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Engaging the Earl Read & download ½ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Society's notice But Marcus himself the only man whose company Emma truly enjoys seems oblivious to her charmsWith his finances in jeopardy Marcus knows he can't be the wealthy groom Emma needs Instead he'll see he. Can dreams come true Emma is beginning to think it is not possible Emma is having to work as a governess because her parents who are honest and trusting have trusted schemers who took their money Her good friend Olivia finds out and makes a plan to help by finding her a wealthy husband with help of her brother of course everything gets turned upside down But in the end Emma does get her dream and This book is delightful

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Engaging the Earl Read & download ½ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF R properly engaged to the right manand break his own heartYet Emma's determination and Marcus's resolve may be no match for love faith and a scheming sister determined to end Emma's husband hunt right at Marcus's si. I finished this book and let out a long contented sigh happily satisfied with another enchanting Regency romance from Mandy Goff I read The Blackmailed Bride recently and adored the characters so I was very excited to read this book I highly recommend reading TBB first although it s not neccesary You ll understand the book either way but it gives you a better appreciation for the characters and makes this book like revisiting old friends what could be better than that I really appreciate how strong and independent the heroine Emma is in this book It demonstrates one of the things I love about historical romantic fiction it puts the woman in the center of the story something the history books fail to do most of the time She tries valiantly to support her family on her own which is admirable during the time of coverture I loved Marcus s jealous fits it seemed so unlike him but believable in the context I still enjoyed Gibbons even though he wasn t in the book very much his antics and retorts made me laugh out loud Mandy doesn t Gibbons deserve a spin off where he gets his shot at love

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Engaging the Earl Read & download ½ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF To help her destitute parents Emma Mercer must marry very well And very soon Love is irrelevant Only security mattersdoesn't it Aided by her friend Olivia and Olivia's brother Marcus Earl of Westin Emma uickly gains. A friend recommended Engaging the Earl to me uite some time ago but as I didn t own it and it wasn t at my library I kept putting it off for books I had on hand or that I had been looking forward to longer So this past week I was in a Christian bookstore and I saw this on the shelf so I bought it I decided to read it this weekend Last night I read to page 54 loved it but had to put it down Today was a gray day and after I got home from church I settled down to read I kept telling myself I needed to take reality breaks but once I would finally pull myself away all I could think of was what s going to happen What is he THINKING Is his sister EVER going to make her move OK I better just go read I don t want the characters doing anything interesting without me after all Needless to say I didn t do much but read todayEngaging the Earl had a consistent stream of comedy like a Georgette Heyer a sweet romance like a Jane Austen and a long time coming climax that is frustrating in the extreme but makes the ending all the satisfying Which reminded me of Louisa May Alcotts The Inheritance to a point All those misunderstandings and me wishing I could slap a few of the characters with their own book P About halfway through I connected that Mandy Goff s first book Blackmail Bride precedes this in a series and is about Olivia and Nick the rest of the time spent reading this book I kept thinking I MUST get my hands on book 1 with all speed Can t wait to read it Olivia was a GREAT character I loved her loyal friendship with Emma and the sisterbrother relationship between her and Marcus was adorable Marcus was a George Knightley type hero and I envisioned him as such most of the time He had a level head on his shoulders a good sense of humor a desire to keep those closest to him happy and a sincere love for the less fortunate and concern for their welfare I enjoyed the banter between him and Emma and his habit of scaring off all her potential suitors particularly Baron Chivers was highly amusing Emma was a heroine with Elinor Dashwoods loyal to her family sensible outlook and Elizabeth Bennet s independent feisty temper I really enjoyed getting to know herThere were moments in this story where I laughed out loud moments I teared up and moments I sueezed the poor paperback to the point of bending the cover sigh stay calm it can be flattened out again oO in frustrating and irritation with non communicative characters Mandy Goff threaded the message of trusting the Lord into her story very well and I was encouraged Everything happens for a reason God has it all under control See I had no need to get all worked up and abuse my poor book All will be well and according to His plan in the endTrust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understandingIn all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths Proverbs 35 6

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