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  • Decision at Doona
  • By Anne McCaffrey
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  • 15 July 2019
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Decision at Doona characters à 104 Read & Download Decision at Doona A novel about the first human contact with aliens There were two seuels. Very familiar with many of Anne McCaffrey s worlds and storylines so loved this one too first read many years ago and was worth reading again a lot of stories take place after mankind has ventured out into the stars I really love the fact that this starts with a very crowded Earth and cramped living conditions with limited resources because that is exactly what will make mankind willing to take that next step despite the problems that can occur and like always mankind is up for it

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Decision at Doona

Decision at Doona characters à 104 Read & Download Decision at Doona Written with Jody Lynn Nye Crisis on Doona 1992 and Treaty at Doona 199. I first read this story when I was a youth Those days are long past I write my own novels now and wanted to see how close my style was to this great author You ll have to check for that answer on your own But to the point of my review of this story Like I found it so long ago it was pleasantly entertaining and subtle upon the social dialogue that Anne was conveying The characters were interesting and engaging A great read for all ages

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Decision at Doona characters à 104 Read & Download Decision at Doona Corgi 1984 British mass market paperback First published in 1969 This is. The Doona trilogy of books is my second most favorite series Anne McCaffrey has written next to her Talent universe which consists of two series the Talent series which is a preuel trilogy and The Tower and the Hive series which consists of five books I love the Doona series for its wonderful characters the interesting and realistic depiction of colonizing a planet given in the context of the political and social context of a future Earth The pacing of the development of the colony and especially characters as well as respective home worlds in relation to Doona were interesting engrossing and fun When I finished the last book in the series it was so good that I seriously mourned the end of this series and its characters as I have real people in my life This series of books had everything in them I cherish about life learning and growing that I ve found in my favorite Anne McCaffrey series such as the true meaning of friendship redemption perseverance self sacrifice for the greater good wisdom and humorI was so glad that Anne McCaffrey continued writing about Doona As you might notice she wrote the second and third books in the trilogy over two decades later and with a co author Jody Lynn Nye