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REVIEW µ Salka Valka CHARACTERS ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Halldór Laxness Halldór Laxness ☆ 0 REVIEW A novel of Iceland a ueer repellant sort of Iceland at that The story of a prostitute and her child victim of her passions her selfishness and her ill fame and of their attempt to find a place for them Originally subtitled A Woman in Pants and A Political Love Story Salka Valka is a stunning book about an extremely strong willed girl cum young woman named of course Salka Valka So far it s probably my 3rd favorite Laxness after IP and WL I m sorry I ve been thinking over this book for weeks since I finished and I still cannot think of how to execute this review This novel simply will not be contained in a few paragraphs it will not be caged by trite responses and simplified feelings It is a living breathing creature wild at times and tamed at others Buthere are a few attempts at half descriptions of this masterly spellbinding tomeSalka is tough like no other She begins saying at a young age that she doesn t feel like a girl and she soon begins wearing pants a shocking thing in the early part of the 20th Century and all the shocking in a tiny fishing village in Iceland Due to her mother s newborn baby she soon starts working for her own wages helping with the fishermen and eventually owning a share in a boat Despite having a near inflexible will Salka also has a big heart and a definite soft spot although she shows it to few I find it astounding how easily and fully Laxness manages to get into the heads of young people in general and here it s even the astounding how convincingly he creates and expresses this powerful woman I ve read reviews from a couple Icelandic women who half jokingly wondered if Laxness might not be a woman in disguise else how could he know all the thoughts that go on in the heads of the fairer sexThe scope and impact of this novel is so great that I really don t even know where to begin It s an absolute epic Laxness finished it in his late 20s and I truly wonder how he could have lived so thoroughly and observantly to be able to write such varied and deep characters He seems to know all about everyone of all kinds of different people If there s one flaw of this book it s that the 2nd half deals possibly a little too heavily and detailedly about socialist ideals and fairly temporally specific aspects of it However as always Laxness fully illustrates both sides of the arguments and doesn t clearly paint either party as heroes or villains Indeed he displays all the worts pros and cons of the debate and shows what happens when foresight is forgotten Salka Valka is concrete proof that Laxness was 100% worthy of the Nobel and every other prize he won In my opinion he might be the greatest of the Nobel laureates In any case he speaks volumes to me and to a host of others so let s just leave it at that Find this book at all costs A good library should have a copyNB While the English translation was translated from the Danish translation of the Icelandic original this 1963 edition was revised by Laxness so it s safe to say that it s probably fairly faithful It certainly reads like the best of his other works in terms of tone poetry lyricism and everything else So fear not that the English version must be diluted or lost in translationBecause this book is pretty rare in English here s a hefty helping of some of my favorite passagesLife in Oseyri was lived in fish and consisted of fish and human beings were a sort of abortion which Our Lord had made out of cooked fish and perhaps a handful of rotten potatoes and a drop of oatmeal gruelIt must be regarded as doubtful how far she understood how to kiss for she only opened her mouth and shut her eyes Death and love have so much in commonNothing on earth is so blissful as the dream of a lover s presence when he is awayAt last she realized that she was a young woman with a name and address in the midst of the universe and had had a letter from a young man So wonderful a thing could hardly be imagined Have you heard of anything like it she asked herself Her cheeks grew warm and the heart in her breast sang like a bird on a bough No she could not bear it indoors the roof of the attic was so low and her happiness needed the open air under the stars What does hanging on a cross for twenty four hours mean to a man who has no children I said especially when he knows he s dying for a good cause indeed that he s saving the whole world and then going straight into the best place in Heaven What s that compared to the suffering I ve had to put up with for months and years with the house full of children when for many whole nights I ve shrieked with pain unceasingly and without relief and I ll soon be dead and that without having anything to die for and there ll be no heavenly Kingdom for me for I know the children will go on crying when I m dead and swearing and uarrelling and begging for milk they can t get In Viking times it was the fashion to set out on open marauding expeditions but we have become polite in our time they undermine public opinion through newspapers and seduce poor people into taking sides against their own starving children Nowadays they create public opinion by having abusive articles written about the men who are working to get the children of the masses milk to drink better housing and a proper bringing up In old days the same kind of people made a sport of pitching those same little children from man to man and catching them on spear headsShe had a curious attitude towards human life in that she took every view seriously if only she could see it When she changed her opinions it was because she saw new expanses opening up before her mind s eyeGod gives some people beautiful houses with electric light and central heating and prettily furnished God s only Son had no place He could call His own so long as He journeyed on earth God does not regard furnitureShe stood in a sunbeam wreathed in smoke from the coffee with parted lips and disordered hair bare neck and knees and only that ragged piece of stuff to hide the riches of her body and soulThe sunis the only luxury the poor obtain on reasonable terms when it shines just for once in a wayOn one wall was a picture of the long bearded General with his wife on the other a picture of the short bearded Jesus Christ the King of Glory unmarried I have one feeling towards you which I have never had towards any other woman not for any living being and I am sure that even if the earth were inhabited by beautiful gods like those described in the Edda and in Homer I should never come to have such a feeling for any of themWhen I look at you and even when I think of you I feel that my most fervent wish is and always must be to die on your bosom that you may sit by me when I draw my last breath

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REVIEW µ Salka Valka CHARACTERS ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Halldór Laxness Halldór Laxness ☆ 0 REVIEW Selves in a new community which is unfriendly critical and unforgiving Chiefly the story of the daughter her obsessions with and revulsions from sex and her relations with two men the one by morbid fas fatalist what can easily be seen as defeatist is a complex understanding of human nature its animal sexuality its tendencies to take the path of least resistance its intuition beautiful truthful

CHARACTERS ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Halldór Laxness

REVIEW µ Salka Valka CHARACTERS ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Halldór Laxness Halldór Laxness ☆ 0 REVIEW Cination and hate and love of a ueer sort the other by appeal to her better nature Glimpses of effects of industrial unrest in a distant part of the world A difficult style not easy reading Kirkus revi I m not sure I understood this book At times it was trite at times it made me think Might bee good don t trust my review

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