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The Vampire Princess

Michael Romkey ↠ 7 free download download ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Michael Romkey characters The Vampire Princess ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Age a glittering array of millionaires movie stars and royalty cavort all with their own dark secrets But not one of them has a past as evil as the ravishing Princess Nicoletta Vittorini di Medusa And few can resist the siren call of the deadly ecstasy she offers 1st Read June 22 1996 June 27 1996 Vampires aboard the Titanic Some parts of this story were really good while others dragged on and on losing me in the process It wasn t my best choice of books to buy However I normally give books a second chance and I m re reading many of them in the future to decide their fate every month as it is Many of these books will stay but some will leave my collection

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Michael Romkey ↠ 7 free download download ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Michael Romkey characters The Vampire Princess ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB I HAVE FINALLY SUCCEEDED IN AWAKENING YOUR KILLER INSTINCT There will be many opportunities for you to indulge in your wildest desires aboard the Prince William But if you refuse to abandon yourself to my bloody bacchanals I will find a new lover and destroy youR This is the third book in Romkey s series that started with I Vampire and continued with The Vampire Papers It continues the story of Nicoletta Vittorini di Medusa an ancient vampire princess Half the novel is her diary in which she tells of the fall of her kingdom to Muslim invaders during the time of the Crusades and her conversion to becoming a vampire Along the way she suffers all kinds of indignities at the hands of men explaining her hatred for them As always Romkey interweaves historical fact with fiction For example Medusa is close friends with da Vinci and takes credit for some of his work She also claims that Shakespeare plagiarized her diary to write Hamlet The device is not believable of course but it is entertainingThe other half of the book takes place on a cruise ship the Atlantic Princess renovated from an earlier 20th century luxury liner by Lord Godwin a British magnate Under pressure from his financial partner who has influential and dangerous ties to the Yakuza Godwin cuts some corners to meet the date for the ship s maiden voyage from Florida to England across the North Atlantic Naturally the Nicoletta Vittorini di Medusa is along for the ride as well as a morose and depressing David Parker who actually tries to kill Medusa earlier in the book and fails Medusa starts doing her thing on the ship and the copious bloodletting begins It s all uite funThe only flaw is the myriad cast of characters Romkey introduces too many in the space he allotted to the cruise part of the book At times it s hard to keep them straight and it s impossible to tell until the end even who the protagonist is it s not Parker as in the previous two books So there s a lack of focus through some of the story And Parker is disappointing He doesn t do much to stop the other vampires and takes the coward s way out at the endBut those are not fatal defects

Michael Romkey ↠ 7 free download

Michael Romkey ↠ 7 free download download ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Michael Romkey characters The Vampire Princess ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Emember I am the only one who understands you your dreams your fears your needs your darkest desires There is no one else who can help you You are a vampire You must live a vampire's life Nothing else matters Aboard the ultra luxurious Prince William's maiden voy Fiction Vampires45 starsMichael Romkey s older series of non related vampire books are simply outstanding Imo the hold up beautifully against any of the books since the genre has exploded in the last 5 10 years Each has been a pleasure to read and I highly recommend themI kept thinking while reading this book orig published in 1996 this is like Titanic meets Dracula But there is so much to this bookThe featured vampire in this book is Princess Nicoletta Vittorini di Medusa She is not a nice vampire she s a predator a very very ancient vampireAs a current day story unfold aboard an ultra luxurious ship on a transatlantic voyage do NOT call it a cruise we meet many different people some passengers some crew members Strange goings on and murders occur no spoilersPrincess Nicoletta recalls her experiences throughout her life at many different points in history all interesting from a historical viewpointCharacters and subplots as always with this author are engrossing

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  • The Vampire Princess
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