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Truth Red White Black

Truth Red White Black review  eBook or Kindle ePUB In 1940 Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Captain America a frail patriot who was transformed by a super soldier serum into a physically perfect specimen to champion freedom an American alternative to the Nazi uebermensch Now writer Morales pursues this idea and also draws inspiration from US government experiments in the 1930s that left unwitting African Americans infected with syphilis leading to many deaths Beginning his story in 1940 Morales incisively depicts the racism his various African American characters confront both in civilian life an. Robert Morales powerful story of the Army experimenting on African American soldiers to recreate the perfect soldier with disatrous results is mitigated by the incongruous art by Kyle Baker Now I don t know Kyle Baker as an artist but I seem to understand that he varies his style from one story to the next am I wrong What I can t get my head around is why he chose this particular style for this project The serious subject matter doesn t fit with the cartoony art but not at all This could ve been a five star book if the art had been on the same level as the storyFive stars for the story and three for the art averaged to four stars overall

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Truth Red White Black review  eBook or Kindle ePUB Nd Nazi Germany Roosevelt was ultimately in charge of the super soldier program would he have approved these human experiments Besides how can one talk about truth regarding a fictional creation Simon and Kirby devised a fable about an American everyman tapping his inner strength to combat genocidal fascism; Kirby helped pioneer positive depictions of blacks in comics By adding Morales's backstory to Captain America's origin Marvel has turned the character into a white superman who owes his powers to the deaths and exploitation of African America. One of the best things I ve read in a couple of years is the seven issue Marvel series Truth Red White And Black by Robert Morales art which is nowhere near as good as the writing by Kyle Baker It s the story of the Black Captain America or rather the Black soldiers who served as test subjects for the super soldier serum that created Captain America and it s horrifying and fascinating and heartbreaking and all too realistic given how America has treated its people of color over the years The fact that we have real life situations that are uite analogous to what happens in the series makes it seem that much real and instantly believable in a way that most comics aren t I m so glad Marvel decided to make it canon even though people howled about that Big shock

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Truth Red White Black review  eBook or Kindle ePUB D in the military These black soldiers are compelled to act as test subjects for the super soldier serum; some die while others become deformed Ultimately only one survives Isaiah Bradley Substituting for Captain America on a mission Bradley discovers Jewish concentration camp inmates subjected to experiments Ranging from heroic figures to pointed caricatures artist Baker makes his varied styles gel Drawing on copious research Morales dramatizes how racism corrupted American history yet verges close to asserting moral euivalency between America a. Note I read this as the seven issues instead of the combined volume This series was one of the Marvel free books after the lynching of George Floyd If you can read it you can see that there were multiple reasons for thisTruth Red White Black is a story where Captain America is not the only American who had super serum What Morales and company do is look at not only why African American men would join the army to fight for a country that treated and still treats them as second class citizens at best but also at what would have happened with the super serum considering the US government s use of Black bodies for medical experimentationThe story is compelling and for the most part believable Captain America does appear in than one issue but for the most part his appearance is kept to a minimum Because of the setting WW II women are not very present but the center woman is worthy of her own super hero comic bookA uick note about the art on one hand the artwork is not to my taste But I should note that it both suits and does not suit the story There are some panels where the art and story mesh so extremely wellThis is the type of comic book that should be held up when people go on about comics being simple superhero storiesI wish MCU would do this