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Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1)

Review ´ Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1) A.J. Llewellyn Ú 2 Summary Summary Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1) This edition is no longer availableJack Cannon is an elite member of LAPD's new Violent Crimes Unit He's tough he's smarthe's also gay Jack's a guy who deals with pressure and stress by cruising When he h I kind of like this AJ Llewellyn This is a mucho suave typical hardass Hands up mutha f er me cop you bad guy neanderthal kind of story And there s this sort of sexy rough trade candy coated energy worn by this LAPD tactical badass dude as he mixes it up sheet side in some dirty criminal elements with a sexy shiny Mr f ing mafioso studly It s very fast paced and engagingwith some amusing dialogue between fellow copper toppers There s zero romance Instead it s insta love via lust protocol factorviva la hot erotic man mance moments This f ing series is all hell kinds of confusing wthe titlesso some assistance should you be in the mood to take the Laid challenge 2 Bad Cops is Laid 2 3 Laid 3

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Review ´ Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1) A.J. Llewellyn Ú 2 Summary Summary Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1) As a fling with a hot guy one even hotter night in Los Angeles it's no casual coupling This guy is great Jack wouldn’t mind seeing him again except he's discovered he'll be seeing a lot of him This is t This story is hot there s no uestion about that Unfortunately it read like a screenplay than a book probably due to AJ s contract to have this story made into an actual porn flick There s very little emotion shown between the two protagonists and they actually spend time boffing other people than they do each other I have no doubt it ll make a scorching movie but the relationship left me wanting If you re interested in pure gay erotica then this is the story for you If you re looking for another hot romance like AJ s Phantom Lover series you might want to skip this one

A.J. Llewellyn Ú 2 Summary

Review ´ Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1) A.J. Llewellyn Ú 2 Summary Summary Laid (Massive Studio Series, #1) He guy he's supposed to tail Lucio Natale the most violent mob boss ever to land in the city of angelsAuthor's note This second edition has been re edited and considerably expanded from the original versi It was hard to rate this because I did like it very much It was a four star read but in the end I had to settle for three because of the abruptness of the ending It s clearly unfinished and did diminish my overall enjoymentIt should have been released as a longer story or if 2 books make the publisher money then at the same time That way if I didn t like the first installment I wouldn t have spent on the 2nd But if I loved it as I did Laid I could have bought the 2nd one immediately after the first and not end up feeling like a victim of e coitus interruptusRant aside I enjoyed Laid much much than the only Llewellyn I ve read Black Point in collaboration with Manly While I d rather not have my MM protags indulge in a promiscuous lifestyle in most instances it fits in with the story Laid is one of tho

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