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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • A Grid for Murder
  • Casey Mayes
  • English
  • 01 July 2020
  • 9780425251645

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A Grid for Murder Read & Download Î 108 Gossips in Asheville North Carolina over tea she flaunts her new assignment creating logic puzzles for a local newspaper one that has repeatedly turned down Savannah’s workBut when Savannah’s retired police chief husband Zach calls her later to tell her Joanna has actually been poisoned. It s a shame the series has ended It s not the first time a Tim Myers series has been dropped like this and it s frustrating every time

Read & Download A Grid for MurderA Grid for Murder

A Grid for Murder Read & Download Î 108 Savannah Stone makes her living creating puzzles for logic lovers But when a novice puzzle maker’s number is up Savannah has to fill in the blanks to solve a murderSavannah would almost rather drink poison than have tea with Joanna Clayton Not only is the unpleasant woman one of the worst. To start out with I annotated the hell out of this book thinking it would help me figure out the killer and all of their schemes right off the bat Of course I was wrong and didn t even think of Laura to be the killer She just seemed too likely for me to think this I was so SURPRISED to find this out I didn t have even a little inkling that she ever even was So many countless times were spent referring back to chapter 1 thinking that it could not be Laura because she needed the money The killer made it sound like they poisoned Joanne just because they hated her not for her money The way Laura becoming welcoming to Savannah also made me think Laura was innocent I should have known the way though how Laura got so excited once Savannah found all that extra money Savannah sort of got on my nerves throughout the story with her nosiness and obsseivness for something she should have stayed out of and let the police handle everything even if she was trying to get her name cleared I adored Savannah s relationship with her husband It was so cozy and I loved the fact that they had been married for so long and there was never a dull moment between the two of them They could basically read each other s minds and always had each other s backs They were honest with each other and told each other everything From the start I thought that Rob was the killer and probably felt just as bad as Savannah for thinking it Rob was just very eager to help it seemed weird and Savannah didn t seem to suspect anything at all Once Savannah started investigating him though and putting him on her list I realized it would be to early in the book for the killer to be found Nothing was a coincidence he was just framed Then I started thinking the killer was Captain North The way she would get so annoyed with Savannah and all her snooping I thought that maybe she had known Joanne from way back and they had contact with each other over the years and she couldn t handle it any and killed Joanne Overall all the book was such a great mystery It was full of lots of surprises and made me want to read and Would definitely recommend to those who like a great mystery and those who are into puzzles

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A Grid for Murder Read & Download Î 108 She is than puzzled she’s troubled Will the police consider puzzle envy a strong enough motive and think she decided to eliminate the competition It’s time for Savannah to sort through Joanna’s long list of enemies to find out who was bitter enough to poison the prospective puzzle make. A Grid For Murder is the third book in the A Mystery By The Numbers series by Casey Mayes Savannah Stone needs to go to Asheville to do some shopping and afterwards decides to stop be Cafe Noir for some refreshment before heading back to her home in Parson s Valley that she shares with her retired police chief husband Zach Just as she finds a table Joanna Clayton waves and invites Savannah to share her table Then Laura and Sandra also from Parson s Valley are invited to the table None of the ladies really want to be there but don t want to be the next bit of gossip out of Joanne s mouth either Just as Susannah is getting ready to leave Joanne thrusts a piece of paper at Susannah with a puzzle similar to those that Susannah does Joanna proudly announces that she will be also making puzzles for a paper that Susannah had been trying to get to take hers Upon returning home a little later Zach tells her that Joanna has died and it it later learned the she was poisoned Knowing that once the information gets out about the puzzle Joanna was going to start that Susannah will certainly be a person of interest to provide police with her information and an offer to help discover the murderer A lot of residents of Parson s Valley would have liked to see Joanna deadParson s Valley being a small town of course means there is a chance that you will alienate some of your friends so Susannah has to proceed with caution A few do get upset but she is is able to get through the mystery without loosing any friendshipsA very fun read and I will be definitely looking for the next book in the series