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Angel by Katie Price

Angel by Katie Price Read è 100 Er Young beautiful and sexy she seems destined for a successful career and very uickly the glitzy world of celebrity fame and riches becomes her new homeBu. This book was good That s all really I set off liking the main character Angel but to the end I really couldn t help hating her The plot was very common and dodgy I felt this was a huge let down because of Katy Price s other novels which were amazing I felt this book was alright but altogether a huge let down I wouldn t really recommend d this book to anyone but considering I already have the rest of the series it might improve I really hope that the series improve I have this book a 3 because it lacked humour addictive feelings and an enjoyable plot Not one of my favourite reads so I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone It does have the potential to be uite relatable to some people though

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Angel by Katie Price Read è 100 T then she meets Mickey the lead singer of a boy band who is as irresistible as he is dangerous and Angel realises that a rising star can just as uickly fa. Warning may contain spoilers This book was the first Katie price books I read and honestly I liked it The book was surprising well structured though the punctuation and basic sentences might need a recheckThe trouble that Angel gets herself into is shocking and really made her insecure but knowing that at the end Cal who was the most pathetic character was going to be there was so stupid even though Cal s girlfriends were really annoying and possessive mainly because he was such a player he practically jumped at any girl willing to be with himI knew him and Angel were going to be together anyway due to the whole I can t stop thinking about him he s so hot thing Angel had going on throughout the whole book Which I don t understand I mean for Gods sake woman he only kissed you because you were too drunk to say no and stop crying about him stopping he decided he didn t like you Get Over It

Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Katie Price

Angel by Katie Price Read è 100 A SPARKLING AND SEXY TALE OF GLAMOUR MODELING ROMANCE AND THE TREACHEROUS PROMISES OF FAMEWhen Angel is discovered by a model agent her life changes for ev. This is a great book Very exciting and gripping and interesting It is very like actual real life as well This is a synopsis of Chapter 1 You will have to read it for yourself to find out what happens nextChapter 1Angel is a fugly frump so her BFF Gemma comes round and does her make up so she is all beautiful instead of having a slapped arse face Then Gemma lends her a Wonderbra so her tits look good and some strappy shoes so her arse looks nice too Gemma is very skilled her middle name should be good at clothes and make up and that so Angel instantly looks like a model and has nice knockers and a fit arse So that means it s time to go clubbingAt the Creation nightclub Gemma has been trying to get off with Tony for ages so she gets off with Tony But Angel fancies Cal who is really drop dead gorgeous and is a pro footballer with a car and everything But Cal is going out with Mel who is a cowAngel and Cal have a dance to Pussycat Dolls and accidentally get off with each other But then Cal thinks he s been seen by someone who knows he s supposed to be with that cow Mel After he runs away Cal texts Angel and is all like sorry I didn t mean to get off with you because I am with that cow Mel lol Angel is so vexed that she goes all riding about on a horse but then Cal turns up in his car and says why didn t you reply to my text Angel replies angrily dog s cocksWill Cal leave that rotten cow Mel and get off with Angel instead You will have to read this brilliant book

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