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  • Delirium's Mistress
  • Tanith Lee
  • English
  • 25 March 2018
  • 9780886771355
Delirium's Mistress

Download » Delirium's Mistress 102 As Delusion's Master has made an enemy of Azhrarn after his betrayal cost Dunizel her life Chuz seeks out Azhriaz's island drawn by her latent power and entranced by her beauty To release Azhriaz from her eternal slumber Chuz must create the grandest illusion he has ever rendered If he succeeds Azhriaz will be reborn as Delirium's Mistress a sorcerous of extraordinary power Perhaps even powerful than Azhrarn himself Delirium's Mistress i the fourth book in the Flat Earth sereie. Tanith Lee passed away in 2015 and while I mourned my favourite author of whose death I only heard months later the prices of her books skyrocketed making it almost impossible for me to continue this much beloved series without going bankrupt Few works ever touched me like Lee s and witnessing her stories being removed from print one after the other felt like running out of time The old novels sold out for horrendous sums and I desperately reread the three first parts of the Tales from the Flat Earth repeating them like a mantraHow grateful I am then for these lovely new editions that deliver Tanith Lee s beauteous prose to new generations of readers The gorgeously illustrated covers do her work justice so much that I m already thinking about rebuying the ones I already own I ve waited so long for the story to continue that the sheer beauty of it brought actual tears to my eyes It was like experiencing her writing for the first time all over again And although I ve compared other authors writing to hers before in the end nobody comes even close to this feverdream of a styleTo keep my adoration short Delirium s Mistress is on a par with the preceding Tales from The Flat Earth and in my opinion seemlessly fits into the series playing with words and wording imagery and symbolism To my surprise numerous characters from preceding installments make a reappearance which made my goth heart overflow with joy And each encounter with the almost forgotten figures of her lore made me miss Tanith Lee even There are still so many stories of hers that I haven t had the chance to read yet and that is one of the biggest comforts to me the continued existence of the grand lady of fantasy inside her books Perhaps I ll buy Night s Sorceries right away or perhaps I ll procrastinate the premature end of a beloved series by re examining the previous tales first In any case this was marvelous

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Download » Delirium's Mistress 102 A recognized master fantasist Tanith Lee has won multiple awards for her craft including the British Fantasy Award the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement and the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Horror The fourth installment in Lee's breathtaking series Tales from the Flat Earth Delirium's Mistress returns to a shadowy and mythic world where demons battle for dominion and the fate of mankind is shaped by the whims of capricious and volatile beings Beneath the. This fourth volume in the series is very long and perhaps that was part of the problem I had with it because it has a very meandering plot and the characters are all supernatural demonic or half demon or angels or a man who is immortal and it is therefore very difficult to relate to them or really care much about them Even one mortal character who appears only briefly and is a prince of the sea people is a mage and not humanIn this Azhrarn s half human daughter is left alone and neglected as he mourns the death of her mother Prince Chuz prince of madness who was responsible for that death in the last book comes to steal her away and she goes willingly She becomes his lover but their idyll is interrupted when her father catches up with them and with Chuz s agreement ends the war between them by inflicting real madness on Chuz and a lifetime of degradation etc Initially Azhriaz follows him and on the way encounters a town full of vampires which she puts in their place but eventually she gets fed up capitulates and agrees to follow her father s original plan of proving to mortals that the gods are pitiless and disinterested by becoming a goddess set over them The trouble is humanity seems to enjoy being degraded and co operates by among other things anticipating her demands by slaughtering their families and other excesses And then all this finally impinges on the notice of the otherwise remote uncaring godsUp to the point where his daughter capitulates and agrees to take the name Azhiraz there is uite a bit of wandering and then a lot afterwards Various colourful characters are encountered the writing is exotic and at times beautifully evocative of colours shapes creatures and so on But I found it dragged because it didn t engage me Various characters from previous volumes are name checked or even encountered and we learn why one of them changed his name in book 2 when he became a sorceror male sorcerors are denoted by having k on the end of their names and female sorcerors by having as or az The reunion of Azhriaz with Chuz at the end puzzled me where she seems to accept his version of events whereby he denies responsibility for her mother s stoning with the blood stone of Azhrarn the only thing which could have killed her because the seuence in book 3 made it uite clear that he was acting deliberately Although the ending is uite touching and various characters learn to relinuish the hatred which had spurned them on previously there is still uite a jaundiced viewpoint towards human nature through much of the book At least by the end two of the characters have been spreading a message of love peace and the value of the human soul for some years Given the standard of the writing I didn t want to be too harsh but on the other hand giving this 3 stars would mean I liked it As I found it dragged I have to award a 2 star OK valuation

