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  • Paperback
  • 301
  • Catering to Nobody
  • Diane Mott Davidson
  • English
  • 21 July 2019
  • 9780553584707

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Summary Catering to Nobody 108 MEET THE CATERER WHO WHIPPED UP THE MULTIMILLION COPY MYSTERY SERIES–AS GOLDY SOLVES HER FIRST MURDERDiane Mott Davidson’s winning recipe of first class suspense and five star fare has won her and caterer Goldy critical raves and a regular place on major bestseller lists across the country In Goldy’s tantalizing debut she serves up a savory dish of secrets suspicions and murde. 15 stars Buddy Read with Nameeta as part of Mystery Book weekI really wanted to read a good mystery book as part of the Mystery week and what better to pick up than a cozy mystery We decided to pick this up as this was featured in the top books of cozy mystery list on GR Unfortunately it did not work out as plannedThe thing is after reading a lot of Christie novels my standard in the cozy mystery genre is set and to say the least this story did not even reach closeThe main character Goldy is a divorced woman taking care of her 11 yr old son and trying to make her business work There is a funeral she is catering where her ex father in law is poisoned and rushed to the hospital All good till here But then the story just goes down hillThe investigation by Gol

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Summary Catering to Nobody 108 RCatering a wake is not Goldy’s idea of fun Yet the Colorado caterer throws herself into preparing a savory feast including Poached Salmon and Strawberry Shortcake Buffet designed to soothe forty mourners And her culinary efforts seem to be exactly what the doctor ordereduntil her ex father in law gynecologist Fritz Korman is struck down and Goldy is accused of adding poison to th. I have a great love of book series I love to get plenty of time to get to know all the characters and immerse myself in their world So I m glad to get a start with this one So Goldy is a divorced mom trying to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of running a catering company But after a person gets poisoned at her affair she is forced to shut down When you barely make ends meet being without one paycheck can sink your ship This leads Goldy to find the real culprit I can understand how a caterer got involved in solving crime this time It will be interesting to see what justifies it in future books

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Summary Catering to Nobody 108 E menu Now with the Department of Health impounding her leftovers her ex husband proclaiming her guilt and her business about to be shut down Goldy knows she can’t wait for the police to serve up the answers She’ll soon uncover than one family skeleton and a veritable stew of unpalatable secrets–the kind that could make Goldy the main course in an unsavory killer’s next murd. Listened to the Recorded Books cassette edition Now I ve previously read this book several years ago and went on to read in the series but why sort of escapes me I didn t like the people in this book I found Goldy annoying and repetitive and Tom Schulz unprofessional pushy and patronizing I might try the second one at least because I know I kept going with the series previously but if I don t like that one better then I m gone I think this may be just one example of the problem I have with amateur detectives I like my detectives to be competent and often I don t think the conflict with traditional authority such as the police has enough reason for existing besides giving the amateur a reason to detect at all Particularly in this case since Tom Schulz is I b