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  • 375
  • The Myriad Tour of the Merrimack #1
  • R.M. Meluch
  • English
  • 03 April 2018
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Read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ R.M. Meluch The Myriad Tour of the Merrimack #1 Summary ☆ 0 A series of wormholes that could unlock the secrets that could defeat the Hive or destroy humankind foreverVaguely reminiscent of Robert A Heinlein's Starship Troopers specifically the relentless alien antagonists and the over the top gung ho characters Meluch's The Myriad is lighthearted fast paced fun While obviously not as intense or controversial as Heinlein's Hugo Award winning classic this novel will prove thoroughly enjoyable to fans of military science fiction authors like David Weber and David Drake Paul Goat All. 35 stars Despite a great deal of silliness this was a fun read if you like this sort of thing which I do It started off as a goofy military sci fi novel full of clich d characters and not very alien aliens But it s well written particularly the dialog so I was enjoying it anyway and to my surprise the book improved steadily right up to an extraordinary endingOne reservation there s a lot of offensive sexism The worst is focused on a young female marine who is the subject of many supposedly good natured jokes about her promiscuity Then there s the captain who assigns an attractive officer to the night shift so that he won t be perturbed by her presence on his shift The novel has a running theme actually of men behaving unprofessionally because of their attraction to a womanThe friendly aliens are pitiful stuff right out of a bad Star Trek episode Even one of the characters wants to know why they aren t you know alien I ve had less comprehensible conversations with the French And guess what the alien females are markedly less intelligent than their males a facet which might have been less bothersome in a story not already plagued with sexismThe enemy aliens however are pretty cool a hive mind without sentience which devours everything in its path Its discovery of human prey has led to an uneasy alliance between Earth and their homegrown enemies a colony world settled by a resurrected Roman Empire Yes Centurions in Space A Roman officer has joined the crew of an American military ship sent to search for the Hive s homeworld The Americans are all Woo hoo let s kick some alien ass and the lone Roman is Mr Spock haughty and spookily smartThere are some really great action scenes featuring everything from sword fighting to antimatter explosions The dialog is snappy and amusing One romantic sub plot is awful but the slashy one is subtle and intriguing I loved the ending and I m glad there are book in this series

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The Myriad Tour of the Merrimack #1

Read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ R.M. Meluch The Myriad Tour of the Merrimack #1 Summary ☆ 0 O an uneasy alliance to fight the alien invaders nondescript antagonists that exist only to consume While the unified forces try to keep the Hive from destroying human populated planets one US battleship the Merrimack sets off on a uest to find the Hive's homeworld and take the battle to its sourceDuring the ship's desperate search the crew of the Merrimack discovers a strange star cluster with three worlds inhabited by sentient beings After first contact with the amazingly humanoid populace Captain John Farragut discovers. If you don t get hooked during the first conversation all alone between Captain Farragut and the Roman patterner Augustus then maybe these aren t for you I liked the first book until then when I got to the end of that chapter I was hooked and when I got to the end of the first book in which time and space and everything aren t so easy to define any I couldn t eat or sleep until I d gotten my hands onto the next in the seriesThese stories follow not just the captain and crew of the USS Merrimack but some of their esteemed enemies the Romans or Palatines this being a future when at some point all the Roman Catholics up and left Earth in a stream establishing their own planet and colonies a thousands year plot of positively Jesuitical dimension So the old Earth under the United Nations which does not always back up America and the Romans are at one another s throats until a far bigger threat comes along the Hive These aliens are nasty They are not secretly just wanting to communicate or if they are the frantic science guys can t discover how They just want to eat people preferably but they ll go for your clothes food and pretty much anything else except for teeth and the metals space ships are made of But they don t simply function as convenient targets for our marines to shoot without compunction because there is still the uestion of war between Rome and Earth and all its painful heartbreaking conseuences Meluch doesn t flinch at the results of a violent lifestyle and yet she s still amazingly good at the hoo ra high adrenaline lets go for broke all out adventure that is the essence of good space operaCheck out The Wolf Star and Sagittarius Command

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Read × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ R.M. Meluch The Myriad Tour of the Merrimack #1 Summary ☆ 0 The Barnes Noble ReviewR M Meluch's first novel in than a decade The Myriad begins a series that is an amalgam of subgenres military science fiction space opera time paradox and alternate historyOn an Earth where the Roman Empire never fell but instead existed in secret societies for millennia finally reestablishing itself on the planet Palatine and is now embroiled in a war against the League of Earth Nations a much deadly foe emerges from the darkness of deep space the Hive The governments of Palatine and Earth enter int. The review I was mentally writing as I read the bookThe Myriad Tour of the Merrimack 1 falls into the class of Military SF that borrows heavily from Age of Sail novels I don t by and large enjoy Age of Sail novels unless they re exceptional and I don t much enjoy the Military SF that echoes it I read David Feintuch s Midshipman s Hope and enjoyed it but I would not read it again That said I uite enjoyed this book The action is mostly military but with some very appealing character dynamics between the captain and the intelligence officer assigned to him given the fact that the intelligence officer is from another galactic empire one until recently at war with Earth and you get an appealing tangle of resentment distrust and mutual respect that I found very compelling The enemy which has united the two warring factions is horrific and well imagined the world and its characters original than I expect from the genre and the physics are almost a character on their own It s action packed and neither the military action nor the periods between ever seem to drag The book is never predictable and holy mother of unnamed suamous gods what the sweet zombies on Mars is The review I wrote after finishing the bookThe Myriad Tour of the Merrimack 1 by R M Meluch is a seducer and a betrayer I have had my heart ripped out and torn to shreds before my very eyes I feel alone abandoned disconsolate ruined Is there really any true and beautiful thing left in the universe Will I ever find true love Will anyone ever love me I m gong to go play Killing Me Softly and eat cookie dough ice cream now