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  • Paperback
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  • The Way the Crow Flies
  • Ann Marie MacDonald
  • English
  • 05 March 2018
  • 9780060586379
The Way the Crow Flies

Free read The Way the Crow Flies Read & Download ↠ The Way the Crow Flies ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ann Marie MacDonald ¶ 0 Summary The optimism of the early sixties infused with the excitement of the space race and the menace of the Cold War is filtered through the rich imagination of high spirited eight year old Madeleine who welcomes her family's posting to a. I really loved this book and had to read her previous novel Fall On Your Knees the minute I finished The Way the Crow Flies One thing that struck me about her writing was the fact that in both books I came to a place fairly soon in each maybe a third of the way through where she related an event that had me literally sobbing and choking with sadness and anger and then after I blew my nose furious at McDonald herself as the author Both times I felt like putting the book down no like thowing it violently and going straight to Google to find an address to write to her so that I could say You just can t do that to your characters That s so needlessly gratuitously awful that I can t stand it I will not read any Fortunately both times I just couldn t feel right about leaving the story at that horrible point and picked the books up again to read a few pages And both times I was rewarded to find that there was a kind of recovery and a literary justification and resolution for the horribleness inflicted so I was glad I hadn t stopped before I got there The second part of Crow especially which catches up with the little girl as an adult was really well connected I was put off by the jump at first just as I had been with the painful shock earlier in the book McDonald does that but ended up really admiring the way that she connected the older woman with the young girl you could see them both in each age sometimes obviously and sometimes very subtly Anyway I definitely recommend this book with this admonition to reactionary readers such as myself Don t throw it against the wall Just keep going and you ll get through the agony to reach the understanding HmmI guess that s good advice in many circumstances eh

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Free read The Way the Crow Flies Read & Download ↠ The Way the Crow Flies ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ann Marie MacDonald ¶ 0 Summary Uiet Air Force base near the Canadian border Secure in the love of her beautiful mother she is unaware that her father Jack is caught up in a web of secrets When a very local murder intersects with global forces Jack must decide wh. deep breath Wow 1 writing was really amazing 2 spot on insight into children s world from child s point of view along with ability to communicate from child s perspective if you are a woman you know that girl and you may find you were that girl 3 So many interesting layers I appreciated the Canadian insecurity both inward focused everybody thinks we re lame and we kind of agree and outwardly focused look at what we ve done to gain respect and why don t we have it yet I also appreciated the layer that asks what is bravery and challenges your preconcieved notions of who will be brave 4 Why is it that so many stories with strong little girls wind up with them being molested 5 I thoroughly enjoyed the book and thought I knew who dunit until that last 30 pages then I realized I was actually reading a horror story where I wound up going from practically comfortable to practically puking in about 5 minutes It was that powerfulSome of the most thoroughly best overall writing I have experienced in some time Some folks get the atmosphere and some folks get the characters this woman gets em both Atwood s got competition on my bookshelf

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Free read The Way the Crow Flies Read & Download ↠ The Way the Crow Flies ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ann Marie MacDonald ¶ 0 Summary Ere his loyalties lie and Madeleine will be forced to learn a lesson about the ambiguity of human morality one she will only begin to understand when she carries her uest for the truth and the killer into adulthood twenty years late. When stories are not told we risk losing our way Lies trip us up lacunae gape like blanks in a footbridge Time shatters and though we strain to follow the pieces like pebbles through the forest we are led farther and farther astray Stories are replaced by evidence Moments disconnected from eras Exhibits plucked from experienceWe forget the consolation of the common thread the way events are stained with the dye of the stories older than the facts themselvesWe lose our memoryThis can make a person illThis can make a world ill When I first picked up this book I read the description and the tags and labels that people had pinned on it When I first looked at this book I did not think I d ever read this What persuaded me to read it was that MacDonald s first book was written so well that I wanted to see how she would tell the story of The Way the Crow Flies But how can you tell this story of the murder of a child even if the story is partly based of the real life case of Steven Truscott How can you tell of the lies and secrets that unravel the lives of everyone involved Of the naivety of the individuals that condemn evil and yet at the same fail to see that it is their own simple mindedness that fuels the travesty of justice that ensues MacDonald tells it masterfully She uses imagery and language that packs a punch Never overly evocative or manipulative she shows each story from the characters point of view and this at times makes you want to stop reading and jump in and shake the person At other times this makes you draw the book in closer and cling to every page to find out what happens next The Way the Crow Flies is however not only the story of a community torn apart by the murder The book goes deeper Whilst the books main character Madeleine tries to deal with the events in her own life events which she feels she cannot speak of which she feels she needs to protect her family from her father Jack becomes entangled in a cold war scientific espionage plot in aid of the West s race to the moonA boys own adventure which in turn will make him uestion everything he believes in But to what end And while he is keen to teach his daughter that the truth must be told is he mature enough to take responsibility for the conseuences On another level MacDonald draws out the individual dilemmas against a historical context not just the backdrop of the Cold War but also that of the Second World War paralleling the space race to the development of the V2 and the atomic bomb All are inextricably linked through the people that were involved However this link creates an issue How can the same people be working for opposing ideologies But he has enough his children have enough to cope with never mind taking on the past To report this man would not only be futile it would be to exhume what is cold and can never heal To haunt his new family with the inconsolable griefs of his old one The book does not try to answer this uestion but offers serious food for thought Because the stories or rather the secrets of both father and daughter are bound to test their ideals their perception of each other and of the world This precious mess Democracy How much can be done in its name before like an egg consumed by a snake it becomes a mere shell Without knowing of each other s secrets both main characters are wounded in the process Are they able to heal The Way the Crow Flies has seriously impressed me MacDonald has not only written a mystery a political thriller and a court room drama all in one she also created a deep and complex psychological tour de force that uestions whether the reality we perceive always ties up with the facts and how this reality changes as we mature Individuals are defined by their story unless they take action to confront it Nina says Fear isn t the opposite of courageWhatIt s the prereuisite to courageReview originally posted on BookLikes