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  • Case Review Gastrointestinal Imaging
  • Peter J. Feczko
  • en
  • 06 February 2020
  • 9780323008914

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SUMMARY » Case Review Gastrointestinal Imaging Es exceptional preparation for board examsNumerous cases with brief discussions allow readers to move from topic to topic swiftlyEach case includes a brief discussion of disease as well as differential diagnosis to help readers prepare for board exams or re certificationSelf testing mimics official exam formats with challenging cases beyond exam levels to provide thorough preparation and build confidenceCases are randomly organised and divided into three overall ca.

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SUMMARY » Case Review Gastrointestinal Imaging GASTRONTESTINAL IMAGING features 200 cases which cover the entire gamut of gastrointestinal disease Each case is followed by a brief discussion of pertinent findings differential diagnoses and general discussion Various modalities including barium studies computed tomography ultrasound and MRI are used to demonstrate the pathology Provides clinicians with an excellent review of the field and students with a valuable study aid for board examsCase presentation provid.

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SUMMARY » Case Review Gastrointestinal Imaging Tegories to allow readers to test at differing degrees of difficultyCompanion to the HalpertGoodrnan Gastrointestinal Radiology The Reuisites 2c volume Together they provide a great one two combination punch to beat the examsApproximately 440 state of the art images effectively complement the text and provide a clear picture of what exam takers can expectA wonderful preparation tool for residents fellows or practicing radiologists preparing for re certification exa.