter which I see at least one other reviewer struggled with the book is probably at its most potent if you re willing to meet Loy where he is and have some background knowledge of him his tradition and Buddhism generally Despite these hindrances the book contains many thought provoking and beautiful reformulations of long held Buddhist truths into contemporary terms in ways that are helpful for facing the ecological crisis The appendices which collect a few major statements from Buddhist leaders including Loy on the topic are particularly valuable as even pithier enunciation of the steps we need to take It s a worthy introduction to the topic

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characters Ecodharma review Ecodharma 103 review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø David R. Loy Ivism that is needed today Within these pages you’ll discover the powerful ways Buddhism can inspire us to heal the world we share Offering a compelling framework and practical spiritual resources Loy outlines the Ecosattva Path a path of liberation and salvation for all beings and the world itse. Author David Loy has made a convincing case for utilizing Buddhist teachings with climate activism Buddhism creates a duality between mindfulness and causing no harm or at very least making the effort to right the harm we have done to the planet and all species including ourselves If you hope to convert others to act on climate issues this is the book for you

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characters Ecodharma review Ecodharma 103 review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø David R. Loy How can we respond urgently and effectively to the ecological crisis and stay sane doing itThis landmark work is simultaneously a manifesto a blueprint a call to action and a deep comfort for troubling times David R Loy masterfully lays out the principles and perspectives of Ecodharma a Buddhist re. It was somewhat confusing the arguments against helping the environment seemed to be a lot and The arguments for were rather tenuous and a stretchIt mostly focuses on hypershallow western mahayanna buddhism like he literally didn t even mention reincarnation a single time but instead kept talking random jesus storiesI m greatly disappointedLike here is a simple argument for which he didn t even attempt having a better ecosystem would lead to less sufferingHere s another grow a paradise now and you can reincarnate into it