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Download » Delirium's Mistress 102 Mortal realm of the Flat Earth demons lurk But Azhriaz daughter of the mortal priestess Dunizel and the demon known as Night's Master Azhrarn bridges these two worlds a being of both light and darkness Raised on an isolated isle in the demons' realm of Underearth guarded and hidden away from demon and mortal alike Azhriaz was meant to sleep forever never knowing the world outside her dreams But other forces in the Underearth are moving to wake Azhriaz Prince Chuz the demon known. Beautifully written much longer than the last installment from the Tales from Flat Earth series Deliriums Mistress has an incredible challenge to follow the master stroke that Delusions Master was I thoroughly enjoyed this book I initially thought that Soveh Sovaz Azhiraz daughter of Azrarn the mortal star child Dunizel was an impossibly difficult character to develop as a protagonist She is too powerfulhalf demon part human part comet she is a child of the Vazdru Lord of darkness Azrarn and thus kin to the demonic Underworld and city Druhim Vanashta whilst being a grandchild of the Sun itselfAs her mother was a mortal child of a comet human Azirahz can bare the light of the Sun without being destroyed like no other demon can Such a being with such power whilst lacking obvious weaknesses seems a tall order to develop as a character However Tanith Lee succeeds Soveh Sovaz Azhiraz turns out to be a complex and powerful entity truly reflects her gestation as demon human star child Soveh evolves across the story and her arch culminates in what I felt was thoroughly satisfying whilst unexpected in many waysTanith Lee doesn t disappoint the story goes places that I never expected and the main protagonist moves from vindictive angry demoness with daddy issues to a wise sympathetic passionate immortal on a uest to understand her origins and place in the universe Through her ultimate uest to reconcile her origins as a tool for malice and misfortune as her father Azrahn intended we learn about the ultimate destiny of humanity and in fact how mortality is the greatest gift in the world of Flat Earth Mortals will become the inheritors of the earth in a distant future and are blessed by the cycles of death rebirth that lead to spiritual growth and understanding that even the God s will never knowThere are many interesting threads in the Tales of Flat Earth series One the God s are cold aloof beings who care little for humanity Demon kind whilst toying with humanity at least cares for the destiny of humans The God s are incredibly powerful yet flawed beings seeing their seclusion inward focus as the most important part of their existenceThrough the wicked machinations of Azrahn the Prince of demons a greater and ultimate good and truth is revealed then enacted on the flat earth through Soveh Sovaz Azirahz This is a deft and interesting way to spin the manifestation of evil through Azrahn and demon kind into an arch that gives demon kind an important place on the flat earth Demons are the unmade beings that existed before the flat earth was created and through the evil they enact on mankind humans grow evolve spiritually Everything in the Flat Earth universe has a purpose and ultimately its part of ensuring the future destiny of human kind Even through the way Azrahn the Prince of Demons evolves a greater destiny may await even the demons Deliriums mistress whilst a long tale succeeds in the intentions of the author Be prepared for characters that evolve embark on a journey that changes them and the world itself Threads that are started that initially seem impossible to resolve reach smart conclusions Parts of the book do stretch and I did feel the strain of the story especially during Azirahz rule as demon godess on the earth but the way the story resolves itself easily makes up for this I even think that Tanith Lee may have intended this This is a wonderful book and as expected from Tanith Lee beautifully written