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Read & Download Watching the Dark 104 Ce Treatment Centre was killed by a crossbow on the tranuil grounds and left compromising photos uinn may be disreputable. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks and his prot g DI Annie Cabbot return for the twentieth time in this excellent British crime series The case opens when a police detective who is convalescing at a center for the treatment of injured police officers is murdered shot to death by someone armed with a crossbow The victim is a recent widower named Bill uinn who six years earlier had been involved in a high profile case involving a young British woman Rachel Hewitt who went missing in Estonia and was never seen againAs Banks begins the investigation he discovers that uinn had secreted several photos showing him in an apparent compromising position with a young woman This brings the Professional Standards division into the picture in the person of an icy blonde named Joanna Passero She is assigned to shadow Banks s investigation in an effort to determine if uinn was a corrupt cop Banks is not at all happy about this but he has no recourseIn the process of the investigation the team traces the victim s recent phone calls and this leads them to the body of a man who had been water boarded and then drowned The second victim appears to have been involved in some way with a group smuggling impoverished eastern Europeans into the UK and then exploiting them there The trail leads back to Estonia where six years earlier Bill uinn had investigated the disappearance of Rachel HewittIf it all sounds a bit complex it is fortunately we have Alan Banks to sort it all out for us While Annie Cabbot heads up the investigation in the UK Banks and Passero head off to Estonia where things get increasingly curious and dangerousIt s an entertaining mystery with several twists and turns It s fun to watch Banks in action again and to watch the relationship between him and Joanna Passero as well The investigation is an intriguing one and all in all this is a nice addition to the series

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Read & Download Watching the Dark 104 Linked to a vicious crime in Yorkshire and to a cold case – English Rachel Hewitt 19 vanished in Estonia six years ago. This the the twentieth DCI Banks recently published I couldn t wait In the gap between Bad Bay and this I read Before The Poison loved it so was really expecting good things with this What a disappointment The twists were obvious it really was DCI Banks by numbers the Professional Standards Officer was introduced Banks behaved like an idiot towards her at the beginning but mellowed out and the final chapter seemed as if Peter Robinson simply couldn t wait to finish the book Between Banks I have got stuck into DI Lynley Elizabeth George but lived Banks Going back after reading several Lynley murders made it seem as is Peter Robonson has lost his love for this character somewhat Complete anti climax I would wait for the paperback to come out

Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Peter Robinson

Read & Download Watching the Dark 104 DCI Alan Banks reluctantly investigates DI Bill uinn with Inspector Joanna Passero uinn convalescing at St Peter’s Poli. I had to give this latest Banks mystery a two not because it s not a good story it s very good but because it is told so ponderously It s a mystery not Thomas Hardy I felt like I was walking every little step with all of the characters Some of the elements that were so charming in his earlier stories were beaten half to death to make sure we notice them I get that Banks likes music I don t need to know every tune that crosses his aural path I think Robinson needs to take a few steps back and let the story shine

  • Hardcover
  • 416
  • Watching the Dark
  • Peter Robinson
  • English
  • 09 October 2020
  • 9780771076473